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Nine Reasons Israel Is Not a ‘Progressive Paradise’

Nine Reasons Israel Is Not a ‘Progressive Paradise’

Hamzah Raza

From March 4th to March 6th, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) policy conference convened in Washington DC. This gathering is the largest of the year for AIPAC, the main arm of the American pro-Israel lobby.

20% of Israelis are Arabs. They take part in all functions of government and the judiciary. How many Jews take part in Gazan government? None; there are no Jews left in Gaza.

Between 1948 and 1069, no Jews lived in East Jerusalem and the West Bank because Jordan, which occupied those areas, expelled all the Jews. Now that Jews are moving back into those areas, they are called colonists and occupiers.

Finally, the only “apartheid” Israeli law I’ve seen stated is the law of return. There are five other countries which have a law of return and none of them are labeled apartheid. And since Palestinians are clamoring for their own right of return, wouldn’t that make Palestine apartheid?

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