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Nine Injured, Two Arrested in Protest Outside DC's Turkish Embassy


Nine Injured, Two Arrested in Protest Outside DC's Turkish Embassy

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Nine people were injured and two arrested Tuesday during a protest outside the Turkish Embassy in Washington, D.C., as President Donald Trump hosted Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

Witnesses said Erdoğan's bodyguards attacked protesters carrying the flag of the lefist Syrian political party Kurdish PYD outside the embassy. Erdoğan was inside the building at the time.


DJT sure does love his despots...the more diabolical, the more the affinity he has for them. SICK!


What a shame that this pattern of conduct is permitted in our country. Ironic, is it not, that the folks we should never allow to enter the country are excluded from Trump's Muslim ban. Like most bullies, Trump only likes to pick fights with the weak, the poor, the persecuted, the sick and the infirm, and of course, women and children. But a thug like Erdogan is allowed to walk our streets and bring his assistant thugs along with him. This is intolerable. Erdogan deserves the same treatment from us that he gives to his political opponents. In a world that was just or a world with a competent POTUS, Erdogan would be on an extraordinary rendition flight to an Armenian prison and the State Department would be airlifting one hundred cases of steel toed boots to the Armenian Prison Guards Association, as a token of our unbreakable friendship.


AGREED! Nicely said. Thank you.