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Newly Obtained Pentagon Docs Raise Fresh Concerns About Warrantless Domestic Spying


Newly Obtained Pentagon Docs Raise Fresh Concerns About Warrantless Domestic Spying

Julia Conley, staff writer

Rights group warns Americans "exercising their legitimate free-expression rights" are at risk of "discriminatory" or "arbitrary" monitoring


Over the years I have been censored by my ISP, I have been censored by my email provider and I have had my internet connection monitored via a fisa warrant. If you want to know what is going on learn how to read your computer logs. After I exposed all of this on a previous website I was invited by President “O” to take part in a 2 day conference on web security at the White House via email. They have the means now to even bridge and air-gap machine. If you have a cell phone, the only place it should be is in a Faraday Cage. Look sharp, be sharp.


Executive order 12333. To monitor potential " homegrown" violent extremists. In my book, that would be the CIA and the Pentagon.


Executive Order 12333’s emphasis on “foreign influence” in the process of an individual’s radicalizaton presumes that our government’s actions are so benign and universally accepted that no domestic opposition is conceivable. Tim McVeigh’s victims, were they able, would beg to differ.


This sort of explains why The Alphabets need over $1Trillion a year to keep themselves safe from the citizenry. You just can’t to be too careful when you’re paranoid and corrupt, I guess.


It is interesting that the article offers up 2 examples, San Bernardino and the Pulse, as the type of “terrorists” the Pentagon is looking for.

Some will disagree, but those who have studied both those cases know them to be false flag operations. The shooters at San Bernardino were 3 ‘athletic looking males’, as reported by 2 different witnesses I am aware of, and Scott Pelley waved that information off because “the authorities told us it was a man and his wife”. The mainstream media is the government’s lapdog.

The Pulse involved at least 2 shooters, and several play actors caught on video.

Yeah, the beat goes on.


" The mainstream media is the governments lapdog."

Yes, and that is why I agree with Trump even though he means it in a different way, is correct when he calls it " fake news". From my perspective, almost everything we are told by the mainstream media’s major stories are either disingenuous by omission or an outright lie. From the assassinations of JFK, MLK, RFK Vietnam, 9/11, Iraq, Afghanistan to Niger. The lapdog MSM has to be assumed to be guilty until proven innocent!

No doubt in my mind, that the Amerikan Empire, with troops in over 100 countries and a trillion $ military budget has become the Fourth Reich.

Sound familiar ? Quote by the leader of the Third Reich, Adolf Hitler.


" I don’t think anyone could have predicted that Donald Trump’s small dick and George Bush’s small balls would fit perfectly into my two dirty, crooked hands ".
Condi Rice



And so it is that in this Age of Snowden, the Pentagon’s plans for warrantless surveillance of ordinary citizens is based in large part upon the “message” of the lone wolf type as exemplified in at least 2 staged events with false narratives.

By way of false flags, the foundation is laid for the complete destruction of the Fourth Amendment.