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No, CNN, the States Sanders Won This Weekend Weren’t ‘Largely White and Rural’


No, CNN, the States Sanders Won This Weekend Weren’t ‘Largely White and Rural’

Jim Naureckas

After Bernie Sanders overwhelmingly won the Democratic caucuses in Alaska, Hawaii and Washington state, CNN‘s Chris Moody (3/28/16) observed:

These caucus states—largely white and rural—are the type of places Sanders traditionally does well. In order to win the nomination, he must replicate this success in other, more ethnically diverse states that hold primaries, as he did in Michigan last month.


It wasn’t just CNN. The results had barely been announced when the Washington Post ran this:

Why did Bernie Sanders dominate Saturday? Caucuses in states with smaller black populations.

That’s the same Washington Post that published 16 negative stories about Sanders in 16 hours.

MSM is desperate to explain away every Sanders victory and make it look like Clinton is winning, even when she isn’t. That’s why on a day when Clinton won one state, Arizona, and Sanders won two, and Sanders total delegate win was greater than Clinton’s, all the media talked about was Clinton’s big win in Arizona.

Sanders crushed Clinton in 3 states Saturday and MSM wants to make it look like a fluke.

What actually looks like a fluke is the rare positive coverage of Sanders in MSM. When the New York Times published an article praising his legislative accomplishments, the editors rushed to make it into a hit piece, saying his modest accomplishments wouldn’t translate to the big screen of the Presidency.

And who called them on it? The Washington Post.

What’s becoming increasingly evident is that MSM has an agenda and they will do whatever is necessary to get it enacted. They’re trying to manufacture consent.

And without the internet they’d probably have a much better chance of succeeding - which is why regardless of who wins the election, we can expect to see more concerted attacks on net neutrality in the future.


The only recent poll i saw in NY was done with an IVR calling only landlines of people who had previously voted in at least the last election.

Given that the strength of Bernie is in new voters and people who cannot be bothered to vote prior to this election (especially in NY where we are so solidly blue that turnout is usually depressed) AND the fact that I am not sure Bernie has that many supporters who KNOW what a landline IS…

I don’t think it was an accurate poll.

The better polls had the clinton lead shrinking over time and was down to about 20 points about 2 months ago…nothing more recent.


The primary states Clinton won with brainwashed voters in the south ALL went RepubliCon in the general election - all those electoral college vote will go to the R nominee! States Bernie won (and those Clinton stole) are swing states Bernie will win in the general election - Clinton will not!

Clinton as Dem nominee is a recipe for disaster for our nation, people, world, and what’s left of Democratic integrity after Clinton family and Obama DLC subversion! “Super-Delegates” take note!


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Washington Post’s centrality to D.C. lobbyists who carry water for the Big Banks, Prison-Industrial System, Walmart, Big Pharma, and the MIC want to keep the status quo (that Hillary is a huge part of) in place. Hence the shutout of Sanders.


“But you could charitably assume that the folks at CNN are just too lazy to look things up”

No, it would be the height of naivete to be charitable in this instance.


Mainstream entertainment/Pravda media: are not too lazy to look up the facts regarding diversity of
states that went to Bernie on Saturday…hardly…they were given their marching orders/talking points.
They want to see a nice bonus if their gal gets coronated…


Well, lets hope those Empire-Staters who never bothered to vote have registered as Democrats no later than October 5 of last year or they won’t be able to vote in the upcoming Democratic primary… Their apathy might come back to bite’em now! Considering that In a lot of New York cities, the Democratic primaries for mayor of councilpersons are for all practical purposes, the general election, any New -Yorker older than 25 should have the party-registration drill down pat by now. And don’t call it an “unfair law”. Members of a political party have the right to pick their candidates. In most of the world - Canada, the UK, etc, MP candidate and party leader selection is entirely and internal party affair.


CNN is quite literally a tree that falls on the forest without witnesses. Nobody is watching or listening, so they might as well make no sound.


Clinton’s current lead in California is consistent with her winning 204 delegates compared to Obama’s 166 delegates in the 2008 California primary. California was the only Pacific Rim state that Clinton won in 2008.


Not only do they not know anything about the demographics of the states, they think that Sanders is running traditionally? This is his first nationwide campaign.
It’s Hillary who has a tradition of running. It seems like CNN is dusting off their Nader coverage for Bernie. Another guy they loved to marginalize and dismiss.


The US media is not too lazy to look things up, but are too corrupt to look things up it does not want to report.


They have tried all the tricks and will continue to do so at the behest of HRC and her machine. Too bad we all see through it now.
Sadly Al Jazerra is closing and we will have no news on television that isn’t owned by the corporate coup. Go Bernie!


The reason Washington State is above the national average in white population, especially west of the Cascades, is because we don’t get much sun here.


Divide & Conquer to keep us quarelling amongst ourselves.