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No Backdoors: Online 'Zone of Privacy' is a Basic Human Right


No Backdoors: Online 'Zone of Privacy' is a Basic Human Right

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Encryption and anonymity tools, which help protect individuals' private data and communications, are essential to basic human rights, according to a report released Friday by the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights.

Issued while U.S. lawmakers are engaged in heated debates over online privacy, data collection, and so-called 'back-door' surveillance methods, the document recommends holding proposed limits on encryption and anonymity to a strict standard: "If they interfere with the right to hold opinions, restrictions must not be adopted."


This transcript on NSA backdoors is a must-read

Equal rights not for people- but for repressive governments and often corporations.


What a waste of time, WHO or WHAT is going to enforce this right when the violators are USA, China, Russia, & Saudi Arabia et al, How can the chickens prevent the fox from spying?

We went down the rabbit hole when we allowed privacy to become Treason.


That the government considers their intrusion into the private and confidential affairs of the entire population is so radical and contrary to any condition of citizenship as to render citizenship itself no more than a marker of subjection. The evolved assumption that government officials are a class beyond scrutiny is utterly poisonous to the elemental and fundamental precepts that underly the concept of democratic government.


see Federal sovereign immunity



Very good post.

The social contract (esp. The Forth Amendment; No unreasonable search and seizure) is so violated at this point that the whole debate is moot.

When Big Brother is not held accountable for his Secret Courts, Secret Indictments, Secret Rulings, Secret Evidence, Secret offensive actions against Julian Assange for example, how can anyone trust Uncle Sam to just spy on non-commercial issues that really affect National Security? Since the Oil Industry considers anti-tar sands activists “terrorists” how can we trust the Five Eyes to pass accurate intel back and forth? How can we trust Uncle Sam when the FBI classified peaceful Occupy Wall Street activists as “Domestic Terrorists” and printed a plan for sniper shooting the ring-leaders? How can we trust any products that come out of wall street at all? NSA black budgets alone, ensure global tyranny for everyone. All data is captured for later blackmail if so desired, according to ex-NSA Russell Tice. They have to find bad guys to spy on, no matter what. Any citizen discussing politics is therefore, a bad guy by definition, who may vote to cut NSA’s budget.

The only answer, imho, is to liquidate the entire Federal Government and just go back to the Articles of Confederation like we started out with in 1776. We didn’t even have a President until 1789. We just don’t need a Dictator who plots against the people in league with the Senate. The Anti-Federalists all warned he was going to behave like a King; and now we witness “Off with Their HEADS” Obama and his NDAA section 1021 (which thankfully was ruled illegal by a Federal Judge.)

Not since Pol Pot in Cambodia, could people be disappeared for any reason and no investigation allowed at all.