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'Nightmare Waiting to Happen': Advocates Warn US Prison Conditions Risks Intense Coronavirus Outbreak

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/03/10/nightmare-waiting-happen-advocates-warn-us-prison-conditions-risks-intense

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Great article. It is time for this country to finally regain its sense of humanity and decency.


If one prisoner gets the virus, most of the prisoners and then most of the guards will spread the virus outward all over the state. Is punishment worth lots of elderly people on the outside dying?

If most of the guards are quarantined, who will guard the prison?

What will individual guards inside the joint do if they hear a cough?

Are the new day care prisons even more of a threat?

Now is a good time to ask whether massive punishment cures all criminals and reduces recidivism rates. Does punishment without counseling reduce drug abuse? How many times does punishment without job retraining cause a con to decide that he/she/they can’t live outside the pen, so they throw a brick through a window just to go back in for life.

Does punishment cure four year olds?


This occured to me as soon as the Life Care Center in Seattle was hit. Now there are ten infected nursing homes in the area. We also warehouse migrants in gratuitously cruel and horribly unsanitary conditions, because we USAmericans are so exceptional at everything – especially cruelty. “Warehouse” is not too extreme a word for many if not most of the “extended care facilities” (what have you) dotting our squeaky clean-looking suburban landscape. You’re lucky if the landscaping doesn’t look terribly neglected, and that’s about the most you can expect. Nothing against the harried short-staffed salt-of-the-earth risking their lives to care for our elders. They do the best they can in a system geared for eternal cost-cutting.

A dirty little secret of the home healthcare racket for you, by the way: It’s just as much a vessel of human trafficking (intelligent indentured healthcare slaves from the Phillipines, mainly) as the prostitution racket. Probably more.

Then there are the prisons – our manned institutional confederate war memorials. God help us.


Every day that goes by, I believe more and more that this was a Biological Weapon that may have been accidentally released.

And at times, it occurs to me that the extremely slow response that this United States is far from being committed to, is planned.

Every day at the Coronavirus Press Conference Update, when Pence and his entourage file out on the stage, I see a look on each and everyone’s face that says to me, “they’re all lying to cover-up some massive blunder that they have somehow been involved in.”

And those like Dr. Anthony Fauci, looked sick and ashamed to have to defend this horrific reaction from our Federal Government.


PonyBoy, I wonder if we haven’t been seeing those faces for the last three years. Some come, some go, but save a few, they all look sheepishly guilty.
I watched trump’s M.O. show in a clip today. If someone pushes beyond what he is comfortable with, he will forcefully shoosh you away.
If per chance you were strong enough to parry his shooshing, he will turn on his heel and storm off as the spoiled child he is.

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Well Iran already did the right thing:


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“…“isolation zones” created by placing tape on floors…”???

What, in the form of a pentangle?? Or something equally insane from whatever failed belief system/s you prefer. WTF???


I wonder how many law suits will be filed for not keeping the prisoners safe?

Lawsuits might help cruise-ship passengers and nursing-home patients, but our courts rarely or never regard justice for prisoners as within their ambit.

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Having survived two months in one of these for-profit rehab/nursing homes, finally leaving AMA(sort of like AWOL-against medical advice), I can say Covid-19 will rage through these facilities like the wildfires in Australia. Because of gross medical incompetence, I suffered a heart attack caused by not monitoring my electrolyte levels, c. diff, bed sores, physical abuse by the staff, sitting in my own shit for 12 hours…even when waiting for intake, I sat in a wheelchair for nine hours as the understaffed personnel dealt with forty new patients. Nine hours without even a drink of water. Yet the facility kept getting award after award.
Prisons. Schools. Nursing homes and health care facilities. Call them by their true names-concentration camps to get rid of excess population. Our elders are reviled. Our children aren’t being educated, they’re being brainwashed. And our prisons are a sneaky way to avoid global attention that they’re really concentration camps for the poor and people of color.
While Trump is the worst person to have as president right now, he reflects the cruelty, venality, greed, violence, and “chosen people” meme underlying the myth driving the US of Abuse. Covid-19 may be a blessing to the world if it brings down the US Empire and its constant wars of conquest, including religious conquest. No, I’m not saying I don’t have compassion for others dealing with this disease. It’s just sometimes Gaia uses Tough Love to wake us up.
And as for my fellow citizens of the state of Michigan…fooled again, eh? Going for the Wall Street DINO…


I worked my way through school, mainly as a nursing-home aide. The horrors you describe are vividly familiar to me. Were I ever in the mood to out-do Stephen King in repulsiveness, some memories of mine, which can never be dispensed of, might serve. I don’t seem to be involved in the choice of what I remember, and what I forget…

Goddam it. We need to do something about the nihilistic shallowness, someday. I’m at a loss to understand how so many can feel so casually comfortable with the soul-crushing oppressive routine. Time to ship Grandma off to the home. Bye-bye, Grandma! May your body and mind regain strength from the terrible ordeal inflicted on you. (My own self-health cure-all: Rancho Gordo heirloom beans. Heavens they’re tasty and expeditious!)


Nursing home patients need access to barbitchuettes. Helps soothe the soul, aids in sleep, makes music more enjoyable. Not needed for bathing, mealtime, or social engagements.
Let these old folks catch a buzz now and then if they are okay with it.
It would help to put up with any crappy nurses too.

Just a reminder: it started in China, in the most central province. What’s ended? All the street protests in Hong Kong that the Chinese government have been trying to stop over the last two years. There are no street protesters in Hong Kong; and unlikely to be anymore.

Doesn’t that sound suspicious to you?