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'Nightmare Coming to an End': Vanquishing Donald Trump, Joe Biden Wins US Presidential Election

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/06/nightmare-coming-end-vanquishing-donald-trump-joe-biden-wins-us-presidential


“Nightmare coming to an End”

“Long Live the Nightmare”

No matter who “wins” the 99% will always lose.


Biden winning is the best we have and even though getting rid of Trump and his Mafiaocracy is a good thing, do not forget Trump received over 75 million votes and from my perspective, the nightmare will not be over until Biden moves in the Oval Office on 01/20.21.


“Soon we will awaken from the current national nightmare and fall back to sleep into the next.”
– Jeffrey St. Clair


dump will really be in the dumps now.


We wake up from the NIGHTMARE to discover, “nothing’s fundimentally changed” everything’s back to NORMAL, rich white folks. Party ON! Get the “essential workers” to deliver some Moët & Chandon & Russian Ossetra Crown Caviar & Cocaine?


Nightmare starting. Or … continuing


This is no bad dream, it’s a bad reality, and it’s not over but there sure is a push to get progressives and community activist to go to sleep.


Well it looks like the 3rd or 4th time is the charm. Trump lost.

So finally, Biden, 78 years of age this year, after attempting to occupy the White House, how many times, 3? 4? Trump loses. No Biden did not win, the left did not win. Trump lost. (FYI, In 1988, while running for president Biden was run outta town (and off the ticket) due to charges of rampant lying and plagiarism.)


Nothing’s changed? I don’t think so. We now have a very interesting metric by which to gauge how aware people are – interesting because an insistence on continued obliviousness will keep killing people.

On a more general level, your comment reflects a model of historical awareness framed around some sort of cyclical stasis, or pendulum swinging, but for me the lesson of Covid is that history does not actually move in cycles or ever return to anything resembling any previous state. Of course everything has changed, because everything continually changes here on planet Earth.


I would hope you are right but Trump and his organized gang of criminals have over two months to figure how to stay in political power. The reign of terror may be still be nascent: especially, if Trump calls out his violent base who believe, like many of my relatives that the election was rigged!


Changes more for SOME? Deteriorates pretty abruptly for others! Been texting to them, at work in mills: PA, MS, AR, TX, FL, AL, LA, MS, etc… to get the fuck indoors after work!

Everything, back to NORMAL plague, OVER! Essentials, back to WORK… we’re WAITING for our artesianal gelato delivery!






And in the article Norman Solomon still foolishly believes that the Democratic Party can be reformed from within. Solomon would do well to realize that the Democratic Party, as Lance Selfa informs the reader in his insightful book The Democrats: A Critical History, is where social movements go to die and that trying to reform Biden and the other centrist Democrats is certainly a fool’s errand.


Coronavirus…Exit stage left.


Where are all those “progressives” who berated us to vote the lesser of two evils so we can have a chance to make change under Biden. Now, rather than mobilizing to push Biden’s to enact progressive change, those same folk are demanding that we back off and “give Biden a chance”. It’s going to be tough times ahead and, in 4 years, we’ll be demonized if we don’t drop everything we are doing to get Harris/Buttigeig elected.


I had just completed my response to the previous Common Dreams article when my wife walked into my office and announced that “Biden has been declared the winner.” I sent that reply out, which urged all of us not to think for a moment that Trump and his GOP cronies were done undermining this election.

I then decided to listen to a few minutes of Fox News’ coverage. They read a statement from Trump that was the very antithesis of what a concession speech should be. It was a threat–or series of threats–he was making against virtually everyone he perceived to be an enemy.

The apprehensions I expressed in my reply to the previous article were obviously well-founded. We should not lower our guard for one moment and think the threats to this election or our constitutional democracy are over.


TRUE! When Trump claimed the election was rigged, in a sense he was correct because it has always been rigged… by both parties!


Very good point as Trump tweeted a few days ago that he will not concede the election while also stating his desire to barricade himself at his desk inside the Oval Office. One of Trump’s inner circle needs to inform Trump that it is over though one suspects that that will have little resonance with a narcissist like Trump. One wonders how much damage Trump will wreak upon the nation before he finally leaves [or is arrested] the White House


Don’t forget revenge! He was out for revenge against states he lost in 2016, after WINNING the election. Now he’s got a lame duck period and an ego (or maybe just an id) that might not recognize any reason to hold back.

Even if he does leave, he’s still a mouthpiece for the new KKK, moreso than Sarah Palin was.


Night Night Democratic Liberals, see you in 4 or 8 years.