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Next Up, Mr. Obama... Keystone XL


Next Up, Mr. Obama... Keystone XL

Jamie Henn

On Monday morning, President Obama stood before a roomful of White House officials and environmental advocates to announce the release of the Clean Power Plan, his long awaited regulations on emissions from coal fired power plants.

The President spoke of the "moral necessity" of climate action and the obligation he felt to protect the planet for his daughters and future generations. Earlier on in the speech, Obama also reflected on what sets climate apart from other issues, saying:


My best argument against the Keystone XL pipeline goes like this:
Build instead a shorter pipeline through less sensitive habitat from the Dakota Bakkan fields through Omaha and Oklahoma to Gulf refineries. This reduces the hazards of proposed oil and gas rail shipment and terminal operations in the Pacific Northwest; reduces demand for off-shore drilling in the Gulf; fuels reach domestic markets, East and West Coasts and limited world markets. Yes, it’s a compromise, one that most safely delivers fuels to domestic markets and doesn’t rule out inevitable restrictions on fracking.

Alberta tar sands crude is is basic shipping fuel. Obama’s trade policy promotes trade, therefore he supports the Keystone XL. The global economy undermines all lesser economies - national, state, regional and local. Globalization undermines a sustainable level of global trade the same way automobiles undermine fundamental modes of urban/suburban travel - walking, bicycling and mass transit - to the point where even driving fails to serve its own optimal function. Globalization makes every nation vulnerable to any disruption in the distribution of basic goods. In military terms, globalization is a strategy that enables enforced embargo and siege. Conclusion: Today’s insensible level of globalization is the final solution to over-population.


It was 164 degrees in Iran yesterday. The hottest temperature ever recorded. Keystone XL will worsen global warming. What are politicians waiting for before acting on the science, hell on earth?


Since U.S. media covers what’s really coming apart as piecemeal stories, in order for people to wrap their minds around the intensity, frequency, and ferocity of once natural systems run amok, check out these videos:


Since Obama has demonstrated that he is your basic corporatist, I’ll be surprised if he says no to pipeline. Which ever way he goes, it will be interesting then to see if Hillary gives her approval to Obama’s decision.


Maybe Obama will put up instead of just talk. In the last days of his presidency, it’s possible he might try and undo some of the damage this drill, baby drill president has done, sort of like Clinton, when he suddenly began protecting lands using executive orders, although I have to believe he knew Bush would undo any or all of such orders. Maybe this is what Obama plans to do and like Clinton, he has to know whatever he does by executive order will most likely be undone by whomever comes next. Obviously, I have zero faith in the system and with it’s track record of serving the interests of the mega corporations and it’s ownership, it’s hard to see this leopard suddenly changing it’s spots. It never has before. Not without some type of mass movement. Without such movements, women couldn’t vote, blacks either and slavery would most likely still be with us. I can’t think of anything government has done that helped regular people without it being forced into doing so. Can anyone?


I hope it doesn’t come to that. Considering who and what Hillary’s indebted to, she certainly won’t be an advocate of change, except maybe, much more of our money going into the pockets of wall street banksters, military contractors, big energy, big agri and big pharma, etc. What a sell out! Although I’ve discovered her supporters will forgive her anything and even argue for her positions for more war and the killing of innocents. As some supporters put it, she has to be as tough as her opponents and that’s somehow supposed to make it all better. To hear some tell it, war crimes are perfectly OK if that’s what it takes for Hillary to seriously play with the big boys. What a sick friggin joke.