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Nina Turner: While Congress Obsesses Over Russia, Americans Being 'Left Behind'


Nina Turner: While Congress Obsesses Over Russia, Americans Being 'Left Behind'

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Former Ohio state Sen. Nina Turner is worried that Americans are being "left behind" because Congress and the media are seemingly consumed by "Russia, Russia, Russia."


Nina Turner should focus on her 24-point loss and what she can do to change that outcome whatever the case with Russia. Then again, bitching about Democrats talking about Russia seems to be a pastime for a lot of folks who enjoy lecturing on the topic.


Congress is not really obsessing over Russia. They say they are, but they lie. They are obsessing over power and money, as usual. It is the “wrong” unexpected outcome of the election that has overtaken discourse, not the excuse used of Russia bashing and Red Baiting.

And no, neither party has any genuine interest in solving the problems of ordinary Americans. There is no donor money to be had doing that.


After what the Dems did to Sanders, does anyone still believe that they are the party of working people and the middle class much less their being advocates for the poor? The Dems want reelection first and foremost and maintaining the status quo not working for change.

Trump and the Repubs have gone too far and now the Dems have to figure out how to get the support of the 99% without actually opposing the Repubs lest they lose some of the donors that always give more to the Repubs but just enough to get their favorite Dems reelected.

The climate chaos fan is spinning and woe betide us all that these elitist deniers have yet to realize the troubles that will upset the apple cart in the years ahead.


Americans have been “left behind” out of a mad pursuit of war and profits. Therefore, our most pressing “domestic” issue is demalitarization/decorporatization.


I guess I am not seeing the reasoning for the assumption in this article that somehow if Congress wasn’t ‘obsessing over Russia’ it would instead be providing aid to Flint, or passing job-creating legislation, or anything else that would be of a general benefit to humanity and other living things.

I think I’d rather Congress obsess over Russia, if given the option.


The very last thing I would do is support Trump, but having said that, has anyone seen any irrefutable proof that the Russians hacked the election?


So far, it’s all smoke and no fire.


We absolutely MUST have a 3rd party–a Peoples’ Party. Nina Turner is a brilliant politician-like Bernie–with a HEART.
I wanna c her or Tulsi Gabbard move forward.

I don’t know how we get a PRESS that is not also bought by the big $$$. I listen to Jimmy Dore and TYT and Chelsea Handler; even Bill Maher is a bit too stuck on the Dems; you’ll notice I do NOT listen to the MSMedia–not even PBS because they have taken too much KOCH money. Suggest y’ll also go to YouTube for your political information –
Elizabeth Warren is great,l but where was she when BERNIE could’ve been the Dem nominee but for the rigging of DWSchultz which gave us HRC?.
hrrc gave a brilliant speech @ Wellesley commencement-terrifically brilliant. Where were her brilliant speeches during the campaign? Part of the hatred people have for HRC is sexist,w/o a doubt–also she voted for Iraq & was the SofState who pushed Obama to bomb Libya which was becoming a modern state in NAfrica. HRC IS TOO much of as hawk and too much in bed w/big money.
I worry about the sexism, but if we push and push hard for Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii, beloved by her constituents & w/a terrific resume–I’d like to c Tulsi be our President. Have been a Berniecrat from the beginning, but he mebbe too old??? Thoughts?
Nina is sooo right about the Russia thing. Just a smokescreen so that the Dems don’ hafta come up w/a real message.
Rigged primaries, stole primary from Bernie. Elected the lame Perez as DNC chair when they couda had KEITH ELLISONl, who championed BERNIE.
As a lifelong Democrat who listened to FDR’s FiresideChats on her daddy’s knee, I AM now A PROUD PROGRESSIVE BERNIECRAT. Pelosi, Feinstein, Establishment Dems, have gone the way of corrupt horrible Rethuglicans. All sociopaths.


Nice concise summary Mark----- spot on imo

I would add that there must be ratings/$$ to be made by MSM and their focus on Russia. It’s not just the 1% sitting around watching the “pundits” at CNN drone on about Trump/Russia.

A significant portion of the population is distracted by this along with what diagnosis fits the pathology that Trump exudes.

In the meantime, the arctic ice death spiral continues which will ultimately leave all humans (and nonhuman life) behind (“behind is putting it mildly”): https://forum.arctic-sea-ice.net/index.php?action=profile;area=showposts;u=19


Who are these Reds you mention?


We HAVE seen proof that the Dems rigged their Primary, though.

RussiaGate was only started for distraction, when they were going to get nailed for what they did in the Cal.


The idea that this congress would be doing anything positive absent the Russia controversies is bizarre. Better the Russia turmoil than “tax reform”, healthcare legislation, or any other issue that comes to mind.


You have not seen any proof of rigging in the Democratic primary. It is simply standard for people to claim it as a given. Bernie ran a great campaign and benefited from the procedures put in place by the various State parties. He got a higher percentage of delegates than of actual votes. He had the political maturity to move on to fight in the general.


Yes, that is exactly how it looks to me.


I would be happy to help them with figuring that out and so would everybody on this thread, except the odd corporate troll.


She and her Republican talking point say it all…


Love ya, Nina! Not because I went to the same Lakeland Community College, in Mentor, Ohio that you teach at! No. You hung with “The Bernie”, when the paycheck grabber, corporate-Dem phonies dug in their heels for the bankster elites! And, unfortunately, the paycheck phonies of BOTH parties are the 99% reason why we are under a defacto corporate dictatorship - these ne’er-do-wells of us, We the People have lost their human-ness and have become the “machine”. They (the corporate-machine mutants of us), are on automatic pilot. Like “HAL 9000” in 2001: A Space Odyssey, our fellow Americans are on a mission to destroy our “government-run-by-the-people” paradigm. These humanoid Hals are going for broke.

That’s why, Nina, You and I and We, must unwaveringly, take back the reins of governance to, We the People. The real reason of the exaggerated claim of “Russian” involvement in our government is the CLINTON bankster wing of he Dems covering their betrayal of us, mostly, using the corporate media as surrogates. There may be a shred or two of evidence, but the glaring culprits in this whole publicity stunt, is and was all the time Mr. Obama and Mrs. Clinton calling the shots from the shadows.

We the People would do wise to get up to date on what’s happening in Brazil. If you care to, watch Amy Goodman interview Dilma Rousseff, very recently, who is the first woman president of Brazil, and who was impeached to stop an investigation into high-levels of corruption (like what’s going on in the Oval Office, here). Ms Rousseff gives a chilling warning to us all, especially what it was like to be vanished off the streets of Rio de Janeiro at twenty years old, imprisoned and tortured.


Hello, DNC Damage Control.


Amen. What I don’t get, is much of the Russia story isn’t coming from Democrats anyway. It’s coming from people inside the White House, FBI, or intelligence. Hell, supposedly Trump was planning to fire three White House “leakers” after returning from his trip. I feel dirty almost posting this link, but here goes:

Obviously, this story was designed for a certain audience, Trump supporters. Just a few days later, after returning, Trump says the reports about leakers are “fake.” Here’s my question: how do you not report this stuff? Does someone inside the White House have information to the extent Trump fears firing him or her? Is this all nonsense to begin with? It’s unclear, but I bet you can walk and chew gum at the same time and don’t need to be told you can’t or one is distratacting you from doing the other constantly.