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'Nightmare Scenario,' Declare Aid Groups, as Saudis Puts Yemen Under Total Blockade


'Nightmare Scenario,' Declare Aid Groups, as Saudis Puts Yemen Under Total Blockade

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

"If access shuts off entirely, even for a single week, then disaster will be the result."

Civilians walk through the destroyed city of Sadah, Yemen, on June 15, 2015.  (Photo: Sebastiano Tomada/Getty Images)


So ashamed my government, including arms dealing SoS, Hillary Clinton, supports this crap.


I just this moment obtained a copy of Martin van Creveld’s “The Transformation of War”.

It seems that is where we are headed, those of us not yet actually in a humanitarian crisis like Yemen’s.

Below see a link to the 20 countries with the highest debt to GDP ratios - I do not see Yemen on this list. In fact. Japan is number one.

The blue hats of a powerful United Nations Force should be on the ground, with weapons, assuring that aid gets through.


“The Transformation of War” was published in 1991, pre-dating “The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order”, by Samuel P. Huntington (1996), by some five or six years.


This is a religious war of extermination by the Saudi swine, along with their ally the US war-machine!

Neither of these two war criminal terrorist states will be held to account because they will attack any that try to intervene (none have the moral compass to put pressure on them or will risk war) and subvert all international bodies that are ineffective and craven to begin with - and so the people of Yemen will continue to starve, suffer disease and malnutrition and including men, women and children - how appropriate the international bully US regime has chosen the most reprehensible allies in the MENA in the Israelis and Saudis…an tripartite axis of evil…

The ICJ must indict these war criminal states for crimes against humanity - eve for what little good it will do, it will shine a light on the crime!


I think it’s time for a self-funded United Nations - weaponized.

What is the alternative ?


The UN has been pathetic, weak, craven and subverted by the mechanism that allows spoilers/perpetrators to “veto” actions. The only thing a bully like the US or Saudis understands is a serious punch in the throat/nose!


Yes - it has been hamstrung by its very construction.

Which can be changed - why not ?

We absolutely need a world organization like the UN - which replaced The League of Nations.

Why wait for another world war to learn the same lesson over again.

Let’s do some pre-emptive thinking of our own here.

And words and peaceful protest are emphatically not enough.


Let the United Nations General Assembly act unilaterally, with a simple majority if necessary.


Are we really going to let the bean counters of high finance run and ruin our world?

That would indeed be the Age of Stupid !


Time for people to refuse war taxes. These endless wars, the indiscriminate murder, the devastation to enrich the merchants of death do nothing to further our collective humanity nor our survival chances. Time we stopped them, no?


And it must have some real teeth to it. I would start with banning war as a solution to conflict. Any nation that does not comply by ridding itself of its armies and weapons will get ostracized.


US-Saudi Arabia-Israel–strange bedfellows.


The USA is a SERIAL KILLER. Period. It just can’t help itself. It started from the very beginning with the Native American genocide and has NEVER STOPPED. Backing Saudi Arabia is just another act of genocide on the USA’s part. I am so FUCKING ASHAMED that I happened to be born in this EVIL NATION. I have tried to live my life in a manner whereby I spoke out against such evil, all to no avail. I have tried to live my life in a manner whereby I have not chased material possessions or wealth all to no avail. I tried to live my life simply so others might simply live as the saying goes. But it has been to no avail. Far too many stupid idiot morons BLINDLY ACCEPT the god damned fucking lie about what an exceptional nation the USA. The only thing the USA is exceptional at is creating horrible suffering around the world and at home.


If people refuse to pay taxes the government will simply print more money and create higher inflation which in itself is a form of taxation.


They always have an angle. Total, non cooperation then.


Hey, the Saudis are our friends – or at least the friends of Boeing, Halliburton and Lockheed-Martin, etc.  Have you forgotten that Saudis comprised 8 of the 13 operatives whose attack on the World Trade Center & Penta­gon gave Dick Cheney and his puppet, the Lying Son-of-a-Bush, an excuse to invade the Middle East?

They pretty much have already.  The problem now is how to rehabilitate it.   OTOH, the predicted twenty-meter rise in sea level will cleanse a large portion of the lands currently being defiled by their human occupants.  (In­cluding Mar-A-Lago, Times Square, and much of Washington, D.C., IIRC.)


That made me laugh - the OTOH line - thanks - needed that.


I recommend a read of the article by Moyers and McKibben, who has written a humorous novel.

It’s real easy to get into a negative mindset here.

And by the way - congrats on your very meaningful living of your life ! (remember that movie “It’s a Wonderful Life” ?)

From Calgary


When are we going to (1) go to renewables and (2) pull the plug on Saudi Arabia.


As soon as we get the duopoly out of government.