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'No Accountability, No Justice': Mourners Gather for Freddie Gray Funeral


'No Accountability, No Justice': Mourners Gather for Freddie Gray Funeral

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Thousands came together in Baltimore on Monday for the funeral of Freddie Gray, the 25-year-old black man whose brutal death in police custody sparked civil rights protests throughout the city last week.

Gray's funeral brought in members of his family and community to the 2,500-capacity New Shiloh Baptist church, where they mourned alongside civil rights leaders and activists, including Rev. Jesse Jackson and Erica Garner, the daughter of Eric Garner, who was killed by police last year in New York when he was put into a chokehold.


If four other individuals and I–as an organized group–dragged another human being into a room, and we exited alive but for the human we dragged in, guess what would happen? Absolutely, we would all be charged with murder and conspiracy to commit murder. The burden of self-defense or some other “necessity” would fall on us.
The fact that one wears a badge, a uniform and a gun to the office should absolutely not make a damned bit of difference nor operate as an impunity-granting a priori defense! If it does, we have truly entered the realm where the law is a political weapon and the legitimacy of those who invoke it as shield gets seriously called into question…
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Excellent comment and spot on analogy. I totally agree, Socrates2.

Thank you!


The world is watching. No justice no peace. Will the out of control officials bring the rain? Let’s see how they treat the people to whom they have taken an oath to protect and serve.

In this country people are supposed to have the right to protest. If you keep the cork in the bottle and keep shaking it, then do not be surprised if it explodes.

I am white and I am mad as hell that there is no justice or even a semblance of justice for ALL of these deaths. There is no way all of these cases are what is called justified.
If only all people would put themselves in the shoes of those who have lost their love ones by this kind of violence, then who in their right minds would not be driven to take some kind of action.

Civil disobedience is ours to choose when the unrest and the questions the public have about these incidents are not properly answered nor respected. There can be no ‘business as usual’ and that is not be tolerated. People have suffered through that line of reasoning for over four hundred years in this country and that has to stop.

How many times does it take when those in charge say to someone, “There was a confrontation with law enforcement and your son, father, brother, mother, sister is dead. Now you just sit there and be quite and stay calm and pray just like you have done for the last four hundred years……or else!” Or else what!? More of the same….day after day.


Give it a rest Rusty!


It’s hard not to believe police are not only sociopaths, but racists as well. These cops were so indifferent to life they crippled a young Black man by breaking his neck and then chained him and move the man with such disregard he died from this unwarranted police violence. Just how fucking stupid can a man be that he would mortally injure anybody and not call for medical rescue?


What a screwed up comment.


The old story continues. Sworn to serve and protect becomes a shield for some to overreach, causing violence to citizens. Many of the citizens who are mistreated, hurt and killed should have been protected for they posed no threat and there was no search and seizure rationale. The cycle of poverty in all its chilling consequences, brings violence to the doors of many communities of color. For hundreds of years this form of genocide has been tolerated or hidden. Justice unbiased can help remove the racist violence, while culling out the fair law enforcement officers who maintain the dignity of those they serve and protect all communities with equal sensibility and compassion.


With all of the police-on-people of color crimes being committed and no one held to account, clearly the system is not working and the “rule of law” inadequate.

Is there anyone in power who has the courage to, first, reign in the out of control police ad then push for the structural transformation in this society that needs to happen to finally bring institutional racism to an end?


I don’t know enough about PTSD. Seems that as a country of laws and rules, we should be able to give meaningful employment to those returning vets who have served with the ultimate sacrifice. Families have been part of that service as well. To neglect to assist returning service men and women and their families, based on the few that may be dangerous, is a broad brush ignorantly swiped. Why would we isolate all because of a few? And why do we withhold services to those with PTSD? It is the “we-they” and the “me/mine and the other” thinking that is the trigger for bias that strengthens the sad consequences that we observe, witness and from which we all suffer.


Wouldn’t it be better for persons of all colors to stop the wars then we wouldn’t have a need to employ vets with PTSD? We are killing each other, causing the local, state, and federal governements to act with impunity and I fear this is the plan. The US is a powder keg and it will explode.


More like fucking heartless than stupid. Also, to act with bias to any group is to work from a position of bigotry. The dominant group is seen as individuals, some of whom are criminals. The non-dominant group is viewed as singular in actions; that all members are believed to behave as a few actually have. Even the non-dominant group believes that “you people” places all members as the worst of the group may be. Law enforcement officers, regardless of race, are dominant in their work. They have the upper hand. The non-dominant group is at the mercy of the dominant members. Since they are seen as one, rather than individuals, the actions of a few are always assumed to be attributed to all members. This serious faulty social orientation reveals itself in unending misery and must be understood to bring about change. The changes sorely needed in order to stop the insanity, should be incorporated into the training and institutional values of all law enforcement agencies from the top to the lowest level of employee.


Won’t be long, the National Guard has already been deployed.


The Obama Administration shut down OWS via the FBI and the police. But just like usual he blamed it all on the Republicans. This scheme of “blame it all on the crazy Republicans” has been working wonders for Wall Street and the corporations.

As far as anti-war groups were concerned they went into a coma after Obama was elected. Those who were courageous enough to continue soon found out what it means to have a Nobel Peace Prize winner as president.


“We came We Saw, He died”, and she laughed.


The Amerikan Empire is the #1 "outside instigator " in the world.