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Nine Years After Citizens United, Calls to Overturn 'Horrendous' Decision and Pass Pro-Democracy HR1


Nine Years After Citizens United, Calls to Overturn 'Horrendous' Decision and Pass Pro-Democracy HR1

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

With Monday marking the ninth anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court's Citizens United ruling, campaign finance watchdogs say it's more urgent than ever to address "the degradation of our democracy" and overturn the 2010 decision which opened the floodgates to unlimited spending by corporate interests and the super wealthy.



If there is one thing we should protest, it should be Citizens United. The repeal of this disgusting, cheating of American democracy, deserves a mass march on Washington. Should have happened eight tears ago.



And, it has become clear that racial bigotry is alive and well, and being promoted by the resident of the White House.

The Red MAGA hat is the new White Hood.
~Alyssa Milano~



I am very concerned about HR1. While is seems to address Citizens United, it says NOTHING about the HUMAN rights given to Corporations and artificial entities by that decision. Without annulling that part of the decision, Corporations will still rule and that is what is destroying our democracy.



H.R. 1 is a bill. It cannot reverse a decision of the Supreme Court. It does limit corporations in dozens of ways and also makes any corporate political activity more transparent by requiring that shareholders be informed of such activities. With respect to the issue you raise - it takes the unprecedented step of making it a “Finding of Congress” that Citizens United was wrongly decided and calls for a Constitutional Amendment to reverse the decision. So the statement that “it says NOTHING” on this topic is inaccurate. You can read the text of the bill at:

Please have a look at Subtitle A, section 5001. I don’t think Congress can take a clearer stand than that on reversing Citizens United.



Thank you. I was going to write the same thing myself.

My feeling is there are far too many folks on the left that don’t understand the power of the Court. There’s a real potential that there could be a 7-2 hard right majority after 2020. The Court decides what its jurisprudence will look like and all the dreams of what can be done, should be done, or will “work”—say because one healthcare system is less “complicated” than another—will be determined by them, not us. This is why the primary pissing battles aren’t all that interesting to me. It’s far more consequential in the long-term to replace two 80+ year old liberal justices with young ones and maybe having a shot at replacing one of the “older” conservatives, than stacking the Court with federalist society folks clinically opposed to progressive goals.

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Yes - the importance of the Supreme Court should not be underestimated. They can as readily step up to protect the rights of otherwise marginalized peoples as they can to obliterate those rights.

Since this is an area of agreement between liberals, progressives, and leftists, it can mark an area of shared strategy. For example, that was an important basis for the vote swapping idea that the Green Party has been proposing for the last twenty years that liberal Democrats have nixed (recall Ralph Nader’s proposal that Gore voters in obvious Bush states like Texas would vote for him in exchange for a Nader voter in a close state like Florida to vote for Gore). The Supreme Court would be quite different today if that idea had taken root.



Overturn this, Overturn that …

I think it’s the wrong approach to overturn court decisions. Instead, new legislation, better legislation should be written to address the concerns of the court and why one law was deemed inadequate.

HR1 “For the People Act of 2019” is quite the read, I’ll dig through it later. My first critique on the bill is the short title, since the bill addresses how officials are elected and not why they get elected, I believe that a more appropriate tile would be “By the People Act of 2019”. Just my opinion.

Citizens United v. Federal Elections Commission

The Court’s blinkered and aphoristic approach to the First Amendment will undoubtedly cripple the ability of ordinary citizens, Congress, and the States to adopt even limited measures to protect against corporate domination of the electoral process. Americans may be forgiven if they do not feel the Court has advanced the cause of self-government today.
– Justice Stevens

This decision severely damaged the McCain-Feingold Act and overruled, in part or in whole, two other prior SCOTUS decisions. The decision in CU v FEC diluted our individual rights as citizens.

  • Citizens are People naturally born with inalienable rights.

  • Corporations are creations of the State and have only those rights explicitly defined by the laws of incorporation.

  • We know the root of all evil.

Our Republic is not for sale to the highest bidder.

Let Congress pass new Bills to govern how we elect the persons to represent us in our government. The previous laws are now inadequate and have lost their teeth.

HR1-2019 seems as though it is a good beginning.

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You are right. Unfortunately, the entire Ignorant Blue Collar Trash class of white citizens is solidly in support of Citizens United (even though they have no idea what it is), and the Supreme Court belongs to the forces behind Citizens United, which makes it virtually impossible. Organizing marches would be extremely hard since the White Working Trash are willing lackeys of the super-rich and will do whatever they are commanded to do to preserve the power of money. There is nothing worse than a slave who volunteers to be a slave.



In 1857, the US Supreme Court decided that blacks are property and therefore have no rights.
In 2010, the US Supreme Court decided that corporations are people and therefore have rights.
These two decisions imply that corporations are white.
Nothing illuminates the American conception of humanity and justice more clearly than this abject absurdity.



The elitism of supposedly tolerant people who pretend they are protecting the common man never ceases to amaze me. You are very humorous, and I’m betting quite useless.



If you believe the white trash and the blue collar scum voted for Trump because of people like me, then you believe the white trash and the blue collar scum are good innocent folks incapable of making their own objective decisions.
No, my friend, the scum did not vote for Trump because of people like me (who would be happy to give the employment if they got an education), but because they see themselves reflected in Trump.
Please, if you want change, stop being naive and confront reality the way it is. The ignorant racist white scum are not your friends, and the elite are not your enemies.



And just what prey tell makes you one of the “elite” or qualifies you to cast judgement or aspersions upon others?