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'Nightmare Scenario': Sanders Warns Nation Trump Laying Groundwork for Election Result Mayhem

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/05/nightmare-scenario-sanders-warns-nation-trump-laying-groundwork-election-result


Getting state legislatures to vote on counting absentee ballots before election day sounds like a good idea. I’ll see if I can contact my representatives.


The “Red Mirage”? Isn’t that a lot like what the USA just did to Bolivia via it’s OAS surrogate? What goes around comes around.


With no real control over our government, especially to stop its US/CIA violence –
we are not able to stand up or stop corruption here –

and it is our duty to stand against it –


Top prority should be to tell voters to vote early, get ballot in early and remind them there is a lot of checks and balances that go into ensuring the ballot are reallly you.

Drop your ballot at a voting drop box or at the center where they are suppose to end up. Drive to your precinct headquarters and vote.

It sounds fearful/frightful and we don’t want to be accused of fear monering.?? but it is reality.


F U Sanders, you let a semi senile individual be your candidate of choice to run against the *****.


Yes, I have many complaints about the dem elitists and Biden is one of them and he was given the nomination like in 2016 BUT THIRD PARTIES DO NOT WORK. I’ve done it before as have many and I am sick and tired of holding my nose and voting. Sick and tired of it BUT AGAIN I WILL DO IT AGAIN. It is too important to the survival of our democracy and the planet. The planet - trump does everything in his power to destroy the planet and human kind in which our wildlife will go before many of us. It is sick and wrong.



Not a productive decision. Defeat Trump is the major thrust of this election. While a vote for a 3rd party candidate, as I have often done, can be a declaration of principle, I fail to see how this is operative in this election. Every vote that will contribute to defeating Impeached President Trump is valuable.


Recall that one of the mayhem makers (Stateless Bannon) worked on DT’s first campaign - successfully.
He worked on Bolsonaro’s campaign - successfully.
He worked to get Brexit onto the ballot - successfully.

It is folly to ever underestimate the Republican political will to prevail.


Where the hell is the Democratic Congress denouncing this criminal action for what it is? If the shoe were on the other foot, the GOP would be calling for the blood of the Democratic President.


And what is your solution, Ludwig? Get behind a progressive candidate running for president two months before the election? That would be impossible at this point. Seems to me you are a trumpbot looking to sow chaos yourself.


And we would not be here right now if the DNC hadn’t rigged the game against Sanders in 2016 and 2020. But we are only supposed to care when the Republicans do it and not when the Democrats do it to their own. I really have little respect for Bernie now with all his warnings. If he truly was worried he would not have endorsed losers like Clinton, and now Biden.


This shouldn’t have been a surprise to anyone, especially the old ‘guard’ in the beltway.

1 1/2 months to go and panic now?


Listen to this man and be ready. Trump will not accept defeat. The confusion and interference that Sanders describes is already in motion. It may be all he has left, since other outlets are reporting that his campaign is broke.


I don’t know why Trump doesn’t just ask the Dems how to steal an election. It’s not hard…just ask Bernie…oh wait…don’t bother. He doesn’t mind…Joe is his ole’ good friend.


And if Trump succeeds in undermining everything that country stands for, will that be such a bad thing? It’s stood for domination since its inception, first of its territory, then of the Americas, more recently of the entire world, and woe to those who resist. A refusal to accept the result of an election might spur the international community into finally taking united action against this dangerous rogue state. Which might not be such good news for its citizens in the short term, but can the rest of us wait?


Seems to me its remarkably similar to what was done by the DNC in California and Texas this year to remove Sanders overwhelming win totals in those states, to try to push the idea that Biden zoomed out of
oblivion to go from last to first after Mr. Clyburn blessed him. And done the same way in terms of stringing
out the ‘counting’ then never coming up with a final total which was made public.

There are days when I almost find Bernie as much of a fraud as Obama.


To borrow from your words, I fail to see how voting for a corporate Wall Street tool like Biden who, like Hillary Clinton, rarely met a war which he did not support, is supposed to be a better alternative than Trump. Despite your belief voting one’s conscience should be encouraged rather than condemned.


Yes where is our congress right now? On vacation? They should be back in DC producing another stimulus package so people don’t get thrown out of their homes or starve. What about no more payroll tax? What will people do when all they had was their social security check? I guess let them rot.


If Trump somehow wins-----well I have complete confidence that the Deep State will JFK him—or maybe they will kidnap Ivanka and force a recount where gosh Trump loses as he probably will anyway.

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