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NH Voter Says Live on MSNBC That It Was Network's Effort to Tear Down Bernie Sanders That Made Her Vote for Him

Actually keeping a secret is relatively easy to do. D-day comes to mind. Also the A-bomb project. Also who killed jimmy hoffa etc. etc. etc.

The Nazis expected an invasion. That’s why the beaches of Normandy were heavily fortified. It was no secret. The Nazis also tried to develop an atomic bomb themselves. The idea and the technology were not secrets, even if the average GI couldn’t build a bomb. Hoffa’s murderer was a secret for years, but only because he was known to only three people - one of whom was the dead Hoffa.

In addition, a plot to pull shenanigans in the NH primary would require lots of communication by email or snail mail to people who have no training in security and many of whom like to boast.

As I noted, secrecy is impossible.

If we had a crystal ball, we could imagine our eventual salvation being the election of an AOC or someone with similar values. But we have to somehow survive until then.
Until then, if I’m still around, It’s Bernie or nothing.

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So, are these folks FOR tax reductions for the rich, against a GND and M4ALL? Are they comfy with our military budget and our international killing spree? Do they think the MIC is an okay way to sustain our economy?
And are they comfortable with our monopoly money printed daily?
But it’s somehow a bad thing to support Bernie?

Except about the existence of aliens, past, present, and future. Those Area 51 and related secrets are well keep. And keep us in suspense with no truths being told.

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I hear that they are orange, and have thin spotty hair.

But that is just a rumor.

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Yes it looks like the space ship landed behind the White House. But there a dozen or more besides the orange one.

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Turn out was moderately higher.

But not high enough to be called enthusiastic.
Now more registered Repubs than Dems in New Hampshire.

This is A barrel of Bullshit ! I am A life long Democrat and A MSNBC watcher ! I haven’t seen or heard the likes !