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Newly Reveal Paid Speeches Leave 'No Question Whatsoever' That Republican Ron DeSantis Is a Racist


Newly Reveal Paid Speeches Leave 'No Question Whatsoever' That Republican Ron DeSantis Is a Racist

Julia Conley, staff writer

New reports of recent speeches at an annual conference held by a right-wing extremist who has espoused white supremacist and Islamophobic views provide the latest evidence that Florida's Republican gubernatorial nominee, Rep. Ron DeSantis, has supported racist groups and associated with their viewpoints in the recent past.


Seems like he is well qualified to be the candidate of the republican party and part of the Trump insanity. While Florida is a questionable place with lots of regressive tendencies, lets hope enough good people will wake up to the truth and what is right and put an end to DeSantis political career.


God help Florida.


DeSantis resigned from Congress today!.


And Andrew Gillum is a great candidate with tremendous integrity who will work for everyone.


How about we help Andrew Gillum?


With Florida being the state with the most known lynchings of black people how can we do otherwise??

I just did and I am on low fixed income. Yeah, I despise the racism.


Consider making a donation to his campaign. See below.


Florida is a very diversified state. Any position on the left or right will have a lot of support. Central Florida is the swing area. Hopefully DeSantis will not do well and central Florida which would mean he would probably lose the election.


Classic guilt by association! The left is over the top against Horowitz because he revealed what a mob of hypocrites the left wing is. Horowitz is not Islamophobic. Instead he is a supporter of Israel. As compared to the blatant anti-Semitic position of you and the author. Thank you for giving me even move reason to vote for DeSantis!


DeSantis quotes:

"We are in a conflict, whether we like it or not. I think we have to identify the enemy and call it by its name. And the enemy is an ideology rooted in militant Islam.

“I am sick and tired of an administration that treats Raul Castro and Ayatollah Khamenei better than it treats the prime minister of Israel.” (He meant Obama)

“The idea that we have the capacity to change or stop the climate, I’m just skeptical.”

“A limited government is much more likely to be a competent government.”

“I am pleased to be endorsed by Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Like Sheriff Joe, I believe that illegal immigration is a major problem that undermines the rule of law.”

“I would go bold: you don’t have to be a member of Congress to be the speaker of the House. I would support someone like Dr. Carson or somebody like that; I think that would be good.”

“My actions will speak louder than words.”


Maybe we at CD should start a running encyclopedia of dog-whistle, extremist political rhetoric which apparently runs America without recourse to democracy.
“white Americans are the victims of a race war”
“free societies which are under attack from " … (fill in the blank)
“sinister agendas” of progressive politicians”
Look for these harangues around the country, and abroad, and note that users usually accompany such assertions with no documentation nor accurate data to support such outrageous claims. Embellished contrivances willfully ignore the full history of every topic that would undermine their theses.
Sadly, extremist versions of ‘freedom’, well ensconced for many decades, are not about freedom at all. What they are really saying is that dominating, coercive, authoritarian regimes who force extremist ideology down our throats are ‘freedom’. And according to them, under that ‘freedom’, you MUST comply and perform according to ‘tradition’.
Challengers then, instantly become de facto miscreants and criminals by opposing their fraudulent ‘freedom’. We must take back the language that has been stolen, corrupted and used as a weapon of corruption and anti democratic power.


This Floridian will proudly vote for Mr. Andrew Gillum.


The airwaves down here will be replete with “dog whistles”. Glad I don’t watch TeeVee.


Thank you, G-L.