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'Nixonian': To Kill Iran Deal, Trump Camp Hired Israeli Spy Firm to Dig Up Dirt on Obama Officials


'Nixonian': To Kill Iran Deal, Trump Camp Hired Israeli Spy Firm to Dig Up Dirt on Obama Officials

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

An ethics expert is declaring the Trump team "out of control" following a bombshell report by the UK's Observer that aides for the sitting president hired Israeli spies to dig up dirt on two officials in the Obama administration who helped negotiate the Iran nuclear deal.

"The idea," said an unnamed source familiar the campaign, "was that people acting for Trump would discredit those who were pivotal in selling the deal, making it easier to pull out of it."


What a slob for a president!!! The Obama Iran nuclear treaty deal was all about thorough tracking of all nuclear materials to prevent them from falling into the hands of terrorists. One of the first things that Trump did as president was cancel that treaty with absolutely nothing to take its place to prevent terrorists acquiring nuclear materials. It looks like Trump cancelled the treaty out of hatred toward Obama. And it now looks like Trump wants to become the macho he-man president that starts an Iran War. Why? All of the contracts going to the military industrial complex that will make those corporations rich. And then you can be assured the Trump cabinet and maybe Trump himself will receive BRIBE MONEY for helping to establish those contracts to make these military contract corporations rich.

Ah! Don’t you love it, the Trump government of, by and for the corporations and of by and for the rich. All made possible through bribe money going to the Trump administration and cabinet.


Wacko wacko…meanwhile in the real world The Planets Ice Is Melting.


From my perspective, there is no doubt in my mind, that the deep state has ordered their puppet and sycophant, stooge, president to destroy the Iran agreement and initiate a conflict with Iran…

The above picture is the epitome of the true axis of evil!


Worse than Nixon! Not convinced yet? Just wait.


I was convinced a long time ago when I said that Nixon was like a choir boy compared to Trump.


IMO there hasn’t been a fair, honest, and “We the People”-caring prez since they screwed Carter out of a second term with propaganda, lies, and dirty verbal tricks.


Two lizard people plotting to achieve their despicable agenda…


The psychopaths are hard at work to destroy the world. I think the one thing Mr Obama got right was the JCPOA(Iran nuclear deal). Mr Netanyahu hated Mr Obama because he talked to the Arabs and has tirelessly worked to undermine this agreement. Same goes with the neocons. They want a damn war against Iran to force a regime change. Of course this will be a war that the US and allies won’t win and could plunge the world to the unspeakable. All I see are lies, constant lies by all parties in an effort to destroy the world.


Ah, yep.The American way. At least as long as since I was born.(1954) The corporo-military-intellegence-police-war-states of America. Yep, says it all.


The Zionist Mossad has been friendly with both Duopoly parties, the CIA and the NSA – especially propagating mass murder-and-mayhem in the Mideast and the Americas.

They are also partly responsible for many of the draconian practices of the TSA, ICE, local U.S. police forces and “private” U.S. security companies domestically, especiallyin major shopping malls and the immigrant gulags (mostly privatized under Obama).

Ironically (or not) they replaced many of the Nazis inhaled into the U.S. National Security State after WW2 in “Operation Paperclip” and similar activities. So the fact that they are working for Trump in this case simply means it will be easier for them to feed “intel” to the other wing of the Duopoly when it is in their interest to do so.

Meanwhile, millions of innocent people die, are maimed, and are displaced while the Capitalist Permanent War Against humanity and our biosphere grinds on. This is not fake news, but it lacks context, portraying SOP as some kind of qualitative change.


The corruption is really getting breathtaking here… where are massive demonstrations and occupations of DC???

Is there any way that, after Trump is impeached early next year, any House or Senate member who survives the 6th of November and sided with the president can also be impeached as an accessory of the high crimes and contempt of the constitution?


The President of the US utilizes Israeli spies to undermine his political opponents.

Can you imagine if he had utilized Russian spies to undermine … oh, …wait.

For a lesson on the power of AIPAC, watch how differently the two “scandals” play out.


The real enemy in all of this is not Iran but Israel. The control of American politicians by the Israeli lobby is obvious to all.


BDS anyone?
link above is to Jewish Voices for Peace


In the mentioned tweet by target Colin Kahl, he reportedly called the dirty op campaign “a page right out of the Nixon playbook.” It’s “Shameful, but sadly unpredictable,” - I think that is wrong1 It IS totally “predictable” for the trump regime & co, especially as the scheme included Israeli PM & psycho-nutter netanyahu, and likely had some mossad inolvement, even tho the hired thugs were supposedly “private”…


Kill the peaceful negotiations.

There’s no money in Peace.

Gotta get your Bullets and Bombs flying to make money for these elite warmongers who have investments in Death and Destruction.

Vote Democrat or Republican to keep the Wars alive.

Vote anything else for Peace.


The Israelis were probably not “hired” in the sense that they were paid out of Trump’s personal or US government funds. More likely the collaboration was set up by Netanyahu working Jared or with Trump’s former bankruptcy lawyer now serving as US ambassador to Israel. Informal relationships of that kind would remove the possibility of a money trail showing up later.


The Ruling Crass is in control:


It’s time to remove Israel from American Government. Aipac is foreign interference. Dual citizens in our government should be removed.

If we’re going to have America First, let’s not let Bibi decide what that is.