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Newspapers Will Break Your Heart: RIP The Village Voice


Newspapers Will Break Your Heart: RIP The Village Voice

After 62 years, New York's iconic, muckraking Village Voice, the original alt-weekly that spoke loud truth to power and gave "brilliantly belligerent" voice to writers like Norman Mailer, Nat Hentoff and Frances Fitzgerald, has announced it will cease print publication, though it will remain online. The news prompted both end-of-an-era grieving and celebration of the singular "freedom...ferment...fractiousness" of what remained "a writer's paper."


The Village Voice, like the free-weeklies in every other city I’ve been in over the past decade, has long ago sold out and just become a bunch of commercial crap.


New technologies replace old. I’m sure there was a popular town crier who was driven out of business by that damned Guttenberg and his printing press…


RIP VV. Although I haven’t read it in many years, the idea that it will cease print publication is disheartening. Online means dependent on some of the worse elements of society to keep the free flow of information going and going strong. The ones in control can pull the plug any time they want.


I remember reading Feiffer’s cartoons regularly, NY and national politics and the goings on in my hometown.

In 2001, I read an article about the history of Florida’s election law that disenfranchises felons FOR LIFE. When introduced in 1901, its author said it will reduce Black voting power.

Truth will out.