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Nineteen Tragic Facts About Covid 19

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/09/nineteen-tragic-facts-about-covid-19


19 cases outlined in this article point to a culture of greed that does not allow for empathy and compassion.

On another note— as I can’t find another covid related thread---- I’m hoping there will not be fall out (and more tragedies) from a rushed vaccine.

Preface to this question: I am not against vaccines!

Does anyone know how many of the vaccines are “Adenoviral vectors vaccines”?

Adenoviral vectors are the new COVID-19 vaccine front-runners. Can they overcome their checkered past?




Dr. Haseltine was interviewed last night and stated that he would avoid taking an ADE vaccine.

I thought that was very significant but it was glossed over and the subject was quickly changed. He did say “this is a controversial statement” but he was adamant that he would not take an adenoviral vector vaccine (and pardon my ignorance but I do NOT understand this fully!).

And there is this opinion that (as far as I’ve heard/read) is not getting much publicity:

Some vaccines worsen the consequences of infection rather than protect, a phenomenon called antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE). ADE has been observed in previous attempts to develop coronavirus vaccines. To add to the concern, antibodies typical of ADE are present in the blood of some COVID-19 patients. Such concerns are real. As recently as 2016, Dengavxia, intended to protect children from the dengue virus, increased hospitalizations for children who received the vaccine.

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You ask good questions about vaccines which I am not qualified to answer, I hope everyone’s aware – but I can share your apprehensions to some degree. It’s really hard, for me. Some trusted sources have told me (1) the MRNA vaccines target only the spike proteins, not containing a whole virus – so we’d anticipate side-effects from introducing the spike-protein alone to be different from those of the whole virus, (2) it’s rare for additional side-effects to surface after weeks of trials, and (3) at any rate, the risk from the vaccine – for high-risk groups – would be less than that of the virus (so they say).

On the other hand, I was fascinated by Fauci’s awkward giggles as he explained his discomfort with UK’s slightly rushed approval – as if he can’t really share all he knows about why approval of these vaccines takes some doing. Now we have really bad news from UK, only a day after mass-innoculation started: two patients with anaphalactic reactions to the first dose. Needless to say, it looks really bad for stuff like this to come up unexpectedly. That’s what you get (and undoubtedly what we’ll continue to see) with a rushed vaccine-approval process.

On the other other hand, we know how deadly – or else permanently debilitating – the real deal can be. It becomes a very difficult call for me personally. I would prefer not to, at this point. Were a professional obligation to arise, that might be interesting.

One more “tragic fact” about USA’s Covid outbreak: Today our caseload doubled in only nine weeks.

A brief history of USA COVID-19 cases (latest CDC numbers):

> WEEK    9 WEEKS              CASES
>         ENDING          NEW       TOTAL
>   9.  01/28/2020           5           5
>  18.  03/31/2020     186,096     186,101
>  27.  06/02/2020   1,641,324   1,827,425
>  36.  08/04/2020   2,921,381   4,748,806
>  45.  10/06/2020   2,726,456   7,475,262
>  54.  12/08/2020   7,564,913  15,040,175

See what you make of this:

’ The US president-elect is interested in Australia’s COVID-19 response.’

Noting that as of December 10, 2020, 07:46 GMT, deaths per million of population in Australia stand at 35 compared to the U.S.A - 894. Cases per million in Australia are currently 1,092 compared to 47,678 in the U.S.

More here:

and here:

Dearest Aleph_Null,

Once again, a heartfelt thank you for your thoughtful reply and offering up helpful data in the comment section!

After I posted questions related to the vaccines I was fearful that I would be seen as an anti-vaxxer which I am not.

I do have concerns— one being what Dr. Haseltine stated the other day about a specific type of vaccine. Imo: that information should be spelled out clearly to the public.

The other concern: when greed/$$$$ is tied integrally in to health care (vaccines etc.) can it ever be good?

One of the things that bothers me the most is (now that the figurative mask is coming off various cultures in this world) trying to get my head around the uglier than imaginable truth of the cruelty, ignorance and greed that is clearly exposed----for those who choose to see. This is evidenced in the large number of people denying this virus is serious and protesting against masks, social distancing etc. while thousands die and suffer each day.

And then for those that wear masks there is this:

World’s oceans could be flooded with 1.5bn face masks by the end of 2020’

Oceans globally face an additional 4,680 to 6,240 tonnes of marine plastic pollution, fuelled by the use of single-use PPE


And monarch populations are crashing.

Where am I going with this?

I’m not seeing a “coming together” of people as collapse and chaos ratchets up.

Sure there are some groups still fighting to protect ecosystems, stop pipelines, push for compassion/empathy etc. but damn there is a LOT of ugly out there.

I see it (the “ugly”) everyday in the literal garbage where I live in rural upper midwest.

The tiny amount of snow that we got in October (which was freaky) is melting and revealing used surgical masks strewn in the woods, trails, throughout our little town.

Reminds me of all the used condoms I’ve seen strewn in parks, on beaches, near rivers . . . . .
Protection of self with masks, condoms (though reducing population is good/trying to stop spread of covid is good) but then tossing the plastic out degrading the earth is reprehensible. Cutting off the limb of life we are living on . . . not caring about the web of life outside of humans.

And the cruelty, violence directed at people who are promoting safety measures for covid is even more shocking than I imagined it could be.

I was lectured yesterday by the owner of a local candy store when I asked for curbside pickup who told me I was paranoid and buying into the propaganda.
And all the hate/violence directed at those fighting for mask mandates . . . .

Back to the vaccines. With all that is going (ecosystems collapse, AGW bringing more disease to all etc.) this rush “Operation warp speed” (disgusting name) for a vaccine seems to me to be just promoting quick fixes without looking at underlying issues that will ultimately doom life on the planet. Yes, we need to take all measures including vaccines to stop this virus but the level of psychology pathology in the u.s. culture . . . . how to we deal with that?

Excerpt from interview with Kathleen Dean Moore from several years ago:

I love what Carl Safina, who writes about the ocean, says in Moral Ground : “We think we don’t want to sacrifice, but sacrifice is exactly what we are doing. . . . We’re sacrificing what is big and permanent to prolong what is small, temporary, and harmful. We’re sacrificing animals, peace, and children to retain wastefulness.” So many of us wake up in the morning and eat a breakfast of food we don’t believe in and then drive a car we don’t believe in to a job we don’t believe in. We do things that we know are wrong, day after day, just because that’s the way the system is set up, and we think we have no choice. It’s soul-devouring.

Environmental activist Derrick Jensen says that if aliens landed and did to the planet what the industrial economy is doing, it would be considered all-out war. Yet instead of fighting them, we invest in our own destruction. We damage the ecosystem simply because we no longer recognize that we live in an impoverished world. But we also do it because we ask less and less of ourselves. We don’t expect ourselves to be generous or openhearted. We think greed is OK. Even our visions of a better life are simplified and denuded and strip-mined.

Ace bit of satire on the character that you are pretending to be.

20th Tragic Fact:
137. Congress members standing between us 330 million ordinary folks and cost-saving, lifesaving single-payer universal healthcare ( = 100 additional votes needed for a simple majority in the US House, 37 in the Senate).

Commenters, please spare us all the “yes but’s”. They’re obvious. The math is what it is: the minimum needed for compassionate, commonsense, responsible governance. And to stop Congress’ criminally negligent homicide even without the pandemic.

Thank you.