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NHS Staff to Lead Protest Against Trump During His Trip to the UK Amid Rising Privatization Concerns


It is interesting that the Clintons always seem to escape any scrutiny and anyone with any dirt on them seems to disappear or turn up dead. Suicides etc. The whole Epstein saga is strange indeed.
There were some very nervous elite and powerful people connected to that odious individual.


I have suspected that the US oligarchy was salivating at the idea of trade deals with Britain. The whole brexit issue has been suspect from the beginning and now I think we can see where this is going.
Trump probably only cares about another golf course and hotel, but he will shill for the plutocracy and screw the people in Britain.


Because the Queen is one of his major rulers (like the other global oligarchs) to whom he dances with glee?


No head scratching needed. Look at all the people here that voted for Obama or HRC who both planned to deliver healthcare to insurance and big pharma for all. Where HRC failed, Obama succeeded. And if the people again vote for anyone else but Bernie, they will NEVER get improved M4A. This is what the plebs get for thinking that they live in system of law, government, or politics that are of, by, or for the people. Demcracy???..Pfffttt!

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And I believe it was Joseph Goebels (sp?) who said repeat a lie enough and it becomes reality.
You are obviously a young person who has only been exposed to the “vast right wing conspiracy”) which really did exist, created primarily by Richard Mellon Scaife. He began smearing the Clintons in 1994 and has not stopped to this day. Look up surveillance capitalism. You are the poster child of what is wrong with America. WATCH THIS REPORTER FOR THE WALL STREET JOURNAL , NO BED OF BLEEDING HEART DEMOCRATIC LIBERALS, CLEARING THE CLINTONS OF THE MURDER OF VINCE FOSTER!!!

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“While I’m no conspiracy theorist…” and then you go on to peddle one of worst most fraudulent blood libel smears ever levelled against an American politician. No, you’re no “conspiracy theorist” just a hack working for the enemy.
Vince Foster who had been suffering severe depression, worsened by his part in the “Travelgate” phony media scandal, took his own life.
His wife and family believe that. You should too, unless you’re just here to destroy the Democratic Party.

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Prevent Trump from landing in the UK, harass him if lands wherever he goes, throw eggs at him to make his body match his hair color. If UK breaks with EU the US pharmaceuticals will be bribing your politicians day and night to get them on their side. Don’t get fooled the corporate system will make UK health care system like the US an absolute colossal failure unless you are a Congress person, a policeman or a millionaire.


My comment refers to the UK not the US, but yeah.

Yeah, sure the Clintons are paragons of virtue and Scaife is a dead man too. WTF dude.

Bernie 2020
HIllary and Bill cheated him out of the nomination in 2016


A lot of us are here to destroy the Democratic Party. I live for it. Your post looks like very drunken Hillary wrote it after she lost to Donald Trump.

I’m just saying that the UK public mirrors the USA voters when they believe the lies of the party honchos; be they “conservative” or so called “liberals”(labor).

Appears that the US is doing much more than that. TPP is back in play, but this time as TPP+. The following short article is worth a glance. It mentions protection for Big Pharma, etc - So this is another campaign promise that Trump is reneging on.

One paragraph to US-UK trade negotiations is all you need to know about a deal with America – Nov 30, 2019 - TruePublica via StrategicCulture

TruePublica wrote about this deal in August 2018. We said that a trade deal with America would simply be TPP Plus and guess what – it is being promoted in internal government documents as TPP+

Three things that should strike you immediately. First, this is a deal just like the TPP ( Trans-Pacific Partnership), a deal that was comprehensively rejected by the general public en-masse in the countries in which it was proposed.

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I didn’t understand your inclusion of this last sentence. Would you explain?

The Democratic Party is destroying itself - no help needed.

Here’s a present for you, in the Comments section of a GreanvillePost article, regarding your Democratic Party, which I posted a few days ago.


“Were the United States or any other country to insist on that as a condition of talks, we would simply walk out,” added the prime minister.

Britons: Boris Johnson is lying. Privatization is underway.


I agree with you. Labor under Corbin is similar to Dems under Sanders. The weight of the UK establishment and it’s horrible media undermines Corbin and Labor’s message just like happens to Sanders here. But I’m sure you understand that.


The Dems have been destroyed since FDR. Like the article states, brilliantly, the Dems are an integral part of this shit show.

Privatization of public services imperative from service to profit, how does that help people?

Why are they protesting Trump? Three point: a) Brexit hasn’t happened, b) there are no new trade deals with the US, and c) the two companies named (Care UK and Virgin Care) are European owned. This doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the US!