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No—Argue Noam Chomsky, Roger Waters, Monia Mazigh, and More Than 100—Canada Does Not Deserve UN Security Council Seat

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/19/no-argue-noam-chomsky-roger-waters-monia-mazigh-and-more-100-canada-does-not-deserve


Agreed one hundred percent. Canada does not set an independent foreign policy as it once used to. In order to ingratiate itself with the US and NATO member nations it instead supports whatever those two groups support.

From Bolivia to Palestine, from Venezuela to Libya , this has proven to be a disaster for the peoples of the world. This all started with Mulroney who wanted to make the Canadian Military “respectable” once again and this desired respect was from the old Imperial powers which tend to be behind virtually all wars. Chretien put a brief pause on that (His position on the Iraq war was we had no business there) and than it all went back to Foreign Policy based upon what is good for the Corporations.


Looking at the current members of the Security Council, I’d say Canada has as much “right” to a seat as any of the other temporary members. Let’s be serious - Saint Vincent & the Grenadines? The Dominican Republic? Tunisia? Estonia? Belgium? Do any of these nations have one iota of impact on global security?


Trudeau and his deputy Prime Minister (former minister of foreign Affairs) are embarrassing Canadians and making them ashamed. Either a nation is progressive, humane and peaceful or it isn’t. Canada is hypocritical in this regard and shows one face to the World and another in the back rooms of international collusion! Either a country is dedicated to a better World without conflict and violence or it just pretends it is while it is in the thick of harming humanity. Which is it Prime Minister?


Canada is not acting as a benevolent player on the international stage,"

Come on. I don’t know anything about Canada’s international role but Based on that the US shouldn’t have a seat either


Canada is one of the great polluters and colonizers through their farm and mining operations around the world. Not to mention the tar sands in their own backyard and oppression of indigenous people. They give us competition.


This proud-to-be Canadian is unfortunately in agreement with the Petition. We had many years of Harper’s destruction of our integrity, and Trudeau standing up at the U.N. and declaring “Canada is Back” does not sufficiently change matters.
We need to re-earn our place at the U.N. and world view.


What astonishes me is how long these romantic myths hold on after their shelf life expires. Canada hasn’t been “peaceful neighbors to the North” in a few decades. They’ve been a neoliberal “mini-me” of the US for years.

But still, we think of Canada as that place with the single-payer health system. But what have they done for anyone lately? Except maybe ha ve a string of neoliberal/neocon imperialists in power for the vicinity of 2.5 decades?

I can’t tell the difference between Pretty Boy Justin and Ssssss Harper, to be honest.


Hmmm Trudeau:
He seems very much like a follow the corporate etc and money world order.
Maybe his name should be spelled True- Dough—as he certainly seems to follow the MONEY! : (.


Thinking the same thing Phred.

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The UN Security Council is not there to do anything, it is there to stop the rest of the world from uniting against the capitalist hegemony. It is an archaic remnant of the Cold War. Canada’s membership, or not, will change nothing.


It’s not the size of the country, it’s the politics that matter.
It doesn’t sound like you read the letter.


Disagree… though I couldn’t care a whit whether Canada sits on the security council and neither should it be of much interest to the Left imho.

So here’s the other hand to the argument:

  1. On Palestine: Trudeau has not moved its embassy to Jerusalem or voiced support for US “peace plan”.
  2. On Latin America: Canada is not supporting military intervention in Venezuela and Bolivia, but rather just yackety-yacks unlike the monstrosity to the South. Also Canada supports Cuba “bigly” through Winter trips to its resorts, mining, agricultural exchanges, etc
  3. On oil and the tar-sands: It seems to me that it’s in Canada’s interest to diversify its trade… i.e. trade with China… that’s the pipleline Trudeau’s govt. is financing and the rest (Keystone in particular) is not of much concern to the Liberals… beyond some crocodile tears to placate Alberta. (Also of note, Canada did not back out of Paris Climate Agreement)

So would I like to see Canada/ Trudeau do more… of course… but we live beside a raging elephant next door…and Canada can only play a weak hand.

Canada is in the Western Europe and others regional group of the UN which gets two temporary seats on the Security Council (currently held by Germany and Belgium) so they do not compete with any of those countries you mention for a seat except for Belgium which happens to be the headquarters of NATO which has some influence on global security (or lack thereof)


When did Canada have an independent foreign policy?
Its deviations from Uncle Sam were usually minor or with permission
(see books by Yves Engler on Canadian foreign policy), though
admittedly it’s been closer to Washington in the last few decades.

On Iraq, Chretien only came to the brilliant conclusion (Canada had no business there)
a few days before Bush/Cheney attacked. To compensate his ally, Canada:
a) had a frigate in the Persian Gulf enforcing the illegal blockade of Iraq
b) had a top general help plan the invasion at the Doha command centre
c) let several dozen Canadian soldiers “on secondment” to Pentagon forces invade Iraq
d) within two years took on the illegal occupation of the most dangerous province
in Afghanistan (costing 159 lives), freeing thousands of U.S. troops for a ‘surge’ in Iraq.

To top it off, Canada definitely had “business” in Iraq, selling scads of war material to the Pentagon.

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Judging by which countries ARE members of this “security council” it is absolutely meaningless anyway.

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“I don’t know anything about Canada’s international role”
– Well, now you do. Read the letter again.

“but Based on that the US shouldn’t have a seat either”
We can dream that the U.S. empire will fall that low,
but you’re not taking into account the history of the UN.

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From Diefenbaker through Pearson and then Trudeau the elder. All three of these pissed to US off to no end. The US had pressured the Canada to join in Vietnam, they wanted us to stop accepting draft dodgers, they did not want us reopening ties with Cuba. Trudeau went to China before Kissinger etc. (Canada was the first western Country to do so)


Dief and the end of the Avro Arrow (1959)… do I get a gold star:)

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As drone1066 (and all that?) said, too many Canadians and others persist in thinking Canada
is a peaceable or even progressive country. It may look that way from south of the 49th parallel
(at least on domestic policy), but not from Europe and certainly not from many countries
in the Global South that have environmental disasters by Canadian-based mining companies,
or coup-installed governments such as in Honduras and Haiti. When Chrystia Freeland replaced Stephane Dion, the U.S. embassy rejoiced at its new “pro-U.S. foreign minister,” Wikileaks revealed.

  1. On Palestine, Canada and 99% of world countries haven’t moved their embassies
    to Jerusalem, biding their time and supporting Israel and the U.S. as much as
    their domestic populations let them get away with (read the letter again).

  2. Canada is a major proxy for the U.S. in its campaign to overthrow the elected government of Venezuela – a co-founder if not the leading player in the so-called Lima Group of right-wing countries trying to give a fig leaf of legitimacy to the U.S. regime change operation. (Canada has conspired against the Venezuelan government at least since 2006 when Harper became PM.)
    On Cuba, Canadians go en masse to the Caribbean paradise in winter, but the government
    has become increasingly chilly in this century, aping the U.S. in virtual lockstep when their Havana-based diplomats cried ‘sonic weapon’ over maladies that no one has found the cause of. Canada has still not re-staffed the consulate’s function of processing Cubans’ visa applications.

  3. On the tar sands, the climate doesn’t care whether U.S.-owned oil companies in Canada
    send the dirtiest oil southwards or across the Pacific. As for the Paris accord, it’s a perfect example of Canada mouthing wonderful words and doing little or nothing about it.
    How do you square Canada’s climate commitment with the government spending $10 billion
    or more to bail out a failing U.S.-owned pipeline to export dirty oil?

That Canada has a weaker hand than the monster to the south is not an indication of character.