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NGOs Still Leading the Global Debate on Climate


NGOs Still Leading the Global Debate on Climate

Hazel Henderson

Civil society organizations, known as NGOs, have for decades used their non-government status to prod officials, politicians and business on climate issues. Veteran campaigners Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, Oxfam, Kenya’s tree planters, India’s Chipko tree-hugging protectors and indigenous movements worldwide first raised the issues of protecting the Earth and its atmosphere.


Solar, wind, wave power, water power, geothermal and energy efficiency aren't going to supplant fossil fuel based energy, at least not soon enough to stave off the warming crisis unless there is some kind of worldwide motivated mobilization. The big oil and coal and vehicle powering companies will not voluntarily retool and redesign their enormous infrastructures because it would be the right thing to do or because it makes long range sense. They will fight tooth and nail to keep the game that has given them their wealth and power going as long as they can.

Such a changeover would have to be an incredibly complex undertaking because what they're doing now permeates every aspect of the way the techno industrial civilization functions.

There will be a struggle even if the awareness that it needs to happen spreads five or six times faster than it has up till now. The processes that produce high heat emissions aren't just things people can quit; they make up a large and essential part of the life support system. It's a lot more complicated than just saying no.