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'Next Phase' for Sanders as TV Ad Signals Move to Amplify Popular Message


'Next Phase' for Sanders as TV Ad Signals Move to Amplify Popular Message

Jon Queally, staff writer

Highlighting his message that "people are sick and tired of establishment politics" and casting himself as the only presidential candidate from either major party offering the "real change" that a majority of Americans are now seeking, Bernie Sanders released his campaign's first ever television ad on Sunday in the key early states of Iowa and New Hampshire.


Yay Bernie... truth to power! Who would have believed one of us could stand a chance against the Powers That Be?

Go Bernie ...for all of us.


Go Bernie GO, my small donation is being multiplied by millions to get US the best chance we have to get out of this mess!


He is going to get millions of people's votes. I just hope certain people on the progressive left don't cut off their nose to spite their face.

Bernie needs people to vote. If they don't and end up with Hillary it'll be their own fault because as you see from the crowds of working people, seniors, young people and even a few conservatives... Bernie can win.


The folks in Iowa have just been seeing ads for Hillary Clinton up to now so this should change the dynamics. I don't understand why Lawrence Lessig who has raised one million dollars can't get into the Democratic debates but that is another matter. I expect Sanders to draw sharper distinctions with Clinton in the debate this Friday. I can't figure out what strategy Martin O'Malley will adopt as he keeps getting high praise for his speeches but hardly any support in the polls.


On Meet the Press today they talked about the ad after showing it. (Well, kind of showing it, more on that in a bit.)

Their critique was that Sanders was going all soft and bio oriented instead of being the tough guy who speaks out on specific issues. Their analysis was that Sanders had been hurt by HRC's sexism attack and was feeling his campaign was in retreat and he needed to sell himself as "not crazy" but a normal, nice guy. They also said the debate was bad for him because his "angry demeanor" and "looking old" in the debate turned off people because he "didn't look presidential."

But here's the thing. They only showed part of the ad. They cut out all the parts where it had the specific issues he supports and cut out the part where he speaks himself. {rolls eyes}


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That's exactly what we'd expect from such programmes - they need to depress enthusiasm, as instructed by DNC I bet!
Such indications ought to tell people who are wavering just how rigged/crooked the system is now, and send them towards Bernie rather than towards HRC.
Whether that'll actually happen is key to outcome. Fingers tightly crossed.


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It is kind of amazing that the republicans aren't tagging Hillary on that point Cookies. They are letting her 'go left' as you put it without mentioning that she is doing that. It is as if they are really afraid that Bernie could win and they'd rather have Hillary as president if they can't win it, so they are letting her slide on it.

Hillary is very much like them in many ways and she is promising and promising just like Obama did. The Repubs know that she will be like Obama and never carry through on her promises. That is why she can go left... no one believes that she really is going left at all.

Promises - promises!


For a few thoughts on what Bernie could have said to Clinton in the first debate ... and still could in the second: https://zcomm.org/znetarticle/missed-opportunities-at-the-democratic-debate/

Gary Olson


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The main stream media has been behind the curve on Bernie all along. They are also biased. I've seen CBS use wild haired pictures of Sanders next to portrait shots of Clinton, O'Malley, as if they couldn't find portraits of Sanders (on his Senate website, campaign issued to media).

I just keep in mind history. The least three Democratic Party presidents were ALL underdogs. And at this point, Clinton is at her top polling, Bernie's task will be to eat into her base and he has time.


So Bernie doesn't take the gravy train, you didn't point that out. Of course it requires Congress, you want to have the president be a dictator?

I hear the same old same old about Green Party/Socialist Party, "they must be built up" while you then complain about "populist" speeches. Answer this question, How do you build up those two party if they don't appeal to the population? They must become popular, right? Their only chance is to BE populist. The two party system has only rarely been penetrated by third parties.


The GOP is dealing with themselves first and it looks like they will busy for a long time.

It's up to Bernie to make the case that Clinton is simply becoming Bernie-lite. And he will.


And whose fault is it that the third or fourth parties cannot penetrate the two party system? It is the fault of people believing the two party propaganda every election cycle, that voting for a third party will only help the opposition.

So here we go again with Sanders. People are hoping again. The first "Hope and Change" went bust so now they believe that the new "real hope and change" will work. Bernie is running in the corrupt two party system and actually goes along with most of it, especially concerning wars.


Hillary Clinton is not the issue. Climate Change is the issue. Inequality is the issue. War is the issue. Affording higher education is the issue. Gun control is the issue. Hillary will fall face first in the mud
on Wall Street.


I suggest you enter a US government class 101 and figure out how your government actually works in the real reality not in some Green Party wet dream. Bernie Sanders 2016. He is our option to the establishment. Stop whining and do something. Take a chance...get the bern.


Lawrence Lessig has not polled 1% of the vote.


Yes, Bernie can win, but first Bernie has to get the Democratic nomination for POTUS and I would say his chances are between slim and none and..... Slim has just left town! But I would love next year to be proven wrong!