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'Nightmare Scenario That Everyone Predicted': As Millions Struggle to Meet Basic Needs, Trump Organization Requests Financial Relief

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/04/02/nightmare-scenario-everyone-predicted-millions-struggle-meet-basic-needs-trump


"How Many Trumps Does It Take To Screw In A Light Bulb?"

Trumps don’t replace light bulbs.

But, it takes only one to screw up the entire world.


Once again, it’s looking like socialism for the rich, means-testing and crumbs for the rest.


They’re ineligible for the stimulus funding. If they get their hands on it, they’re going to the pokey.


Record numbers of people at food banks throughout the country right now. Many are going hungry without jobs, and the administration’s first priority is to take care of the billionaires and the titans of industry.


Hmmm :slight_smile:
Trump did say that as president that he would donate his entire yearly $400,000 salary to charity. GREAT, but we know that the only charity that Trump was thinking of was yourself, so come on. Hold Trump hostage to his debts , Deutsche Bank ----as he really doesn’t need any money as we know that for the past 3 years Trump has been donating each year’s salary to the charity of himself. : )


Trump took money fraudulently after 9/11. Grifters grift. Especially this family of thieves:

Google this: EXCLUSIVE: Donald Trump’s claim he got $150G in post-9/11 state funds for small businesses because he helped people in need is unfounded, docs show


Wrong. They’ve been caught before, and gotten away with it. What do you think Bill Barr’s job is?

EXCLUSIVE: Donald Trump’s claim he got $150G in post-9/11 state funds for small businesses because he helped people in need is unfounded, docs show


The slime rises to the top…


Hi webwalk:
Yes, and remember too that turds also float, along with snot and spittle. It is a Trumpian World-----but gladly, it won’t last. : )


“A[ME]rica first”


Makes you want to simply puke on a Republican, doesn’t it?

I think that really should be our response from now on; when some slackjawed, inbred bucktoothed racist fearmongering hypocritical Trump supporter says something outrageous just spew puke on him or her. Just cleverly shove your index finger down your throat while hiding it with your other hand, trigger the gag reflex, which might not be necessary depending the level of outrageousness of their inane comment, and launch up a huge hot steamy dripping load of vomit onto their face or chest. They can’t really arrest you for that. It’s an accident… wink wink nod nod.


Well, Jared does have a monster of a balloon payment on the mortgage he has on that 666 5th Ave dump. He’s so far underwater he’s at the bottom of the Marianas Trench. He’s begged the Saudis. He’s begged Russian oligarchs. He’s begged what’s left of the Mafia. He’s begged daddy-in-law. He’s sell his brats if he could get rid of that white elephant(which may become necessary once the global economy crashes). He can’t even do an insurance job on it because first thought would be fraud. Stay tuned to The Trump Family Reality TV show…


When Trump wants a bailout or a moratorium on his mortgages on his hotels etc. …

…just say - “This crisis is just a hoax! We’ve got to get this economy moving again. Your hotels must do their part to save the economy and pay their bills too! You know it is a hoax to ruin the economy and ruin your presidency. Show people that you aren’t falling for the hoax and what it means to save this economy!”


“If we’re really in this disaster, everything should be frozen.”



trump…if your having trouble paying your bills, why don’t you just file bankruptcy, your very good at doing that.


Yes, team Trump has been bankrupt so many times that another bankruptcy or two, or three will hardly be noticed by Trump…bankruptcy and reality TV have been Trump’s only successful business models ever since he broke away from his dad’s slumlord empire decades ago.


The wealthy elites are very good at lying, cheating, murdering, invading, massacring and also very good at begging. The police departments are also very, very good at begging. The poor, the sick, the children and the elderly be damned. I say we take back all of what they’ve stolen from us over the centuries.


This may not be the case. When Trump was asked during one of his daily press briefings whether he would be taking stimulus money (his hotels, loss of business), he would not answer the question. His sons are supposedly running these businesses, but it’s all in the family.


Every day there is another event taking America and its peoples closer to their death or destruction and 500 members of Congress do nothing to help.Politicians should not expect calm an decorum from their constituents any longer Sooner than later there will be kick back. we must be constructive and find innovative ways to fight back? Problem is all media and public are committed to complaining about whats happening and they are all doing a nothing about it while they wait for the next terrible event and of course they go along with it . We all hate whats going on and no one is putting pressure on trump or any of his fellow assailants.