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No—Argue Noam Chomsky, Roger Waters, Monia Mazigh, and More Than 100—Canada Does Not Deserve UN Security Council Seat

Rarely, in any nation, do the interests of the government coincide with the interests of the governed.


Depends on the type of issue. For example, the non-permanent members play a very active role on things like sanctions resolutions since the permanent members need everyone’s involvement to make them effective. When Austria, Costa Rica, and Mexico were all on the Council together in 2009, they took the lead in determining the norms for international humanitarian law involved in the sanctions against Al-Qaida.

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Don’t forget Deputy PM Freeland’s primary passion - the Ukraine. SHE was Canada’s lead hand on the Regime Change there. That was back in 2011 {before Freeland was an MP?] but she was acting on behalf of the Canadian govt. in her role there.
Obviously the motive was to use Ukraine as a buffer to Russia - or a gateway to attacking Russia [the Americans will do that part]… That was another HIGH CRIME on the international stage and Canada had a lot more to do with it than most people know.