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NIH Director Says 'Drastic' Measures Like California Lockdown Are Needed to Stop Coronavirus Spread

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/03/20/nih-director-says-drastic-measures-california-lockdown-are-needed-stop-coronavirus


Here in Pennsylvania, the governor has ordered the closure of practically every industrial/commercial economic activity except “live sustaining” activity supporting hospitals, food, utilities, building and vehicle repair. This thinking seems to keep people in their homes by closing as many places to go as possible. It is a very blunt instrument and a very poor substitute for widespread on-demand testing.

The successful lessons of S. Korea seem to be going over everyone’s head.


Been trying to find out if CV-19 can be transmitted via pet fur. This is the best I could do at this point

Can I catch COVID-19 from my pet?

While there has been one instance of a dog being infected in Hong Kong, to date, there is no evidence that a dog, cat or any pet can transmit COVID-19. COVID-19 is mainly spread through droplets produced when an infected person coughs, sneezes, or speaks. To protect yourself, clean your hands frequently and thoroughly.

WHO continues to monitor the latest research on this and other COVID-19 topics and will update as new findings are available.


I went the giant eagle grocery store yesterday and what I witnessed explains why our response to covid19 is not going mitigate the worst circumstances.
I walked in, stood beside the shopping carts, and put on my latex gloves. While I was doing that, 5 senior citizens walked past me, no gloves, grabbed carts, walked right past the hand sanitizer and the pull down wipes, and went into the store. As I walked in, I witnessed at least two of them pick up produce, look at it, and put it back down. I told her she probably shouldn’t do that under the circumstances. She looked at me and said, what are you talking about?
Before I went to the store I had very little faith in human nature, as I left, I had none. How do we deal with this kind of wanton ignorance?


On Thom Hartmanns show yesterday Richard Wolff stated that the nation needs to be shut down, for at least a month. And that’s the whole nation. All commerce needs to end, with the only contact allowed being whats medically necessary.
But we won’t do it. We’ll do what we always do. Use the nations credit card and throw money at the problem. Oh, and privatize more government services.

At last someone has done their homework.

Want the truth or a reasonable answer?

Good luck with that short sightedness.

Right in the footsteps of how we respond to global warming. Too little, too late.


I question the wisdom of abruptly just shutting things all down for a month. What happens then after the month which would have caused drastic shortages. If he lived in a city like NYC then shutting everything down would probably cause food riots in a week. You need truckers, warehousemen, loaders, shippers, etc etc and so just how shut down is that? Maybe a coordinated official volunteer proxy consumer for the elderly kind of like meals on wheels prepared food deliveries but instead have grocery deliveries including basics for non internet elderly. Hand out a weekly check list that could be called in and delivered from supplies carried by small vans acting like mini stores (Uber style?) stores could register each order by phone etc.


Take a lesson from Italy;


Or advice from an American doctor:


Illinois is going onto lock down within a few hours.

Lung lesions?
I am wondering if this virus will leave behind scars behind which may contribute to COPD, emphazema over the coming years.

The data for children from China is encouraging that they get the virus and can say “What, me worry??” 147 hospitalizations, 1 death and three were very ill but survived and were discharged.

“stay at home” says Newsom…not to be a contrarian, but what about homeless people? Doesn’t Cali have a pretty large population of them?

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Well maybe there should be a “greeter” out front telling folks they can’t come in without mask/gloves - of course it would be incumbent on the store to provide such, but heaven forbid … and you could tell the store you won’t shop there anymore because of what you saw …

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Or in one ear and out the other.

I seem to remember one week sometime ago when we would have a million tests by that Friday. I don’t think that happened. And anyone who wanted one could get it just by asking. I don’t think that has happened either.

I bet they were perfect tests. Beautiful, perfect tests.

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So demand “on demand testing” and demand that lots of local mask making facilities be opened up, a useful “job creator” right there

Here’s my take (which may be wrong or right). The healthcare jefes and T-admin both were looking
so bad they decided to do a typical doublethink performance. In terms of what they knew of China’s response at a given point in time (not beans) they tried a shoot-from-the-hip facsimile, all the while of course bad mouthing China! Speaking of bad, I feel bad when I have questions about currency exchange rates, but the T-admin apparently has not even a general concept of an economy in today’s world. Gearing things down needed to take into consideration all the things you mention, Wereflea. Everything need not have been shut down, especially while the number of cases here was so low. This overkill in our business response mirrors our medical response’s deficit. I could relate to everyone here a source that reports even as sanctioned as it is at present, and even with as many cases as it has to deal with, THE IRANIAN ECONOMY IS PRESENTLY NOT AS FROZEN AS OURS. I could relate it, but no one here would ask for the source; everyone understands the whole thing already and each “individual” has their own primo solution [however they are not at all individuals on this score; they’re all alike in that they all feel they have the answer].

Here’s what I read from a guy in Belgium at another blog…

“I also got the feeling that -apart from hoarding- solidarity is rising, in Belgium, solidarity towards healthcare-workers and caretakers is now taking off with all kinds of initiatives. chefs, whose restaurants had to close down, are now preparing free meals for them
for instance…” FD

Meantime Baker, Weisbrot et al seem to know what’s what [add an “h” folks]. ttps://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/03/19/trump-stimulus-plan-still-getting-everything-wrong

And it takes a brit newspaper to tell you about them:


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Yeah what we should have done and could be doing is already past what we will do but have yet to do.

Trump and the elites do not really have a concept of working together without making a profit simply because something is necessary. They just don’t think in terms of helping others is my sense of it. Helping others has always been that liberal stuff.

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Your store is doing better than mine. Went grocery shopping this morning and discovered they had no hand sanitizer or wipes for the carts, something they have had for quite a few years. I drenched my hands in alcohol when I got to my vehicle, but I have no idea if this is adequate.