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Paul Waldman

Last week, the House Intelligence Committee released transcripts of testimony by Michael Cohen, former personal attorney to Donald Trump and current guest of the Federal Bureau of Prisons. In it, Cohen describes how one of his tasks as an employee of the future president was to stiff people who had done work for the Trump Organization, on his boss’ personal instruction.

In 2020 we all need to anialate these nefarious, nialistic nencompoops once and for all! Bernie Sanders for President is our clear vision for 2020! Peace


Nihilist in chief indeed! Trump’s moral failings also include his nihilistic approach to climate change. He is a true nihilist (as are nearly all Repubs and old guard Dems) in that he dismisses the science behind our planetary crisis in favor of corporate greed (greed like always).

‘Many people got hurt’ said Cohen because of Trump’s lack of morals and integrity. Many, many more people will be hurt if Trump’s anti-environment ravening capitalist views get another term.


It sounds to me that in describing Trump you are describing a psychopath.


HI Wereflea:
I wonder how long, or when it all be when Mar-A-Largo will be underwater? Maybe that would get his attention, although I heard that he built a wall by his Scottish golf club—so he must think something is changing , unless—he has no concept of cause and effect?


You won’t be getting rid of anything unless other than republicans stay in the White House after Bernie is elected president.
These vultures lay in wait planning their next round of greed based politicking. They won’t go away.


Nihilism: The rejection of all religious and moral principles. The belief that life is meaningless. Eat, drink, be merry (and serve fresh ground human-burger at White House Rose Garden barbeque), for tomorrow we die. Meanwhile, Trump could murder someone in broad daylight and his maga supporters would still vote for him. Oh, he’s an evil sonofabitch, no doubt about it.


I simply do not understand how this man was allowed to become a candidate and, even more inconceivably, to become president when anyone with 2 eyes and ears within 100 miles (or more) of New York City knows this guy is an absolutely corrupt and evil dirtbag. This article even states there was an item in the New York Times years ago that uncovered his rotten dealings with suppliers. I read an article on Mother Jones while he was running for office that stated that he owes foreign banks millions of dollars because no US banks will have anything to do with him. (Which was reported after the election by MSM…) None of this is breaking news. He’s been allowed to keep his businesses, leaving the emolument clause ignored by the overseers who are supposed to be protecting the constitution.

This isn’t a Republican or Democrat thing. Trump is just the poster boy for what the entire government of this country has become~ corrupt, evil, nihilistic serial killers. Welcome to the New World Order.


As someone said in the past, and I’m not sure who it was, “someday America will awake and find they elected a complete imbecile to become President”. What a good prophecy. All I can say is what are we gonna have next go-around?

It’s been politically taboo in American politics to ever compare anyone or any party to Hitler and the Nazis for the sake of preserving the myth that it can’t happen, here. When are people in this country going to open their eyes and see that so many of the elements that gave rise to Hitler and the Nazis are now entrenched in our political system and how perilously close this country is to that level of facism? And less anyone think that this is solely a matter Trump and the Republicans, ask yourself where the hell the Democrats have been for the last thirty years. Trump and the Republicans didn’t exactly sneak in the back door.


good essay.

this bit is important:

“The only difference is that the GOP pays lip service to ideals and principles while freely violating them, while Trump doesn’t even bother with the lip service.”

This is Trump’s singular virtue: he makes obvious and clear what most elites attempt to obfuscate. He’s the wizard that doesn’t even bother to draw the curtain shut. The dude’s a two-legged schoolhouse rock episode of corruption that is quintessentially American. He’s the country’s true soul laid bare.

Now if we could just get people to go after the system that produces guys like Trump instead of the man himself as if he’s a unique anomaly. He’s exactly like every other oligarch with one exception: he doesn’t care if he’s seen committing the crime.

That was H.L. Mencken, who was right about a lot of stuff.

Concerning mar-a-dumpo, I want the flood to hit it when he is there riding around the golf course on his hotcycle so that he is washed out to sea where all those hungry sea creatures can partake of his blubber (I know, wishing that much poison on harmless sea creatures is cruel, but it sure draws a pretty picture thinking of him being eaten by a couple of hungry sharks!)


I’m reminded of an old joke:

Q: Why don’t sharks eat lawyers?
A: Professional courtesy.


What’s the definition of a lawyer? The larval form of a politician.

Does that make the trumptard larvae excrement b/c he’s not good at anything.

What’s the difference between a smart crook and a dumb crook?
The smart crook doesn’t get caught …

Being an capitalist a-hole does not make one a nihilist nor an existentialist. To compare the Tangerine Troglodyte to Nitsche, Satre, Camus, de Beauvoir or Kierkegaard is offensive to Nitsche, Satre, Camus, de Beauvoir and Kierkegaard.