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Next Time Wall Street Need Bailout, Say Critics, Remember Names of These 17 Democrats


Next Time Wall Street Need Bailout, Say Critics, Remember Names of These 17 Democrats

Jon Queally, staff writer

"Remember these names the next time Wall Street tanks our economy and taxpayers are left to bail out the Big Banks."

That was the declaration by the progressive advocacy group Public Citizen late Wednesday after 17 members of the Democratic caucus in the U.S. Senate joined with Republicans to pass a sweeping deregulatory banking bill, derisively referred to as the 'Bank Lobbyist Act' by critics.


Some day perhaps many years from now, I will take pleasure in watching as Wall Street reaps what it has sown and the people burn it and them to the ground.


I guess those blue dogs just love playing fetch for their masters who throw millions into the field while getting billions back in quite the slobbering fashion.


Better yet, stop voting for any Democrat or Republican. There needs to be a movement to boycott both parties in the USA. And better yet than that, boycott and divest from all the corporations that fund these two parties. There was a movement back in 2008 to divest from all the big Wall Street banks and move your money into credit unions and small community banks. It went nowhere. Citizens in the USA are just too stupid and compliant when it comes to breaking free from the very institutions that hold them captive. They are slaves to a system that only wants to extract “wealth” from them and has no use for them if they cannot provide that “wealth.” It’s long past time for massive boycotts and general strikes in the USA. But it likely will never happen as the citizens are simply akin to zombies working for the corporate state now.


Here’s why: https://caitlinjohnstone.com/2018/03/12/mass-media-propaganda-is-the-only-thing-keeping-us-from-rising-like-lions/


Oh, but bank depositors can rest easy in the knowledge that replacing their savings will not come out of their pockets via another bank Bail-Out. Thanks to Dodd-Frank, the first line of defence will allow Congress to instead replace personal savings with a government paid for $7 trillion bail-in to FDIC to “replace” these savings.

But, that’s the good choice.

Worse, Dodd-Frank gives new powers to FDIC and its OLA that allow an even more powerful and draconian resolution: any deposited funds in a bank, from $1 to $250,000 (the FDIC limit), and everything above, can instead be converted to bank stock! FDIC has provisions so this can be done, via OLA, quite literally overnight.



Wow! that scared the #@$% out of me!


Why isn’t Chuck Schumer the first name on this list? He’s the leader of the Senate Dems, and he didn’t actively oppose this bill.


The “independent” sold us out for ONLY 300,000. Wow.


So the next bail outs, like the last bail outs, will be bi-partisan.

Oh, and water turns out to be wet.


NOW your talkin’ some true logic. (aka sometimes as common sense)


Cory Gardner was a sellout all ready, to the Koch (pronounced ‘Cock’) brothers and WS (are the 2 any different , really?). Will call his number in Denver in 2 minutes, even though I no longer live there, he used to “represent” me (or at least he thought so).


This is the ‘demoBrat’ that was just elected and already he’s turned into a demowhore… so much for the democrats ‘turning over a new leaf’!


My fantasy is walking all of them up to the roof of their buildings on Wall St … give them a little push … tell them to “fly-y-y-y-y-y little birdie!”


My money was moved to my local credit union, and it is much better.
We control our lending, and our costs, locally to benefit our community

Why anyone would have a Wells Fargo or JPMorgan Chase account is beyond me.
We know they are Criminals, just not in Jail…yet

And as far as the Brokerage accounts…they got nothing of mine.
Hedge funds…no way.

Boycott Divest Sanction… the Operational Mantra of our Times

Help it Grow it by having the discussion. Most people will agree, help them change.


NO! Remember their names and VOTE them OUT!


WHY??? This is essentially a return to Gramm Leach Bliley that turned banks into casinos, and damned near tanked the world economy. We just finished with quantitative easing and a direct bailout with Tarp. What was wrong with Glass-Steagal? Why do these people hate Americans? I have never insulted them.


But then send them the bill.


Rumor has it it may be a bail-in where they confiscate the savings of depositors. Everyone should be ready at the first sniff of this to withdraw their money. Then on to total, non cooperation.


I have zero money in a bank. I use a local credit union.

I have been considering a loan to finance a business start up. But every time I think about owing a bank money, I reconsider. Fuck em.’