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'No Aloha' for Trump as Hawaiians Tell the President: 'We Wish You Weren't Here'


'No Aloha' for Trump as Hawaiians Tell the President: 'We Wish You Weren't Here'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"I have no aloha for him and I don't think the state of Hawaii does either."


30% too many.


Here in Utah, there’s a petition circulating about Trump’s dreaded visit in December.
!st day, 2000 signatures. Love your signs Hawaii!!


To bad tRump did not take the zuckerberg with him; so, they both could visit Z’s north shore Kauai house where they could really feel it. You Tube, Lucid Dreamer.


Yep, 30% is way too many!


Is there anyone who still believes that whites are more intelligent than blacks. And now you know the rest of the story.


What are the chances that the Tangerine Troglodyte will make a stupid, sexist, embarrassing remark to the new Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern? She is a 37 year old progressive who has shown she is unafraid to publicly slap down sexist questions and remarks. He won’t be able to help himself and he’ll probably try to put his baby mitts all over her.


I love those signs, too. I giggled at “We shall overcomb!” Hurray, Hawaii!


Damn! 30% sounds wonderful to me. They sure didn’t elect Trumpy-Butt to be their president. Here in Georgia, the fine red-necks elected him at 50.4% and gave him all Electoral votes.


Put up the link!


The only reason the warmonger in chief came to Hawaii was to make a publicity stunt of the Arizona memorial In Pearl Harbor. He cares more about armament manufacturing profits than who dies in war.


If Donald wanted the little people to know how much he cares about them, he would bring pallet loads of paper towels to throw at them.


Hawaiians have Trumps number : Zero!


E HELE AKU me nā (go away, brute in Hawai’ian)