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No Cause Has Achieved Combination of Deranged Views and Raw Power as the Modern American Right-Wing

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/05/no-cause-has-achieved-combination-deranged-views-and-raw-power-modern-american


From the article:

“The triumph of belief over reality…”

That’s no surprise, given the lack of consensus as to what’s real and what’s “fake news.” So many sources, so little time, leading straight to confirmation bias. It’s almost as if somebody wants us to be unable to communicate with each other…


Similar to where I work, if the “rabble” starts talking amongst themselves, trouble is on the way… They may find something weird, such as a common cause.


Isnt this how the Gilead is born in Atwood’s Handimaid’s Tale?

Religion and tribalism are such wonderful tools of manipulation and subjugation. It’s almost too easy.


Yes. Exhibit A is the speed with which the full weight of the state came down on the Occupy movement. People having conversations unmediatied by the Tappers and Hannitys of the world? Unthinkable!


Damn good take on “conservatism”. I have always believed that these people are reactionary revolutionaries the same as Hitler & Mussolini in the 30’s. They care about nothing but political power and lead their uneducated, misinformed followers around by their mostly southern peanut sized brains. Have you noticed that quite a few either have mustaches or the “revolutionary” Trotsky beards? Trump doesn’t need the facial hair as he already could pass for Mussolini’s brother.

This country is finished I believe, sad, sad shit.


Trump’s position on trade is not new, the Republicans have always had protectionist factions. Pat Buchanan challenged George Bush as a fierce protectionist in the 92. Lou Dobbs railed against trade deficits with China for years and years on CNN and Fox.

On basic economics, conservatives have always favored less regulation and sought to increase the political and economic power of owners. No one can be too rich or powerful, no one can have too much, there is no such thing as greed, according to them. Strange notions for a party full of so many people who profess to read and abide by the New Testament.

That said, popular left culture incessantly promotes promiscuity, materialism, violence and celebrity worship. Bill Maher claims to be left but he hates to pay his California taxes and tells every dirty joke that comes to mind as a 60-year-old. Lebron James builds schools for underprivileged youths while he supports a sport that charges a family of four $500 to $1000 to see him play a single game. And his shoes cost $300 a pair. Oprah Winfrey is a proud billionaire who holds master classes in life that feature, almost exclusively, Hollywood celebrities telling ordinary folk how to cope with work and relationships.

As long as these silver spoon liberals dominate leadership of the Democratic party and public debate, ordinary people who are not famous or rich may continue to choose the party that at least promises lower taxes.

Democrats badly need more humble and less self-absorbed torchbearers.

  1. “…although he did not elaborate on whether the hoax was engineered by paleontologists to undermine our faith, or by God in order to test our faith.”

omg! Wit!

  1. “The contemporary American conservative movement and its principal vehicle, the Republican Party-”

“Conservative”? “Principal vehicle”? You’ve got things backwards, Lofgren. Your humor is better than your ideas:

“[C]onservative” has connotations of intellectual seriousness, whereas the Republican party and its mass base are proto-fascist populists. Now, NYT Ross Douthout and National Review-type “conservatives” imagine they are ‘correcting’ a wayward Trumpian “conservative” moment (only wayward because of left extremism, of course). But in fact, they are not leading but following, functioning to give intellectual credibility (and votes) to the proto-fascists.


Corruption at the highest level:


Lofgren is really funny and witty, here. But, so were the writers for Ronald Reagan. And, that pernicious, right wing horse’s ass brought out every lizard and leech, from every slag pile, that took up space in the American landscape.
Underestimating political parrots and slick simpletons has been the downfall of many good people " in the land of the free and the home of the brave ".


You’re not yelling loud enough or shaking your fist hard enough. People are still walking on your lawn.

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A silver spoon liberal is a neoliberal, a former liberal that got too rich and became a conservative.

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Yep, and a large part of the problem is that the “Democrat leadership” has allowed this to fester and grow, almost unaddressed, for decades.

Was that cowardice, incompetence, or complicity?


How is this the first time i am hearing about this?
Thanks a lot for the link.

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You’re awake now, good, pass it along.

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Must watch “The Great Hack” on Netflix.

Capitalism is what sold us materialism. Violence seems a lot higher among those who tote guns. The fact that GOP voters can’t abandon Trump for the obviously morally-impaired leader he is suggests too many of them can’t think for themselves.

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The right wing Repugs have had 40 years to refine it. No wonder it’s had smooth sailing. Starting with Grinrich and ending in Trump. Every real American had better get out and vote in 2020. Read " Democracy in Chains" . A blueprint for the destruction of America.

Thank You Mr. Lofgren for you very thought Article.

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