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No Billionaires for Bernie: Alone Among Democratic Frontrunners, Sanders Gets No Cash From Wealthiest Americans

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/06/no-billionaires-bernie-alone-among-democratic-frontrunners-sanders-gets-no-cash

Gee, I wonder why I haven’t seen Sanders’ lead mentioned on MSNBC — only their own limited polls that show Wind-Sock Joe in front . . .

Is Warren Buffett one of those supporting Warren?  He’s on record as agreeing that taxes on the ultra-wealthy should be significantly increased (see https://www.dailykos.com/stories/2016/10/10/1580436/-Warren-Buffet-stuffs-Donald-Trump-tax-lies-right-back-in-his-orange-tinted-face).   In any event, it’s clear to me that Bernie is doing much better than the MSM wants known, and why a Sanders-Warren (or Warren-Sanders) ticket is worthy of our support.


I was not surprised by Bernie not taking any $ from billionaires, but what did surprise me was Pete Buttigieg at the top of the list with 23 billionaires and Biden with 13 billionaires.


When it comes to integrity, wisdom, moral compass and leadership ability, Bernie Sanders stands head and shoulders above the crowd, most especially above the Clinton/Obama establishment stooge, Wall Street Joe, who didn’t have a grasp of the heinous murders in El Paso and Dayton, before opening his idiot mouth, instead mentioning “Houston and Michigan” as where they took place - he also said he “doesn’t hold trump responsible”, who stupidly named Toledo!

That very weak stupidity and role as DINO establishment fool, the false “FR”, is very representative of the vast difference in intelligence, integrity and moral compass that separate him from The Native and True Challenger, Bernard Sanders - The People’s President!


I agree, but not only the MSM but also the DNC.


Buttigieg is tailor made for the billionaires that feed from the MIC trough.


Well, THIS is why I send Bernie money and will continue to.


"“The fact that 15 billionaires donated to Michael Bennet, who has zero chance of winning, is a great example of how billionaires don’t spend their money well”

That data does however indicate the traitorous role of Bennet as zionist tool and craven supporter of that racist foreign power and interests - its subversion - over our republic and people.

Bennet is quoted in NYT questionnaire as astonishingly saying: "Israel is the one essential country on the planet"* .Say WHAT? WTF!?


Well that’s rather a plus in the Bernie column…

the superdelegates will be eagerly awaiting Sanders’ arrival at the convention.

they’re not letting Bernie win.


The rich invest in politicians with the same thought in mind as cranky old working class white men investing in guns.


I find your lack of faith disturbing…maybe try not manifesting failure as a pattern?

MSNBC Panelist’s Unhinged Anti-Bernie Rant

and in case you haven’t watched:


The best candidate can usually be determined by who is financing the opposition … and in todays world, which one is being propped up by MSDNC.




Ex-Alaska Sen. Mike Gravel Ends Unorthodox 2020 Campaign, Endorses Bernie Sanders

With a team of teens and a Twitter-based strategy, the Democrat ran to push his anti-war platform into the national spotlight.


Part of the reason I only briefly surf past both, for over a year now. It’s just not worth the time


He’s just saying what is clearly obvious to anyone with any political aptitude at all. There is no way the party establishment is going to let Bernie be the nominee. They (through their wealthy donor base) would rather lose to Trump than have one day of Bernie in the White House. Why do you think there are two dozen candidates in the primary contest right now? To make sure there will not be a first-ballot convention victory for Bernie, the convention goes to a second ballot and the super-delegates nominate Uncle Joe or Kamala, if Joe goes down in flames before that.


I’m not sure about the MSM as a whole, as some are controlled by 'PoopLicken billionaires and some are controlled by DamnocRat billionaires, but MSNBC is clearly a subdivision of the DNC, just like the DCCC and DSCC.

IMHO, the DNC is well aware what would happen if the stupor-delegates overturned Bernie’s nomina­tion after he had won the primaries by a decent margin.  Which is why the bastards will try every trick in the book to keep him from winning the primaries — not just skewing the polls and slanting the news, but actually rigging the vote where they can get away with it . . .


Yes, “Gene”, that may be our fate, but I would rather not be party to that defeatism - the future is not yet written.even by those “with political aptitude”.

I would rather not feed the dog of negativity, but the one that along with faith and action by millions of others, could perhaps prevail. Its just a form of growing a revolution rather than denying it - “no negative waves”. brother!

“Be the change you want to see in the world” - Gandhi

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Bernie Sanders IS the real fucking deal!