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Nigeria Reports Chloroquine Overdoses After Trump—Without Evidence—Touted Drug as Possible Coronavirus Treatment

Another Trump lie bites the dust.

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The media should refuse to show up these circus side shows.


I agree.

There is evidence. You’re welcome to go look for yourself - I have. That’s why I ordered chloroquine from offshore three weeks ago.

The reason the public health officials won’t tell you is that (1) they don’t want to undermine the coming national lockdown, which people may not follow if they think there is a successful treatment, which I have some sympathy for because we need both treatment and isolation; and (2) they don’t want a run on the drugs just like they didn’t want a run on masks so they started telling us that masks don’t do any good. I’ll add that chloroquine is cheap as dirt and you don’t need much, though there is at present a worldwide shortage. The focus here in the good old US of A, is on drugs controlled by US pharma. Those are the ones that are getting the fast track, while chloroquine has been used for a century or more.

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Trump daily arrives in his mule drawn wagon, puts the monkeys in their cages, and steps out in front of the crowd an proceeds to sell his cure-all elixir.
And the same people come out again the next day to listen to the bullshit sales pitches.

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Hi WiseOwl:
It appears that Trump is practicing medicine without a medical degree----hmm—oh wait, is he experimenting? Oh wait again—didn’t the nazis experiment on twins during WW 2? Oh wait, Trump is German ----- maybe he feels an affinity with experimenting on humans without proper knowledge----yes that must be it. He says he is a fan of Hitler’s book.
Maybe Nigeria should sue Trump for the damage done to the Nigerians who believed in a US President---------take a lesson from that WORLD. Trump seems now to have declared war on desperate people from other nations. Although, sadly —that is nothing new. : (


It looks like tRump has started trying to kill off his followers.

Trump is not a doctor or scientist. He is a moron.

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Saw a report that MILIARIA drug is being used here in NJ and one patient
reported it a great help.
I HAVE NO PROOF OF THIS – just wondering what anyone else is hearing
in their areas?

Other than the reality that this rise in flus which are killing Americans is already
a concern long ago (Gov. Cuomo seemed to make that clear) and obviously this
has something to do with Global Warming. We need to know what Trump is being
told in his meetings where the “minutes” are secret still.

A huge clean up of the planet is necessary – STOP all wars which are the cause
of plagues and disease.

STOP animal/dairy eating which is a major factor in creating Global Warming.
And a very, very long chain of violence we can do without.
Also makes humans ill – do we really need open heart surgery and treatments to
unclog arteries or is what we need honesty in eating.

PLANTS are not only our nutrition, they are our medicines and our drugs – they
are preventive medicine and they heal us when we are ill.

oat straw,

Please be careful with chloroquine. It can cause blindness if taken in more than the minimally recommended dosages.

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Our local right-wing news paper and TV stations are telling
people that the anti-malaria drugs work.

This alone should get Trump removed from office. No guts in Pence, Congress or the Secret Service to put this madman in prison?

Anyone who would pay attention to any recommendations Trumpty Dumpty makes already has a serious problem, and I am not referring to Covid-19!

Obviously everyone is look at the Chloroquine as a solution. I doubt if the Nigerians were watching the Presidents news conferences.

So are a number of doctors. I believe you all are suffering from 2016 election results anxiety. Trying not acting like Trump in your vitriol.

In 2013, a study was done on one the more recent contagions that portended out the short comings of our medical responses, but obviously the administration at that time didn’t think it was that important.

He was NOT TELLING PEOPLE TO EAT FISH TANK CLEANER. All those lupus patients have been taking it for FIFTY years. The drug is not dangerous. Idiots who take fish tank cleaner and think it is a prescribed medicine are to blame.


Ya, if you take it for 7 years.

Get a grip