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Newsweek Should Disavow Racist Insinuation That Kamala Harris Is Not a Citizen

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/14/newsweek-should-disavow-racist-insinuation-kamala-harris-not-citizen

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Some Bimbo from the Trump White House said that Kamala Harris sounds like “Marge Simpson” But not a single mention about all them southern Republican Senators that all look and sound like Cletus the Slack- Jawed Yokel.

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I can come up with tons of immigrants, really not born in the USA who understand the promise and concept of “America” a hell of a lot better than a ton of born-in-the-USA types, especially GOP, any right wingers etcetera who I will recommend right now for deportation.

We really, really need to get rid of that incredibly stupid and dense and bigoted requirement for birth in the USA. Considering that “we” come from all over the world and stole the indigenous lands it is (1) pretty high-hatted of us to keep that requirement and (2) the very nature of “us” is that “we” are from everywhere and it is that mix which informs our “dream.”

It would be nice to start with deportations of all those who do not share “the dream.” Start with Trump (totally, freaking, treasonously un-American), just about any CEO or rich money-royalty (for them, the guillotine, just like their French useless class of the late 1700’s) and so forth. MAGATs go home (defined as a climate-change-sinking island in the ocean).

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Talk about irony, is this the definition?

From the Supreme Courts ruling in the 1898 case:

“…the prevailing view has been that all persons born in the United States are constitutionally guaranteed citizenship at birth unless their parents are foreign diplomats, members of occupying foreign forces, or members of Indian tribes…”

Keep pushing this you rightwing wack-a-doodles, and the only U.S. citizens will be Native Americans. I’m betting they would love that, then they could deport all of you, and your leader, a “Make America Great Again” moment, the rest of us could get behind.