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Nigeria Reports Chloroquine Overdoses After Trump—Without Evidence—Touted Drug as Possible Coronavirus Treatment

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/03/23/nigeria-reports-chloroquine-overdoses-after-trump-without-evidence-touted-drug


Classic tRump move. His claim will now be that he got some testing on this drug without endangering any Americans.


NO ONE should listen to this pathological, serial lier. Hope Nigerians sue his ass.


Now you continue to exist, shilling for your Fuhrer, excusing his deadly, constant lies.
If only your mother had exercised her abortion rights.
The MAGA cult is a virus worse than corona.


This is EXACTLY what you would expect from the Board of Directors for THERANOS or SCHRECKLY… And this is the SAME PERSON WHO REFUSES TO GET THE WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION TESTS… thank god for the Media or whatever…

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I have read through about four papers published by doctors in China and France that have evaluated the efficacy of the two-drug cocktail. Not surprisingly, they are short on desired data given the extreme nature of the pandemic. Nevertheless the methodologies that these doctors have followed seem sound. It would appear that the two-drug cocktail does bring the virus to zero or near-zero levels within about five days, which is encouraging. They DO NOT, as Dr. Fauci knows, have enough breadth of patient histories to have all of the answers, which is why he appropriately champions a slow roll for an official protocol. At this time though, I would feel comfortable discussing the two-drug protocol with my doctor, with whom I have been working for many years and knows me inside and out, and would provide him the latest literature I could find etc. Not all patients would be that proactive and having Trump play doctor on TV does not help. The drugs involved do come with risk of cardiac stress overload and other side effects that would make them inappropriate for many patients. That is why we have real doctors and real researchers, such as Dr. Fauci. Trump, even though he may be grasping on to a kernel of truth on this one, needs to keep his lie-hole closed because he has no credibility.


The best thing would be to try it out on trump (and sychophants, family) first, along with a muratic acid enema and see how it works.


Where’s the guy with the sheperd’s hook offstage? These “news conferences” only self-serving, as usual. He’s using them as campaign speeches.

It’s always about Donald. Always.


Geez-o-pete, you’d think the Nigerians, of all people, would be able to recognize T.rump for the con man that he is…

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Just send me $1000 and I can finally release the answer to this.


Thanks for your measured response.

I know of 2 cases where people went to see their doctors out of fear of covid-19.

Relatively young, healthy people who had scratchy throats and live in a high pollen areas. They had no fever, no cough, no covid-19 test to show they needed these drugs.

They left with prescriptions in hand for tamiflu, azithromycin and hydroxychloroquine.

I’m concerned that if this combination of drugs if proven effective, people who are very ill, with confirmed cases of covid-19 will not have these drugs available to them due to doctors prescribing these drugs out irresponsibly. People may start hoarding these drugs.


Perhaps any physician that signs a subscription for these drugs when it is not to treat a condition for which they are a recognized cure should be held criminally responsible.

If the drugs are obtained in some other way then that’s also a criminal matter for which someone could be held responsible.


Trump’s ham-handedness and lack of thought is always on display.
But there is, in fact, some preliminary evidence that this combination can work.

I just tried to put up the link to the original paper (a google document), and it was mysteriously disallowed. This is an authored scientific report with all the standard notations and references. Who is afraid to let this out?

For reasons of its own, CD no longer allows links of any kind–wiki, google, youtube, whatever–so the commons have come up with a workaround or two: either preface your link with a tilde (~) which can be deleted after copy/paste, or leave out the “h” in “http.”


The COVID-19 Pandemic Is a Crisis of Capitalism

From Truthout:


In a world in which the majority of human suffering is perpetrated by a small minority against the vast majority, a small silver-lining of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic is that it seems to have us all on the same side. A scourge with the capacity to terrorize those in charge means that we are, ironically, both more scared and safer. We are increasingly made aware of, and given some of the best tools available to confront, the emergency of “life under COVID-19,” in a way that we are not for the everyday terror that is “life under capitalism.”

Venezuela’s Communes: Still Here, Still Fighting

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Gotta use every little thing available. Cuz with the current candidates the Democrats have, the chances for a Nov win are slim to none.

Here’s hoping that the MAGATs all try their fearful leaders new suggestions. Anything else is fake news.(sarcasm)


Words have real-world consequences, particularly–Dog help us all!–Twump’s. I wish it were only a farce, like Being There, but this is all too real.


Trump is an evil man, and I hope he gets what he deserves.

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Lupus patients can’t get crucial medication after President Trump pushes unproven coronavirus treatment

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