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'Nightmare Scenario': Sanders Warns Nation Trump Laying Groundwork for Election Result Mayhem

He did get a bullet, but unlike JFK (or RFK or MLK), he was saved.

We need to be proactive BEFORE the election to ensure that constitutional principles will be adhered to if the results are contested. While the electoral process may be messy and chaotic, it is the system that we have to work with as an alternative to election manipulation by an unscrupulous President and protesters and gangs taking to the streets.

Senator Sanders should be urged to get behind The Pledge to Safeguard the Constitution (www.thepledge.site) in order to preserve our elections and democratic institutions from authoritarian presidential powers NOW so that what will probably be a chaotic election and post-election will follow LEGAL channels. Everybody should not just sign The Pledge themselves, but should write to Senator Sanders and urge HIM to not only sign it but to use his immense influence to get other elected officials and office seekers to commit to it in order to counter the assault on our electoral and constitutional processes by the Trump administration.

Bernie, "Here’s Emperor Trump’s really Vicious “Nightmare Scenario” as of September 13th weekend!!:

While people should be aware of an Election Year Charade — be vastly more concerned with Emperor Trump’s Election Year Violence Scheme:

Here’s a comment that I submitted to the “Times” — which they accepted, but may not allow in Charles Blow’s 9/13/20 column:

“When Good People Don’t Act, Evil Reigns”

| Pending Approval:

Charles, only “The Irish Sun” — not the “Times“, nor “The Post” — reported Emperor Trump’s threat of violence at polling places on November 3rd, when he said at ‘his’ Nevada Rally, “ ‘NOW I CAN BE REALLY VICIOUS’ Trump blasts Biden, Hillary and ‘sleaze-bag’ Atlantic story in raucous Nevada rally”.

In addition to exposing his willingness to be ‘Really Vicious’, Emperor Trump’s campaign spokesman, Jason Miller, on ABC’s “This Week” carefully explained Trump’s plotting, when George questioned Jason regarding ‘double voting’, and he replied that Trump voters could vote by any method, but should just check that their vote was processed by going to the polls and questioning poll-workers if the AV (already voted) was listed in the voting list.

It’s fairly easy to see what Emperor Trump has in mind by “being vicious”, when one imagines hard right Trump supporters clogging lines at the polls on Election Day and demanding to just ‘check’ the proof that their vote is listed — and add the potentially violent spark of many of his followers igniting and enflaming tempers in states that allow open carry during voting (or vote checking).

When Emperor Trump says ‘NOW I CAN BE REALLY VICIOUS’ — believe it, as much as we should have believed Karl Rove, when he bragged to Ron Suskind that “We’re an Empire now”.

Yes, Ron, “We’re an Empire Now” and this insane Emperor Trump (aren’t they all?) knows he can’t win the election with votes, but envisions a vicious plan for him to win with violence.

So, ---- Now We’ll see if “these ‘Times’ they are a changin” or just ‘blockin’ the truth