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Nixon, Hitler, and Nationalism: After Trump's Speech, Alarm Bells Sound


Nixon, Hitler, and Nationalism: After Trump's Speech, Alarm Bells Sound

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

It's official. Donald Trump is the Republican nominee for president.

Reactions abounded late Thursday after the (racist, xenophobic, Islamophobic, and misogynistic) real estate mogul accepted the party's nomination in a rambling, hour-and-fifteen-minute long speech.


Trump is a maniac, so is Clinton. It's not news if it happens every day.
These articles that paint him as some sort of Hitler should be careful not to fall into the same tactics he uses. Fear!


I felt this to be true, too. Except it's not just the Black community, Hispanics ("illegal aliens") and Muslims are part of Trump's absolute "with us or against us" calculus. And since he's a card-carrying narcissist, his version of "us" means white males, preferably with monetary means.

"On Twitter, prominent activist and Black Lives Matter co-founder Alicia Garza said, "I don't know what I'm watching right now but I imagine this is the kind of speech Hitler would make."

"When Trump says law and order what he means is shut down #BlackLivesMatter," she tweeted. "He meant law and order for whites, martial law for everyone else."

Both Chris Christie and Trump remind me of the Inquisition's official accusers in an earlier era. They really want Hillary's BLOOD. They have convicted her of all sorts of treason in the minds of their followers. And how does this stance distinguish itself from the Obama clan's Drone Death Designation Tuesday meetings?

The immense identification with "Law and Order" sounds like a prelude to Martial law... of course, it will be CALLED other things.

Super Scary Shit...


Are you saying there IS nothing to fear in the stances taken by this man?

The roar of the crowd of his fans scares me more than he does.

There are no doubt many ready brown-shirts seated among them.


It's only July and we are already hitting peak-Godwin with this Trump-is-Hitler stuff.

I'm amazed that people are actually worried about a Trump presidency. Hillary did not need any actual voters to defeat Bernie and she won't need any to defeat Drumpf. This is a silly interregnum where the empire switches spokespuppets and then gets back to the serious imperialist business of encircling Russia and China with bases and weapons. What ordinary Americans say, think, or do could not be any more irrelevant.

So enjoy the spectacle, because you can take to the too-big-to-fail bank that nothing is going to change except your living standards: for the worse.


Not at all. He's been scaring everyone with his insane talk for over a year. I'm simply saying that both scare me everyday. Clinton lies so she doesn't look so nuts but both are frightening and both work on the fear factor.
But remember Republicans are only about 30% of the population so what he says and what he can actually do are two different things.


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Sort of wizard of ozish, Cookies.


After Trump's performance last night, and the subsequent uproar, I think it more likely than not that Hillary will tack further to the right and bring on a Blue Dog/Third Way running mate, typical Begala/Carville type thinking.

Nixon seems to be the flavor of the day, well Nixon came up with a rule of thumb to gauge the political winds of his day, and it is still relevant, he asked "will it play in Peoria." From my perch north of Peoria, the only player I see there, absent Bernie, is Trump.


But it did run through probably a lot of peoples mind during his speech. I was thinking Dictator, Marshall Law and he having to get rid of the republican law makers that have fought tooth and nail to stop any progress on the economy, for women, for immigration.


Much of what Donald Jr and Donald Trump talk about is progressive ideals which is party is not for at all. His daughter talked about women issues and equal pay. I think Clinton better move over for Sanders. Sanders could beat Trump. Clinton cannot.


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Yet another candidate who is more concerned with order than he is with law. Either Clinton or Trump can bugle whatever tune they want; the respective fans/voters will hear what they like. Bernie Sanders or Jill Stein carry a much different set of ideals for voters, and for the country. Those who may worry about " wasting" a vote should get more involved locally, and work for change from the inside. Those who want to "send a message" should send the candidate a telegram.


This is a better article about Trump's speech: If Trump’s Speech Sounded Familiar, That’s Because Nixon Gave It First. http://commondreams.org/views/2016/07/22/if-trumps-speech-sounded-familiar-thats-because-nixon-gave-it-first?utm_campaign=shareaholic&utm_medium=facebook&utm_source=socialnetwork


I suppose we hear what we want to hear, and for the media, it's all bad Trump all the way. But, among all the bombastic reporting about Trump, some of his saner comments have fallen through the cracks. Is it just coincidence that these saner comments deal with substantive issues that directly oppose Hillary Clinton’s policies? I don’t think so. The establishment neocons are scared to death that Trump will up-end their lock on the US imperialist economy and their regime change political wars. Trump is many things, but he’s no neocon or neoliberal imperialist (as his “America First” isolationist rhetoric proves). But his saner statements go against everything the establishment has worked so hard for decades to impose on America and the world.

  1. Health Care. Trump wants: a) to keep Obamacare’s prohibition on insurers denying coverage to individuals with pre-existing medical conditions; b) to strike the individual mandate; c) to expand tax breaks for health savings accounts in order to broaden their use.

  2. Banks. Bill Clinton precipitated the 2008 crash with his repeal of Glass-Steagall, and Obama bailed out the banks at the expense of the taxpayers. Trump wants to restore Glass-Steagall so there won’t be a repeat of the Bush-Obama Wall Street bailout.

  3. TPP – Trump is opposed to the Trans-Pacific Partnership that Clinton had her platform committee leave in the Dem platform.

  4. NATO and Regime Change Wars. Trump has expressed his unwillingness to enter into new wars in the Middle East or anywhere else. Trump wants: a) to end NATO's pledge to automatically defend all alliance members; b) to reduce the US financial share in NATO; c) to stop using NATO for regime change wars (“We’re getting out of the nation-building business”). Neocon Reuel Marc Gerecht laments that: “Trump is probably the most anti-interventionist presidential candidate since Eugene V. Debs, the indefatigable socialist, in 1912.”

  5. Russia and China. Trump, in contrast to Clinton, has stated that he will talk to Putin and improve relations with Russia and China.

  6. Trump’s administration and the neocons. Obama hired neocon advisors, and Clinton will surely recycle the same people whose policies have caused the world so much damage. Trump says he will put together a fresh team of foreign policy experts, rather than relying on establishment pundits who have contributed to the current state of affairs.

Finally, The focus on Trump’s racist rhetoric is obsessive and one-sided, considering that the entire US foreign policy is a racist attack on Muslims in the Middle East. This is how Islamophobia in America originated, and these wars keep it alive. Anyone concerned about Trump’s rhetoric towards Muslims ought to be at least a little worried about how many more Muslims Clinton will actually kill – she’s not just talk. And if progressives are concened that Trump will build a wall to keep out Mexican immigrants, they should know that Bush and Obama have beat him to it—the wall exists, and Bush, Obama and the US Congress built it after passing the Secure Fence Act in 2006. This commentary is not an endorsement of Trump, just an attempt to cut through the blindness and superficiality that plagues the left, and the irresponsible media “reporting” that has plagued this election cycle.


So far i have noticed a very important negative trait about Mr. Trump namely that he is tightwad cheapskate character who wants to use other people's money/asset to his advantage. All along his campaign for the oval office he has been using controversy to attract attention to get his word across mainly via TV networks free of charge. That trait i fear has a lot of negative undertones that points to a zeal for amassing personal wealth at the cost to others.This sick addiction to money and amassing of wealth is the core issue destroying America and the world. It is very similar to deforestation of American landscape (for free wood), mining for free minerals and oil/gas on public or private lands and offshore deep sea drilling. Of course the cost of getting the resources out of the ground is a cost but no charge for what is mined. Add to that free or at best or cheap labor, wall-mart quality crap and agribusiness mass produced franken foods and crops, i am sure you get the picture, here.


Neither will i, my vote is reserved for Jill Stein.


Sure but Clinton at least has hired and paid a bunch of people for her campaign but Trump as i understand it has had a skeletal crew that he keeps switching on short notice.


Getting swept up into the dueling narratives, the lies, assumptions, etc - I find myself needing to pause, step back and get an overview of the impact on human functioning. We as human beings are so much more than the sclerotic barbarism of governance reduced to predatory spectacle.
As the dust will not be permitted to settle, nor the muddy waters to clear, until November, I found myself settling in to reconsider observations and perspectives of Australian doctor who became an anthropologist, Michael Taussig. The mind of medicine, the heart of poetry and the courage of love, Taussig can be tonic in these trying times.

I realize this is a tangent, but would submit that we all need some variant of instrument for constant reminding of the beauty that all of this is supposed to be serving. Don't ever let the system steal your heart and mind. These will be most valuable in the new year.


But der Fuehrer's speech sounded so like his old ones. It brought tears to my eyes.