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Nina Turner, Prominent Sanders Delegate, Ejected from DNC


Nina Turner, Prominent Sanders Delegate, Ejected from DNC

Jon Queally, staff writer

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Just before former president Bill Clinton took the stage at the Democratic National Convention on Tuesday night, progressive social media lit up with news that former Ohio state senator Nina Turner, one of Bernie Sanders' most celebrated surrogates throughout his historic campaign, has had her convention credentials stripped by the DNC and was ejected from the convention hall.

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Nina Turner has more integrity in her pinky than the Clintons, their sycophants and surrogates have in the entirety of their combined souls. She'll do better speaking the truth to her supporters in the streets of Philadelphia. Who would want to be silenced inside that Norh Korean style infomercial anyway? You go Nina! Thank you for all you've done and will no doubt keep doing, for this movement.


And I'm surprised . . . how? ANOTHER poke in the eye. And you want me to vote for these people?


Good for Nina. I hope more progressives join her in her dissent.

Maybe we'll see the strengthening of the Green Party? All I know is that Nina has been an awesome representative of progressive political interests.


Mhunter, no shite. And hopefully that whoosh you just heard is millions of people dumping their Democrat (!) party membership due to this Stazi-ness. I was going to wait until after the election, but no more. I'm going down tomorrow to do it in person. After 50 years of voting Dem, Green Party,here I come.


Typical Clintons - the convention facade is balloons and smiles that the MSM love and behind the scenes, 't jackboot tactics to enforce loyalty. Francis and Claire Clinton don't forget and are all about revenge it seems.

The stream of votes away from Hillary and to someone else or to no one continues with one poke in the eye after another..


Revising my question from two days ago:

Is the Clinton campaign / DNC intentionally striving to alienate every key "Democratic" constituency (in order to ensure a Trump victory in November)?

Or is the Clinton campaign / DNC simply so arrogant that they believe they will win anyway (since in Trump they face the only candidate since WWII with higher "negatives" than Hillary Clinton has)?


The latter apparently.


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Rep. Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii nominates Bernie Sanders at the Democratic National Convention


A party that derives its name from the term "democracy" cannot tolerate dissent, apparently.


Man, Hillary really must want to lose this election really bad. Can the farce that is the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton get any worse?


That's my own take, but jeez...


Not even close. You don't even know what happened yet.


The answer is six of one ...half dozen of the other.


Enjoy President Trump's SCOTUS appointees, a reversal of Roe, new laws against LGBTQ, more bigotry, more xenophobia and all of the rest of what comes with an extreme right wing POTUS who very well could also have a GOP Congress. So no checks on what they will do to the US.


Dr. Stein is not qualified to be POTUS. Not by any metric.


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I Love that woman. (Yes, I'm talking about Tulsi Gabbord.)


The HRC/DNC is counting coup and setting up a different candidate than Nina for a future higher office, probably House seat in Congress. The Clintonista Clan has a payback plan, you're witnessing a bit of it here. Nina is way better than HillBillary and Dirty Debbie. She and Ms.Dawson wouldn't kiss Himmler's ring. Good for them. Stay Clear, Stay Clean, Vote Green.