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'No Amount of Legal Advice Will Stop the Lawlessness and Lies': Leaked IRS Memo Says Mnuchin Must Hand Over Trump Tax Returns

'No Amount of Legal Advice Will Stop the Lawlessness and Lies': Leaked IRS Memo Says Mnuchin Must Hand Over Trump Tax Returns

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As the White House continues to stonewall efforts by congressional Democrats to obtain President Donald Trump's tax returns—including by refusing to comply with a subpoena—a confidential IRS draft memo that leaked late Tuesday appeared to completely undercut Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin's justification for withholding the documents.

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If he fails to comply, Mnuchin should be immediately incarcerated as should all others who resist due process. Taking away Trump’s minions one by one will render him even less powerful and more flustered. This is his war. Let’s be sure he regrets waging it at every turn.


Munchkin apparently doesn’t understand he works for the people of America, not the president. He is acting as an agent and co-conspirator/tool to obstruction of justice by trump. Munchkin should be taken immediately to jail, not pass GO or evade the law a moment longer, and remain there until he complies with the law! IF we had an actual opposition party worth their salt with any gumption/Moxie at all he would already be there!

As an aside, he, along with that POS Eejit Pie especially, both have faces and persona’s that make one want to smash their smug self-absorbed, corrupt faces! …but that’s just me reacting to their arrogance, etc…


Lloyd Doggett makes quite the “get tough” statement.

Which generally means that the d-party is once again up Shitz Creek without a paddle.

I’ll ask again: If Trump is so stupid, how does that make the Dems look when he repeatedly outmaneuvers them?

The NYTimes just released 10 years worth of tax information on Trump that contained the non-revelation that he either cooks the books to show yuge losses, or is the worst businessman in history. And the reaction from voters? Pretty much crickets.

Meanwhile, the d-party is exciting voters with Uncle “Careless Whispers” Joe. Tens of millions of potential voters will once again stay home on election day, November 2020, while d-party leadership tells us we have nowhere else to go.


Even if the Supreme Court (where this is inevitably going to end up) agrees that there is a legitimate legislative purpose for the request, I would remind everyone of the limits placed on the committee. They are only allowed to “review” the documents in closed executive session. Nothing, not one shred, of what they see or read or hear during that executive session can be disclosed to anyone outside that executive session. My understanding of a closed executive session is that it only includes appointed members of the committee and not their staff members or attorneys. And I really rather doubt that they’re going to find anything illegal or improper in those tax filings. Trump’s accountants and attorneys aren’t idiots.

The problem is that he didn’t “cook the books”. He took advantage of perfectly legal and generally accepted practices available to all business owners to use losses (including depreciation costs) from one year to offset income in future years. When you own a lot of physical property, you have a lot of depreciation costs. But even my wife’s small retail shop has expenses that sometimes exceed her profits. We use those losses to offset my regular income and reduce our overall tax liability. If Trump HADN’T used that amortization process he would have been “the worst business man in history”.

Funny thing about laws is that if no one enforces them the criminally inclined tends to ignore them.
Obviously Mnuchin has no fear of being held accountable and there is probably a reason for that.


“ the House Ways and Means Committee has not asserted a legitimate legislative purpose?” This little punk doesn’t know that the Legislative Purpose is to see how much of a crook Trump really is? Sure he does. Jail him!


Nice try. Trump’s first reaction to the Times’ story was like yours – he claimed to have used legal loopholes to avoid paying taxes. Shortly thereafter, when it became clear that his losses were due to taking on too much debt, corporate takeover schemes that went south, and unprofitable casinos (read the articles, man), his lawyers claimed the Times’ stories were fake. When was he lying, when he said he was a smart businessman who took advantage of the system, or when he said the information on that advantage taking was false?

I was a small businessman for 14 years. I’m a private contractor now. I understand tax write offs. I also understand taking in less money than you spend. Trump’s returns from that 10-year period fall under the latter. But, hey, you tell me:


Two points come to mind:
Although accountants are knowledgeable about loopholes, their clients can never resist the temptation to inflate the figures. While the loopholes are legit, close inspection of the figures will certainly reveal criminal activity.
Secondly, Mnuchin’s refusal is clearly illegal. Don’t ask again, simply have him arrested, perp-walk the SOB, and lock him up. Do the same to Mcgahn, then start issuing subpoenas to the rest of the criminal cartel. By flexing their muscle and exercising their legitimate power congress will solidify and grow it and help restore the balance of power between the branches of government. Do nothing and they will remain the flaccid, useless body they have been for the past several decades, and the rest of us will remain screwed.


Incarceration is too easy for this type of bottom feeder.

He has shown an arrogance for all of us who he looks upon as “beneath” him and his entitled class.

He has displayed nothing but contempt for the laws he swore to uphold.

There will never be any rehabilitation of any such individual like him.

No, incarceration isn’t adequate for such a stain on humanity, a disgrace on the history of our nation.

Only a complete erasure of his being must be his “just desserts.”


Like in the Game of Thrones.

Too bad we don’t have a Dragon to give Mnuchin his last rights.

Pardon my cruel streak.

My tolerance for criminals over the past two years has affected my sense of justice.



We really must come up with another word for “leadership” as what is shown from both sides of the aisle is far from anything positively connoted by this word.

Their actions are more in line with those who lead the unsuspecting Jews into the gas chambers.


Mnuchin is a “soft”, privileged, fat cat who has lived in the lap of luxury most of his life. One day in jail ought to soften him up real fast and he’ll sing like a canary and tell us Trump made him do it. That’s what the House Dems should do post haste. And watch the Trump house of cards come tumbling down.


Most of trump’s minions are working against the purpose of their post not for it.
Barney Fife would warn us, “nip it in the bud.” If we don’t, and quickly, we increase the chance of trump and his rich allies to cross the Rubicon.

Lock them up and fine them big time. I don’t think trump can pardon fines.


But, but, I don’t understand. Didn’t progressives already “demand” that Mnuchin be held in contempt?

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Time for citizen arrests of these haughty cretins!

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I read that also. However, they can then forward that information to the proper legal authority!

I feel ya. Truly I do. Oh, and he’s not just a stain on humanity, he’s a ‘shit-stain’ on humanity.


You’re looking at the short game…in the long run we’ll see how smart your president is. trump hasn’t “outmaneuvered” anyone, he’s just stalling and acting like a spoiled-rotten little brat of parents who have never disciplined him. But I guess to you that passes for “smarts.” Following the rule of law takes time as the court will invariably be the final arbiters of trump’s refusal to cooperate, and I’m pretty sure that even those who have been put on the bench by trump won’t be able to stop the truth from finally coming out. Then we’ll see how well his refusal to cooperate works out.

And yes, your president is as stupid as he seems and I would question the mental acuity of anyone who can’t see that. The question that you should be asking yourself is: if he has nothing to hide, why all of the secrecy? But I guess that standard only applies when Democrats are being investigated, hu?