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No Charges for Clinton Expose 'Two-Tiered System of Justice'


No Charges for Clinton Expose 'Two-Tiered System of Justice'

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

The FBI's investigation into Hillary Clinton's use of private email servers turned up no recommendation that she be charged with any crime, but it did offer a reminder of how powerful officials—especially the former secretary of state—are seemingly held to a different standard when it comes to rule of law in general and secrecy laws in particular.


This is "in your face" stuff. And people are advised, by our leading "intellectuals," to hold their noses and vote for this.


But then we already knew this as all wrongdoers connected to the evil war on Iraq, all Banksters and all Wall Street criminals have gone unpunished (with the exception of Maddoff who was punished because he dared to rip off rich people).


Exactly, they will do as they wish and give us the finger. Bill has shown up at a polling site to stump for her, on L. Lynch's plane for a private chat, and defended his failed crime and drug bills. The Clinton's have attained a Mafia Godfather status in the Washington circle. They are unreachable to the masses and untouchable by the law. Too big to jail.


Just as Italians love their criminal Berlusconi family, many Murkins love the Clintons. Silvio even endorsed Hillary and nobody raises an eyebrow.

Obama knows that if anybody other than Clinton is his successor that they will air more of his dirty laundry than we are already aware of. He knows that if he gives the Clintons cover, they will give him cover, so he instructed the FBI to use the "no precedent" excuse in ignoring Clinton's security compromises that are charitably being attributed to "bad judgement".


There a pile of apologists tossing around the words "willful intent" claiming if that intent can not be proved , no crime committed.

This is absolute nonsense. If a person sets fire to a house that kills someone "willful intent" to kill said person does not have to be established. If a drunk gets behind the wheel of a car and kills someone, willful intent to kill does not have to be proven.

Getting behind the wheel of a car itself while drunk is a crime as is the crime of arson. That in some cases no one dies or no one hurt does not mean no crime committed.

Ms Clinton INTENDED to use her home server for perusing classified mails. She did not accidentally setup this server in her home. Just like a drunk getting behind the wheel of a car wherein the consequences might be an accident in which people killed , the consequences of her doing that was it was used to send and receive classified emails in violation of the law.


There hasn't been a pretense of respectability and law abiding since Bush took over and did what ever he and the neocons wanted. They just changed the law to accommodate what ever they were doing, such as torture.
Clinton is by far the most dangerous candidate because of the entrenched entitlement and connections her and Bill have.
The rule of law is for us, not them. The constitution is overruled and discarded as these technocrats push and shove us into unending war here and abroad. Hillary will finish us off and that's why they will do anything, fix any election or indictment to get her in there. This time I'm sure Republicans will throw her the general election since they don't trust Trump. At least she's a neocon like them and will do the bidding of neocons and Zionist Christians as well.


Yep, her intent was to circumvent the law and hide her emails. There was plenty of intent, just no one with the balls to prosecute the political royalty.


The GOP will love President Clinton because she will make sure the GOP controls Congress for her 8 years so that she doesn't have too many pesky Democrats blowing her cover as she advances the agenda of the 1% at the expense of the 99%.


I will never vote for Clinton. The woman is repulsive, evil, corrupt, cheats to win because no one really likes her, and a compulsive liar. The FBI blew this off like it was no big deal, and I still can't believe it. If she is elected, what other sensitive info is she going to give away? Everyone thought Comey was honest, forthright and would do the right thing, but no, just another corrupt ass. I wonder how much this cost the Clinton's? Maybe when Bill went to meet Loretta Lynch last week he was dropping off payments for all the players in this travesty of justice, because we all know that now it is Lynch's decision and she won't indict one of her friends! I am really sick and tired of this sham government that seems to think the public is mindless and stupid!


Comey was not a happy camper during that presser and used a considerable amount of his statement to chastise Hillary. My gut says he wanted to nail Clinton and knew the evidence is there to do so but was stopped by the administration.

Wonder what offer (or threat) they made?


There was no willful intent to release classified material to people to or people without security clearance. The FBI correctly I think decided it would be virtually impossible to get a conviction if she were charged and therefore did not recommend prosecution. The only other way she could have committed a criminal act was by gross negligence. But there has never been a prosecution based on that under this law and winning such a case would be extremely unlikely given the lack of definition of gross negligence. Basically the FBI went by the wording of the law. The system worked. The Justice Department could still decide to prosecute but I think everyone agrees that is not going to happen.


Spoken like a true Clinton supporter! Unfortunately, it is utter bullshit. There is a specific law regarding this issue, and nowhere in that law does it mention anything about it being okay to break the law as long as there is no "willful intent." God only knows what her true intent was as she collected all the large, illegal foreign "donations" to the Clinton Foundation, and supplied arms to Middle Eastern countries as SoS, also with more of the same type of "donations." If this woman is elected, she will sell us all out to the highest bidder!


Hilarious! This is the funniest contribution you've ever made here, thanks!


Let me help you Comey. Let your inner truthful person speak.

"After many long conversations with Bill and Hillary, mostly Bill, I have determined that Bill and Hillary decided to have their own physical server installed on their property, so that Hillary's tasks as Secretary of State could more easily be leveraged in line with money laundering activities Bill was already engaged in at the Clinton Foundation, and as such the tack of investigation officially engaged by the FBI, and ultimately the DOJ, runs parallel, by definition to any actual criminal intent engaged in by Hillary Clinton, and Bill Clinton.

Therefore, since no metric of intent according to the official tack of the investigation was necessarily met, no charges of course will be brought against Hillary Clinton, or Bil Clinton.

It is quite interesting, to say the least, how Bill and Hillary maximized their power and profit through the institutional nexus formed by coordinating State Department activities with that of the Clinton Foundation, but since that Rubicon was crossed long ago, so to speak, in relation to power and corruption in Washington D.C., I wasn't able, with good conscience as a Washington insider, able to question those activities in this Established New Corporate Governance Ethos.

Thanks for listening."


So the minimum take-away from all this is that Hillary Clinton has poor judgement!

You would think that this would be fairly damning for a political candidate!


HILLARY - CARELESS? I don't think so. She carefully and calculatedly conducted ALL state department business on her private server. No bothersome FOIA requests to deal with. No annoying congressional oversight to comply with. The FBI investigation focused only on the number of emails (they could find) that contained secret information. They ignored the big picture. Hillary's use of a private email server for ALL state department business meant that secret information would inevitably be compromised. Apparently Hillary thought that was an OK price to pay since if it meant she could while Secretary of State act in absolute secrecy.


Perhaps there is a "real world" component to the FBI's flaccid "law enforcement" performance here.
The Clintons can and do hire the most cutthroat lawyers in the country, because if they hadn't, Bill would still be in prison for perjury. All Bill had to do the other day on Loretta Lynch's airplane in Phoenix was to mention the name of Hillary's and His "Best in the USA" lawyer, and let Loretta Lynch imagine the lawyers on her team slashed to ribbons, so to speak, by the Clinton attack squad right in the courtroom. Hillary would probably still walk free, but Loretta's Department (and reputation) would be in shambles. Justice is supposed to be blind, but this time they peeked. Again.

What we, The PEOPLE, have to do to combat the growing clout of this new strain of ultra-criminals is create a modern-day white-collar-crime-focused version of Elliot Ness and his Untouchables, who took Chicago out of the control of the Al Capone-types back in the 1930's. We need people of incredible courage and ethics (and mental firepower) to convince the ultra-crooks that crime doesn't pay, even for them, anymore.


I agree with you completely, but I sure wish he had had the guts to recommend an indictment anyway.


Wish I could afford to move out of this &$^^(((#@@%% country!