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'No-Brainer for Anyone Who Actually Cares About American Democracy': House Democrats' HR 1 Praised as Real Plan to Drain the Swamp


'No-Brainer for Anyone Who Actually Cares About American Democracy': House Democrats' HR 1 Praised as Real Plan to Drain the Swamp

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Unlike President Donald Trump's campaign trail vow to "drain the swamp" that never came to fruition—in fact, he has somehow managed to make Washington even swampier—House Democrats on Friday officially introduced sweeping legislation tha


We’ll see. They are still getting paid while over 800000 have not.


Oh! Finally they are going to repeal Citizens United, outlaw lobbyists, force the duopoly to honor the voters’ Primary choices, allow the League of Women Voters to monitor presidential debates again, swap out the hackable voting machines for ones that have a paper trail, allow independent monitoring of elections!

No? That’s what I thought.


Sadly, your skepticism toward the sincerity and efficacy of Brand D is well-deserved.


For far too long American politics has been dominated by a Father Knows Best mentality, with the wealthy being Father. That is how almost have of those who voted in 2016 fell for the alleged billionaire, who would certainly veto HR 1 should some form of it ever hit his desk.


Anything that seems too good to be true usually is… People are Greedy and those in DC are surrounded by the influence of dark money. I can’t see them changing their nature no matter what the intent of this article says. Not holding my breath on elections being run fair one bit. Our first order of business is what’s here right now…stopping Trump and the massive corruption that comes with him and his Thugs. If and when he’s taken down, then we may be able to move forward.


This is an important bill that removes a hundred barriers to voting and has important election financing rules that will actually help alternative parties like the Greens. I hope it gains some traction. Sarbanes has been pushing this in the form of several little bills for several years now but couldn’t get a vote after the Democrats lost congress in 2011. Nice to see that he has successfully pushed Pelosi to move it all to HR 1 (the number reserved or the Speaker).


As to the first and second of the ‘no brainers’ … what are you democrats waiting for. Do you really need legislation to separate youselves from the wall street w…h…? As to the third, most of you will not survive the next election in an every person can vote system without your wall street money to convince the sheep … vote for one of those chosen by US.


One step (partially - maybe) forward and two steps back from the DINO Dems still dominated by a corporate-whore model of “leadership” and the same-old players that adhered to the utterly failed “strategy” during the Clinton and Obama years losing mid-terms and betraying a progressive base and issues that most Americans’ support and demand!..like especially Universal Single-Payer, strong climate action and much more! …no Green New Deal sabotaged by pelosi’s weak “climate committee”, PayGo being rammed-thru by Pelosi WHY? Whats her scam?

The Devil is in the details, talks and headlines are only as strong as the people and mechanisms behind them, and with Nancy “off the table” Pelosi’s record, there is very much to be desired!


Of course I agree with everything in the bill, but I still have to register my objection to this aspect of politics. I prefer items that aren’t tied to each other to be debated and voted on separately. Examples of ties would be aspects of a health care bill that must go together such as a mandate and no pre-existing conditions in the ACA (not as good as single payer of course, but I get the logic of these being inextripably connected). Here, I don’t see why public financing of campaigns (great) requires automatic voting registration (also great).

If they pass it, great in this case since I am for it all. If they don’t because they could have passed 2 out of 3 separate bills but not HR 1, not so great. And in other cases where I’m not in favor of everything and they slip in stuff to grab votes that sucks, again not so great.

There is so much wrong these days - elections, health care, environment, foreign policy, that I feel petty getting bent out of shape on the nature of politics, but I can’t help it.


“As of 01/04/2019 text has not been received for H.R.1 - To expand Americans’ access to the ballot box, reduce the influence of big money in politics, and strengthen ethics rules for public servants, and for other purposes.” - CONGRESS.GOV

With no specific text to examine, hard to know what it’s actually all about.


More detail…



We live in a time where the Dems keep proposing bills they are sure won’t pass just to say they did. Hey some of them, they themselves vote against when they realize not enough Republicans will vote against.


You just did a good job of explaining why I have called the Democratic Party: THE FAKE OPPOSITION!


Above all, there is an urgency to repeal the Patriot Act and the NDAA, the two pieces of legislation that are designed to dismantle/override the US Constitution, as it is happening before our very eyes. The Dems are certainly not going to repeal. They voted for it…


Citizens United was a Supreme Court decision. A constitutional amendment, not just a bill is be required to reverse it.

There is no evidence that primaries are rigged in any way. And at any rate, the federal government has no role, not should it have a role, in primary elections, whatsoever. Party primaries (or caucuses) are essentially private party functions, not governmental functions which over time, the individual states set rules for they way they are run.

In every other democracy in the world, there are no “primaries” at all - which is a good idea. The dues-paying (yes, membership dues - just like, and important as, union dues) members/activists in the party get involved in selecting candidates for parliamentary seats and the party leader. Do you think Jeremy Corbyn in the US Labour Party would have ever become leader and possibly, the next PM if they had public primary election - especially a California-style one where you don’t even have to have affiliation with a party to vote for that party’s nominee?

If we got rid of the primary syatem, it would force the left to get off their butts and actually get involved in steering the direction of a political party.


So should they instead propose legislation that would be supported by enough Republican - the majority of them being fascists - to pass?


It’s so easy to go bold when the legislation proposed has zero chance of passing isn’t it? SOP for the IOP.



"The voting section seeks to remove barriers to participation by:

  • Requiring every state to offer online voter registration;"

Why not online voting?