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News Organizations Challenge Facebook Over 'Dangerous' Effort to Categorize Political Journalism as Propaganda


News Organizations Challenge Facebook Over 'Dangerous' Effort to Categorize Political Journalism as Propaganda

Julia Conley, staff writer

Facebook's new advertising disclosure rules for news organizations provoked outcry this week as seven media groups protested against the tech giant's attempt to blur the lines between news and propaganda and to regulate the sharing and spread of political and election-related news on their platform.


facecrook, social engineering, assclowns for nazi trumps, fast food propaganda, homeland security spies, plain ole boring B/S for those that wished to have their minds manipulated and sold!


The San Diego Free Press, an alt-media platform since 2012 (with a pedigree going back 50 years) was prohibited from promoting its progressive voter guide (listing info/websites/analysis on competing candidates) for the 2018 June California primary.

We were (past tense) a regular advertiser on Facebook and have produced voter guides for every election over the past six years. It would have been okay if FB had notified us (the customer) of their intentions, but we found out only when the ad was rejected. An attempt at appeal was fruitless.

The irony in all this is we’d run an identical “boost” earlier in the month for the same content. Our rejection came as we tried to renew the promotion.

Of course there’s nobody to communicate with at Facebook and they don’t care.


Skynet (fb) should be avoided at all costs.

For news organizations I would suggest two things:
1 - Stop publishing anything to or through fb.
2 - Remove any “log in with fb” capability from your own websites. (Yes, that includes CD).

As people discover that each organization requires something other than fb to log in, fb will loose its’ ubiquity in the area of political discourse.


I don’t use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any of those platforms. My wife uses Facebook, but I don’t want anything to do with any of that “technology”.


Facebook has gotten far too big. A high percentage of the US population has been reported to primarily rely on one corporation, Facebook, for the news. Ideally most people would realize that using a social media corporation for their primary source news is a stupid thing to do but apparently the convenience of it is to alluring. So Facebook should be broken up under antitrust laws. That would force people to use a greater variety of sources to get their news and reduce the power of Facebook which is incompatible with democracy.


The ability to censor out anything it doesn’t like (by calling it political, or independent, or anything else it can come up with) is a wonderful boost for the corporate controllers. With similar processes on other media giants control of the masses by the 1% could be best strengthened and entrenched.

These, the controllers, are all very nice, and unselfishly prioritize out interests over their own, so we have no need to worry. Let’s leave our fate in their hands, and money, joy and happiness will all trickle down, like bounty from heaven (Ronald Reagan explained that to us).


Thanks for the report.

“Of course there’s nobody to communicate with at Facebook and they don’t care.” The institutional arrogance of these corporate giants indicates they feel no danger from treating us like peons.


I get irritated every time I see YouTube’s warning “RT is funded in whole or in part by the Russian government” every time I watch Lee Camp’s show on YouTube:

I’m not sure it’s a problem to identify funding sources (if they can be accurately determined), but it sure seems like a problem that RT is the only one branded with the scarlet commie warning. Maybe it would be okay if all other content was labeled as well, so people know when they watch CNN they are seeing the paid propaganda of the military industrial complex. Would that work for facebook (or YouTube)? To just make all content labeled by funding source? I imagine the rich funders would just hide themselves in layers of parent companies.


When in the Hell are the people who use Facebook going to wake up and

put Facebook out of business?

I just don’t get how people continue to spill all of their personal affairs out into


If we don’t “label” those involved with consumer fraud and destruction of the
environment for the benefit of the public –

If our government doesn’t WARN Facebook users about the stupidity of putting all
of their personal data out on Facebook –

If the government itself continues to spew propaganda in situations such as paying
the NFL to run “patriotic” and MIC messages —

Then, imo, there is no way that anything would happen here except that subjects that
Elites don’t want covered would be labelled “propaganda.”

And any media covering those taboo subjects would have warning labeling.


"Anti-trust’ now that’s a blast from the past. An archaic term, if I’ve ever heard one. It’s unlikely to be unearthed and resuscitated any time soon. But thanks for the reminder of what we once had.