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Nikki Haley: Neocon Heartthrob


Nikki Haley: Neocon Heartthrob

Jim Lobe

With the eviction of Steve Bannon and Sebastian Gorka from the inner precincts of the White House and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson besieged and taking fire from virtually all sides, neoconservatives – even the NeverTrumpers among them – must be quietly harboring renewed hopes that their restoration may soon be within reach.


Haley’s comet married to the mob, I mean job, a proffered theme song for this gal whos just one of the boys


Nikki says that N. Korea is “begging for war.”
Obviously, that’s not the only country going begging.


Nikki Haley is the perfect, fascist, stooge for American. fascism and it’s military dictatorship!


My worst fears forecast unending war, not to end violent acts of terrorism, rather to increase them; to pit factions against each other, arm them, leave ruins behind, then construct petroleum drilling rigs, pipelines, refineries and export terminals. Aside from the historical acquisition of petroleum resources via warfare which always leaves ruined lives and environmental catastrophe behind, we should consider whether today’s wars for oil are a diabolical means of population control, waged against people of color first and lastly to reduce the population of all people so the wealthy may retain a surviving market share of dependent consumers. I see Pence welcoming his Armageddon to rid the land of all those who have no interest in golf.


Israel and its support-funders buys American standing, blood, treasure and policy positions for a pittance - pity America.


Won’t be long before Haley adopts and applies to Iran the Dubya regime’s lie about the Iraq occupation paying for itself with all the oil the US loots.

Haley is indeed a “neocon hearthrob” AND military industrial media infotainment complex (MIMIC) cheerleader extrordinare.


I cannot imagine any country begging for war with the US.


Neither can I, but Nikki likes to dream big, like her hero Don.


“Begging for war” is simply the next reality TV episode in 21st century Murka.


Straussian Groupie doing whatever necessary to get ‘Backstage.’


"My worst fears forecast unending war, not to end violent acts of
terrorism, rather to increase them; to pit factions against each other,
arm them…’ then pick up the pieces ala the “Oded Yinon Plan” that came out of Israel in 1982. Neo-conservatives (Richard Perle, Paul Wolvowitz, William Kristoll III) hand delivered that lovely plan to the American Enterprise Institute. The AEI’s spawn, Project for A New American Century-1998, nurtured it until it came to life in the Bush II presidency as USA Foreign Policy.

Will somebody please arrest Israel?


AEI and PNAC=Death and Destruction. They will be the undoing of US.


someone please tell me the difference between haley and these women: Polly Adler, New York madam;Josie Arlington; Xaviera Hollander; Carol Leigh; Mata Hari; Barbara Payton; Annie Sprinkle; Valérie Tasso; Clara Ward; Lulu White; Brooke Magnanti; Suzy Favor-Hamilton; Air Force Amy; Sheila Vogel-Coupe, at 85+ the oldest prostitute in the United Kingdom and, possibly, the world. (thanks, wiki)…other than that these women had some kind of principles.


i think the word you’re looking for is “whore.”


Satan appointed her.


My best argument how Israel lost its sense of being ordained by God.
It’s a theological question not at all meant to be taken as anti-Semitism.

After receiving the 10 Commandments and years wandering the desert, God promises to give the land of Palestine to the Israelites if they kill all its people. With the Commandment to not kill, how could God condone this massacre? Could it have been a test? Did God hope the Israelites would say No. Was the original establishment of Israel the result of a failure to perceive the mind of God and the difference between right and wrong? Did God not give up on Israelis because they could not bring themselves to kill everyone? The most important question along these lines - Is God disappointed again to see Israelis murdering Palestinians?

A caveat in this question is another biblical standard: The sins of the fathers are visited upon the sons, a tenet I disagree with because we’re all born innocent. This caveat is taken to mean that once a fertile land is for many generations grandfathered in by one people or another - Palestinians in this case - their right to that land is not challenged by the history of a previous culture.