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Nine Things to Buy with $5 Billion Instead of a Border Wall


Nine Things to Buy with $5 Billion Instead of a Border Wall

Lindsay Koshgarian

On Thursday Congress passed a stopgap funding measure to keep parts of the federal government open until December 21, when Congress must pass another spending measure or again face a government shutdown.


I would support a wall construction policy if included defense installations on all of our perimeters. Bunkers of all kinds, artillery and anti aircraft battery’s, off shore defenses like subs, and general defense preparedness. All of this including provisions on the southern border. The caveat? Bring the troops home and shutter overseas bases except for a few strategic ones. Bring home the billions of dollars worth of military hardware, vehicles, and elements of the supply chain that are recoverable. Just a humble suggestion.


Great ideas Gandolf. Perhaps, if we closed all these military bases around the globe, corporations might even move their manufacturing back and move employment closer to 100% as the corporations won’t have military protection, as they’ve had for decades without paying anything for it.

This would also save the nation half a trillion dollars every year, greatly reduce fossil fuel usage and the pollution to land, air, and sea.

Brilliant Gandolf.


I saw Bolton giving a speech the other day on our strategic future in Africa. He started out with cursory platitudes about how friendly a nation we are. Then before you could light a fuse he was talking about our need for military resources in the theater. Before he went much further I became nauseous at his talk of regional war mongering. The man has a one track mind and doesn’t hide his true intentions very well.


Most warmongers don’t hide their intentions very well.


Showing those DJ skills again eh? Haven’t heard this in quite a while. Don’t listen radio anymore and I used to hear on there a lot.


I saw Jethro Tull live twice, once with a band called Curved Air which had an electric violin.

That was cool.


This looked like an American Band Stand lip sync performance, and the music off the recording. True? Another great full body sound from the era.