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No, Anonymous Trump Official, You're Not 'Part of the Resistance.' You're a Coward

No, Anonymous Trump Official, You're Not 'Part of the Resistance.' You're a Coward

Jessica Roy

A New York Times op-ed allegedly written by a senior Trump administration official has set the internet ablaze. Its headline: "I am part of the resistance inside the Trump administration." Its premise: A group of Trump appointees is working from the inside to stop the president from fulfilling the parts of his agenda they disagree with.

Obviously, the writer and other like-minded higher-ups are not part of the "resistance" that's marching in the streets protesting.

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The Distractor-in-Chief is doing a marvelous job–bigly at that. The evisceration of obligations to society are only possible by the shit-stormtrooping antics of the MAGAts. Donald Trump is a wet dream for the deep pocketed yet unprincipled who feel entitled to pursue a winner-take-all course of action absent any moral compass. Jefferson’s “Tree of Liberty” desperately needs watering by the blood of tyrants at this point in time.


He admits in the article he/she loves the policies of the Trump Administration but only disagrees on the irrational, psychotic things he does daily. As Americans we get desensitized rather easily and Trump will be no different. Look, Pompeo could run in 2020 (for instance) and he would (rightfully so) seem rational & reasonable compared to Trump AND people would vote for him, This is the country we live in and by the way HAVE lived in since the Reagan years. Americans overall are uninformed and stupid and don’t want to be bothered by “researching” policies or candidates. Hence, you get a Donald Trump or Mussolini, Franco, Pinochet etc etc.


This “leak” has contrived political theatre written all over it.

This “leak” is contrived, perhaps by Trump to add more layers of distraction to give Congress more cover to loot the US Treasury, perhaps by Pence in hopes that he can dislodge Trump so that Pence will be the incumbant POTUS in the 2020 election.


I wrote a similar post on the other story about this topic. I believe it is possible that the whole thing is theatre, that Trump knew about and approved it, to distract from the hearings.


Here it goes! The rats still scurrying about the deck of the White House Titanic are reading the writing on the wall, or seeing the giant wave about to crash (sorry for mixed metaphors, and what happened to the iceberg of Resistance?)–We’re going to get Republicans by the bushel coming in out of the cold to tell us how they saved the country, and shouldn’t we keep them in power for their “resistance” to Trump!

This is right, they don’t want Trump out of office, they’ve never had it so good. They didn’t have to run for president to pretend to be president. Those Rs that ran from Trump in humiliation after he won the election came running back to his side in support of the tax cuts, now they’re Trumps. It didn’t take long for many to realize they can enact their own agendas through dumb as a stump Trump.

From the likes of the comments in the NYTs article (close to 12,000 now), the whole world is watching (we already knew that), but how long can this really go on? And seriously doesn’t this guy think he’s gonna get terminated (or worse) for crossing Trump, never mind Trump will forget by tomorrow when a new catastrophe breaks.

Just asking: If you are part of the resistance; why did you agree to be unresistant in working in the Trump administration in the first place?

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There is so much of this that is suspicious and self-serving. This could well be a fake “insurrection” to help separate the GOP brand from Trump and resurrect in time for the elections OR could be a Trump approved stunt to distract from the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings. If we’re thinking Trump’s regime is collapsing from within, we’re less likely to take to the streets in protest of this unprecendented and unethical process.


And you don’t have the guts to say what it really makes this person.

It makes them a fascist, anti-democratic, soft coup conspirator tyrant.


But, but but… the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

We now love you Vice President Pence with all our hearts.
We will forget about the time you walked out of the Colts game to protest the protesting of police brutality.
We will forget about the fact that you are actively working to bring on the end times prophecy.
We now know that your heart is pure.

[Note for the sarcasm challenged: this is sarcasm.]


Not meeting Roy’s standards does not mean anonymous is a coward. Anonymous took some risk, and Roy did not. I do not think anyone close to Trump in political life has politics that are not at least partially evil, but that should be considered on a different scale than bravery versus cowardice. I hate the provocatively catchy but misleading intro.

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Does the NY Times print a lot of anonymous political pieces, or is the the first?
A real White House worker wrote this? Probably not…oh, I know Hillary and Comey got together for a poison pen letter. : )

So, what little do we know about this so-called “leak”?

  • Not the author: It could well be placed for one or another reason by one or another camp
  • Not whether the statement is true or actually made by a senior official
  • Not the exact motivation
  • Not much that we did not know: this is not a leak, but a broadside directly delivered by its author.
  • The author is someone who could get the NYT to deliver a message.

What it describes is mundane “office politics,” though it is not for that the less serious. Not everyone in any large organization is on the same side of much. The White House could hardly be an exception. If we can imagine that the current president might command less respect than many, we should recognize as believable the idea that his underlings do not respect him either.

That does still leave the question of why someone would announce it.

The NYT is an at least interesting place for a Republican-generated leak. This is among the outlets that took direct copy from Wasserman-Schultz during the '16 primaries, though that does not mean that they would not talk to a Republican official. It is interesting that the author did not choose Fox or WaPo, but not by itself very revealing, as far as I can see.

Reading the anonymous article, one can see quickly that it criticizes Trump mostly from the right. The author is or poses as a self-styled “free” market thinker. He or she wishes to associate that idea with the Republican party, but it has also been very much a part of right-wing Democratic thinking from Bill Clinton on. But most of the criticism of Donald Trump to present coming from the Democratic Party has been very distinctly right wing, as easy as it should be to criticize him from a more popular and humane position.

A second mystery is what Jessica Roy and the LA Times hope to accomplish by insulting an anonymous author personally. There must be some sort of name for this sort of nested fallacy; it’s less ad hominem than ad vacuum.

If Roy imagines that this somehow protects the honor of the so-called “Resistance,” that’s fine. I am all for the organization having standards; I just cannot tell what these might be, either in general or as regards the article. Nothing in the article appears to me to distinguish the author from the so-called “Resistance.”

  • “Coward” is just vacuous here. Good people get scared, and I have known fearless psychopaths.
  • Not everyone usually accepted as large-R “Resistance” is on the streets.
  • “If you . . . carry out any part of his agenda, you are enabling him . . .” This is oversimple. Resistance authors do share some common stated values with Donald Trump, and mole can do far more damage than the work of any single individual.
  • “If they really believe there’s a need to subvert the president to protect the country, they should be getting this person out of the White House” is non sequitur. Roy’s unspoken premise must involve a replacement who need not be subverted. There is not one available to constitutional procedure, nor even an obvious choice available to a coup.
  • Does the speaker really believe that nothing in the Obama White House needed to be subverted? But as always, the current administration carries forward most of the values of the prior.
  • Republicans are deeply divided over Trump. Republican leaders openly supported Clinton during the election. Republicans who favor a so-called “free” market often dislike Trump’s tariffs.

In general, there is no special magic by which those of us on the left may divine the quirks of Republican thinking. As weird as this may sound, there are actually lots of different Republicans, each incorrect about most but not all of politics in fairly divergent ways: they are a lot like Democrats, though some of the ideas are different.

I do not much care whether Mr. or Ms. Senior Official is a hero, a coward, or both, and I doubt that Roy does either. That does appear to be what the explicit message is about, so I wonder what I am to read between the lines.

Meanwhile, I do care that there are signs of further subversion of a small-d democratic process that is already moribund. A right-wing coup at this point would receive very little resistance from the Resistance, though perhaps Jessica Roy means to spark something of the sort. If we wish to do that or to protect the honor of the Resistance, if I may word it so roughly, members ought to start by making known some set of political principles by which to stand, then behaving accordingly.

If one is to say that one is left and then endorse people on the right, some explanation ought to be forthcoming at least. To what extent is “The Resistance” the people in the street who may indeed have leftist values, and to what extent is it the right-wing corporatists for whom Trump is not sufficiently aligned to the savoire faire or interests of the international finance set?

I don’t know. And I am not alone in not knowing.

I agree with you. I wouldn’t call Anonymous a coward. He or she is taking some risks to do some good by trying to block some of Trump’s worst intentions.

BUT, by being a part of the Trump White House staff, Anonymous is apparently an active supporter of the far-right, reactionary, and regressive “counter-revolution” that is making the USA increasingly an oligarchy, plutocracy, and corporatocracy – that is increasing inhumane economic and political inequality and destroying democracy – that is increasing military spending and many endless, immoral wars – and that is worsening global warming, nuclear danger, and the danger of massive suffering and even total extinction of life on Earth!

My guess for the anonymous writer is Kushner. No one would suspect him or ask for a denial; Ivanka has been watching over her father from day one–she knows how her mother was treated and they were at McCain’s funeral service. The writer mentioned McCain in the op-ed. as others would not have done. This was Kushner’s way of letting the public know that there are adults protecting the country so no need for impeachment. Another writer would have asked Congress to intervene, but not a member of the family who wants to keep his place in the White House.
Katherine van Wormer

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or a Andrew Jackson, Franklin Pierce, John Tyler, James Buchanan, Andrew Johnson, Warren Harding, Richhard Nixon, George W. Bush etc etc. There are plenty of home-grown examples in one of the world’s more retarded attempts at democracy without having to reference a couple of military dictators and the former editor of a Socialist Party’s newspaper from countries that have managed to become somewhat more ‘democrtatic’ since the demise of these personages, than the U.S. with its succession of indirectly elected temporary ‘monarchs’.

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“Get this person out”? Yes, but in the meantime prevent him from destroying the country and the World! He or she is my hero.

The so-called “internal resistance” is an effort by an unelected group of right wing extremists to maintain and work around a failed, dangerous and incompetent megalomaniac in order to push through an extremist corporate agenda as fast as possible. This includes stacking the courts, policy changes as well as undoing corporate regulations, civil rights and public protections that limit maximum profits. This entire administration is illegitimate.

Our country is at a historic impasse. We have two corrupted parties, an illegitimate and criminal administration and a system corrupted by and subservient to corporate influence with no constitutional way to address the problems. We are also are crippled by an uninformed, cynical and largely unpolitical citizenry divided by tribalized bullshit with no class consciousness and a heavily armed and militarized extreme right.

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Isn’t it about time for an international “Enough is enough” rally?