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No Co-Sponsor of 'Medicare for All' Has Lost Reelection in the Past Decade (Even in GOP-Leaning Districts)

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/21/no-co-sponsor-medicare-all-has-lost-reelection-past-decade-even-gop-leaning


This is a great article. What it doesn’t address, though, is the way to prevail despite the Party’s hostility to the Left.

‘Millions of voters in the 2016 and 2020 primaries voted for the “moderate” choices largely because they thought Bernie Sanders and other progressives were not electable. “I might like Medicare for All,” the thinking goes, “but most of the country is inalterably opposed, so someone like Sanders just can’t win.”’

Unlike its Republican counterpart, which openly supports the goals of the wealthy, the Democratic Party disciplines and trains its rank and file in their understanding of what is politically possible. But, notably, the Party is not always successful in suppressing either its candidates or its rank and file. Individual candidates and electeds within the Party can and have for decades, despite that institutional hostility, consistently promoted and supported Left programs.

In other words, we don’t need a whole new Party to win universal health care. We need more electeds who represent their constituencies. And, far more importantly, we need to train rank and file voters as to what is politically possible, which is an organizing task. If all we ever do is run more candidates and do primary challenges, we will, as we did in the primaries, run up against the constrained imaginations of the rank and file voter.

That’s the lesson of the 2020 primary. Voters (Democratic and many other) want what we want. They just don’t believe they can ever get it.


Yes indeed !

For every M4A advocate who wins a general election there are five or six more who the DNC spent wads of money culling in primary elections.

In my Congressional District the corporate candidate spends five times more defeating progressive primary challengers than he spends against the GOP in the general election.

“Money doesn’t talk, it swears” - Bob Dylan


then it might be a good time to forcethevoteDOTorg

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While I appreciate that this article has a higher level of honesty, it is still fairly biased in how the issue of M$A is framed. It still doesn’t identify some very important considerations for this issue which places it at a level of, well not quite propaganda, but not unbiased either. It misses the most important part, the actual vetting of these bills with outcomes. Kind of leads to conveyor belt healthcare, and if you don’t chose it we can always raise your premiums and co-pays.

I wanted to say, so what? Those same representatives vote or support a lot of other bad legislation too.


Make Politicians An Offer They Can’t Refuse:

"Medicare-For-All" or face a "Recall."


Just as Darrell Issa ® is doing in CA for Governor Newsom, lower taxes and stop closing down the state for public health reasons or face recall. Remember what happened to Gray Davis.

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It’s clear that a majority of the American people are dissatisfied with our current, patently unjust economy. Mainstream Demos offer little more than crumbs. Trump offers them a solution – moving backwards to a simpler rosy-tinted past. If the Demos keep this up, we’ll get another surge of the Trump-baloney-virus, but it’ll be a more virulent strain.

The progressives have it right:

The only way not to move backward is to move forward.


Impressive research in this news report, Richard, Michael, Kevin!

While I was disappointed to see our congresswoman, Abby Finkenauer, lose her bid for re-election, she was a moderate who did not support Medicare for All. I live in a swing district, and I can only hope that our Democratic candidate in 2022 supports M4A. As @raydelcamino mentioned above, it’s a matter of surviving the primary when you’re up against corporate money opposition to M4A.


Please don’t repeat this particularly sad and depressing disinformation to steal peoples votes.

IF you never heard about the General Agreement on Trade in Services, and/or the Trade in Services Agreement, I apologize. But Services became tradable in 1995, so…

Read and weep…

How would we get SINGLE PAYER, Bill?

What would we get if we “expand Medicare” as Biden wants (just enough to destroy it!) without leaving GATS first?

Hint, a disaster.

Read GATS Article 21, thats how we buy our healthcare freedom. We should make the politicians pay the bill.

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Obviously I would’ve it if the U.S. joined the developed world and implemented Medicare for all, but that can’t happen as long as both party’s rely on corporate funding to operate.
I believe that the Democrats will NEVER allow a Medicare for all bill to pass because so much dark money has been funnelled to both the Democrat and Republican candidates since WW11.
On top of this, which is evident by the numbers of people that voted for Trump, propaganda has taken its toll on the psychic of the average American. Whether it is ridiculous notion that China or Russia or Iran or some starving Arab country is going to invade the U.S. or whether possessing nuclear bombs is “rational”, too many rank and file Joe Average’s have bought into decades of right wing propaganda. It is a difficult task to enlighten such an oppressed electorate.
When someone is popular among the majority, they are immediately labelled as a “populist” which is meant to be a derogatory word associated with grass root leaders that appeal to the 99%. When someone talks about alleviating poverty or taxing the rich, they are labelled as “socialists”, again meant to be a derogatory moniker rather than praise for an enlightened advocate for social justice and equity.
I still think that a third Party is necessary if we are to have a functioning democracy, but even if we had such a Party, too many people are still drinking the corporate Kool-Aid.

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So let’s find out how many are co-sponsoring just because they know Nancy Pelosi will never allow a vote.

Sign the petition:


the corporate shills in the Democratic party have been using this crap argument for many decades while they steadily lost power in every venue available to them–time to reject the corporatists and start electing progressives–

remember --if they take a single corporate dollar --they are NOT working for you–so quit voting for them

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There already is a “Third Party” but we the people are not in it. It rules these kinds of issues and its the WTO. We have been deceived.

M4A is a no brainer for anyone not lobotomized in Repubicanville.

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Democratic presidents and congresses serve as a ratchet; they don’t creatively expand the right wing agenda as much as the Republicans do (although each of them either does, like Bill Clinton, or intensifies what the Republicans have started, ratifying and normalizing it, like Obama and almost certainly Biden. But all of them keep popular demand from pulling back from the war, economic, anti-ecologic, and other policies initiated by the Republicans. The Democrats are pawns of the oligarchy just like the Republicans, but they’re also pawls to keep the fascist agenda from being reversed.

The article has some good information; it isn’t bad as far as it goes but it still treats Democratic behavior like it’s incompetence rather than the corruption it is. It’s not that the Democrats can’t figure out the polls; it’s that they understand them all too well and thus are engaged in a long-running and massive campaign of disinformation to take the popular, credible facts and arguments of the progressives and deny, discredit, and scapegoat them, convincing the public that progressives can’t win and don’t represent the best interests of the people. Both lies.

Say what??? Really why did you say that?

In my mind, to walk into Rebublicanville is to be lobotomized.

The reason I asked is because some of the origins of M4A come from Republicanville. Or at least the Libertarian wing of republianville.