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Nina Turner: While Congress Obsesses Over Russia, Americans Being 'Left Behind'


The duopoly is We the People. We the People ARE the third party and the duopoly. IT’S THE CORPORATE MOB that must be our laser-like focus Period. EARTH IS BURNING NOW! Do we wait? No. Do we argue? Have we have lost our minds like the machine in power now? If we ignore the fire, no more us.


Funny, lol.


Absolutely. The key for the Republicans are the AHCA budget cuts to Medicaid, etc. This frees up the $880 Billion of tax cuts going primarily to their donors. Nothing good, like infrastructure , helping Flint or jobs programs are coming until taxes are cut. Nina wishing won’t change that, imo.
The UniParty will fund the MIC and other pet programs through continuing funding bills.
The Kochs and Mercer bunch have won, they’re just locking in more and permanent advantage.


Hello Howling Coyote, although I am not currently in the Golden State, back story my family moved to San Diego in 1964 when I was a little boy. I am just saying, I feel you are a very special human, and I appreciate your views. I had to say that, thanks for being you!


Shame on you she is right and you are damn wrong.


As long as the Rothschilds run the show there will be no people’s agenda regardless of democrat or republican in the WH or congress. This country is on the path of economic collapse because Russia and China have both challenged the US hegemonic power and prowess, unless and until the invisible government is dismantled not much is going to change short of civil uprising and mass revolt.


And the sun rises in the west.


You sound like a purebred antiSemite. Please do not reply to any of my posts.
The modern conservative is engaged in one of man’s oldest exercises in
moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral
justification for selfishness.
----John Kenneth Galbraith

Bernie Madoff’s mistake was stealing from the rich. If he’d stolen
from the poor, he’d have a cabinet position.
-----OPOL, quoted on AlterNet


Nina Turner seems to think that the Democrats are in control of Congress and are setting the agenda.


When I read that post, the first thing I thought was “Ah yes, of course, the Jews are behind it all!” It’s the conspiracy theory that will never die.


What? this seems out of character and that is what we are tired of: politicians only dealing with re election, raising money for re election or getting elected AND NOT THE BUSINESS OF running the government and working on policies that will help the people.

Thank you Nina Turner being out there and speaking truths for we the people will help to get you elected.


Somewhat the same as my take on this. The Democrats have leverage in the Senate. None in the House, except moral outrages, which are not high on the list for legislative action currently.:wink:
Money making seems to be #1. :wink:


Americans were being left behind for the last eight years. And the eight years before that.


I’ve asked for the evidence before. Lies and innuendo are all that is ever offered.

Meanwhile, we have Flynn, Kushner and Sessions lying on their SF86 forms. I believe that if they were Democrats, the “progressives” here would be foaming at the mouth with rabid fury against the traitorous oligarchs. If HRC had been talking up Putin as a strong leader, there’d be post after post here about the murder of journalists, the rampant corruption, the legalization of domestic abuse and the anti-gay fervor currently going on in Russia, and how THAT’S WHAT THE RED QUEEN WANTS FOR THE USA!!!

Heck, Trump praises Duterte and few here care. These aren’t progressives, just nihilists.


I’d call that a radical interpretation of the text.

In other words, you’re going to have to spend more time constructing the straw man you want to pummel. Nothing I wrote could possibly be interpreted as suggesting what you conclude. Troll on, if you must, but troll elsewhere.



What do all those names have in common?


The Duterte remark is a pretty accurate one.


Nina still has hope for salvaging the Democratic Party that I do not. She has been asked to come and join us in the Green Party, but so far has declined. She could be the Green Party standard bearer for Ohio Governor in 2018, but won’t make the leap. She wouldn’t win, but she would get enough votes to start the process of destroying the Democratic Party, to be replaced by the Greens eventually. This must happen if the American people ever hope to have a viable political party that will carry out their wishes, and not the dictates of the elites, who do truly control both major parties. You do not have any say in what happens politically in this country. They want to make you think you do, but you don’t.

If you don’t believe that, just look at video of the election of a new Chair for the California Democratic Party. Even though the people thought they had elected enough delegates to choose a “People’s” Chair, surprise, there were more insider “Super Delegates” in the state party who chose a lobbyist for Pharma as the new chair. There is video out there of the person running the convention telling the members of the Nurses Union there to, “Shut the F*** up and leave”, for protesting for single-payer health insurance. Well I hope they do, permanently, and come and join us in the Green Party.


Sorry, I can walk and chew gum at the same time. When Nina figures out how she’s going to win back her seat, I’m all ears. Otherwise, I’ll keep working to turn my red district blue.

If highlighting Trump’s very curious actions, or those of his subordinates, is a part of the election, so be it. If the investigation reveals Trump’s orienting American foreign policy around enriching himself, then even more the case. I’ll let folks like Nina do the lecturing in the meantime.


Sometimes it feels like some folks want to keep losing elections just to yell at Democrats.