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Newsflash! Betsy DeVos Opens Mouth. Nonsense Falls Out


Newsflash! Betsy DeVos Opens Mouth. Nonsense Falls Out

Steven Singer

Betsy DeVos opened her mouth-hole this week and a load of crap fell out.

And somehow that’s news!

Our federal Education Secretary said Wednesday, "I'm not sure how [U.S. public schools] could get a lot worse on a nationwide basis than they are today."


Interesting insights well written. Thanks.


"...she thinks that Public Schools suck..."

She thinks that Public Schools are an UNTAPPED CASH COW for her and her Friends, and will do her best to Blow Them Out, just like the Mob blows out any business that they infiltrate, leaving with all the Money in their Pockets and Destruction and Desolation in their wake.

And especially, thanks Steven Singer, for pointing out that Arne Duncan and John King were no better.


Yes, but many financial wizards such as a former presidential candidate are known to do that as well. So let's not just blame the folks in the Mob, the folks wearing suits in suites are equally, if not more, vile. Thanks for your post.



Absolutely right, just thought the Mob was an easy example, had almost forgotten about the Stormin' Mormon.

You prove what Woody said : "Some will rob you with a Six Gun, some with a Fountain Pen".


This is going to sound dreadfully crass, but I can't determine whether the hyper-tight beltway sphincters so characteristic of DC momentarily loosed and DeVos fell out or if DeVos is revealing an anatomical inversion relative to the digestive tract (sic). Fascinating these days to watch the irrelevant assert claims of centrality - and somehow still stumble forward much in the style of the latest season promo sound bite of the hollywood walking dead. While the ' public' attempts to come to grips with the inane and insane, the already globalized corporate handlers are well onto setting their next stages in this coup-in-slow-motion.


Thanks, HC, for the "Pretty Boy Floyd" reference. I love the banjo on the version by the Byrds.

Eons ago at the start of the Obama reign, I was sure he would pick Linda Darling Hammond for Sec.of Ed. You know, Hope and Change and all that crap we bought from Barrack the Huckster. So when he chose Arne Duncan, I knew we were screwed once again.

KEEP THIS IN MIND: Both Parties are drooling for the education $$$, so privitization is less a matter of "if" than "when."


Thank you Steven for so eloquently describing Betsy Devos.

For those of you you would like to learn more about 'similar subhumans' like DeVos, and what makes them tick, go to the Library and get a copy of Jane Mayers book, 'Dark Money.'

Things revealed in this book will disgust you, however, I believe this book and it's contents should be taught in our schools as a lesson in how elements in our society are using wealth and political power to subvert our Democracy, for their own greedy gains, and how we should fight to change the laws which have allowed this to develop.

Seriously, it's a good read.


I was recently schooled by some younger friends on a new word for me that describes the vast majority of the trump admin.----Asshats.


The Brits were right with their Reform Act of 1832 to demote rich assholes. Our Citizens United just amplified their idiocy.


Hey, Trump was seen on tv actually saying that he hates public schools because they do not make profits!


I think Ivanka and Jared are there to take care of their father and in law who seems to have dementia.


In MA we actually defeated a measure that would expand these scam "schools." The tea party governor is angry at us. Too bad


"You’re comparing ALL of our kids with only the best academic achievers in Asia, Scandinavia and other countries."

Uh, first, pretty good article. Witty and even informative. But...as I'm sure you know, Scandinavia is not a country. Sweden requires school for everyone 7-16 and 85% of people go on beyond that. Norway is similar--6-16 compulsory, almost everyone goes for more. Denmark, 82% go beyond the required 15/16 y.o. Etc. Scandinavian countries also support day care and pre-school, and as you imply, have almost no poverty on a US scale which improves the effectiveness of education tremendously. They have among the best maternity/paternity leave policies in the world; in pretty much every way are better for families and um... people... than the US. They're improving; the US is going in the wrong direction, for reasons that should be obvious.


And what do those countries do for people who have LD for instance? Why should the US be in competition - we need to clean up our own backyards. Also, academia is not for everyone.


What are the industries that are most popular? I imagine farming is big- maybe education, healthcare?


It's not a competition. We should be doing better, and to do that it makes more sense to cooperate with other countries.

I'm not bothering to look it up but I'm 99% sure every Scandinavian country does a better job of educating people with disabilities (and not causing them in the first place) than the US.

Understanding the world must be for everyone. Being able to do interesting, fulfilling, socially useful jobs must be for everyone and whatever education is required for that should be available for everyone able to absorb it.


recent interview with Mayers on her book Dark Money.


Not cause disabilities? People are BORN with them, then they do the best they can.


What surprises me is how someone like Betsy can even get a degree, really! Apparently critical thinking isn't part of the curriculum of private schooling. I keep wondering how many more clowns will come flying out of the little car that comprises the current administration. It does keep me amused which wouldn't be bad except that it's the DAMN GOVERNMENT! I now know my reasonable public education was better than what passes for today's standard in a lot of instances. And yes we can do better with the right leadership that, sadly, is lacking today.