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No Conflict Here: 150 Wall Street Firms Own Over $1.5 Billion of Trump's Debt


No Conflict Here: 150 Wall Street Firms Own Over $1.5 Billion of Trump's Debt

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

As many suspected, President-elect Donald Trump's web of business conflicts is much more complicated than he has let on.

An analysis by the Wall Street Journal published Thursday found that the incoming president owes at least $1.85 billion in debt to as many as 150 Wall Street firms and other financial institutions.


Trump, starring in his new reality TV show, Dystopia.

The first and final episode starts 01/20/2107.


There are so many conflicts of interest it would be impossible for him to really divest. He simply cannot be president. Besides this and his tax returns, 50 of the electors to vote for him are being disqualified. USuncut and Salon are both running the story now.
I don’t know who can stop this debacle but someone should. He didn’t win the election and he has too many conflicts of interest to run the country fairly. It’s time the DOJ or Obama get involved.


That is the only thing, which makes sense, but Obama is too weak to do anything, which would create a lot of uproar in the country and deadlock Congress, the COP faction, of which, would try to override the Presidents decision, but would need a 2/3rd majority to do so, - not possible if the Dem. section is steadfast.
Can you spell ‘chaos’?
Your second option the SCOTUS likewise is corruptible and at least 1/2 are GOP appointees. This is where stonewalling Obama’s appointments becomes very significant


Well I say we give the King of lawsuits a little taste of his own medicine. File a lawsuit against Trump for each and every conflict of interest. Tie the litigious prick up in the courts for the entire 4 years. Or however long he makes it until he quits or is impeached.


Problem is, you cannot impeach anybody based on civil litigation unless they refuse to comply with the resulting sentence of the court.
Any court proceedings will drag on until long after that piece of slime has been voted out of office.


Great post! Wonder if he ever read The Giver?


The thing is if one examined the conflicts of interests of any number of Politicians you would find much the same. . Politicians with spouses receiving Government business such as Dianne Fienstein and her billionaire husband just as an example.

If one goes through the sources deemed “right wing” they will rail about all of the conflicts existing with Democratic Politicians and if you go to sources deemed “left wing” they rail about the conflicts with the Republicans. Given that both sides do it , moving to prevent such will get little traction as it in the best interests of those Politicians NOT to do anything.

The American electorate suffers for it and this just another example as to how money rules over all.

The Greeks had an interesting way to help deal with this in their early version of Democracy.They actually used a process called sortition and I think a revamped version could be considered for modern democracies. Rather then anyone with enough money and support being pre-selected to run for President , Prime Minister or a given countries Congress or Parliament, all those with an interest in a given jurisdiction would put their names into a hat and a given number of the same would be randomly picked. These people would then campaign and run against one another seeking the vote.

A person who has his/her name picked by lot and then wins would be forbidden from having their name put into that hat for the next election.

The Greeks did this because they thought it a fairer system and ensured those of tremendous wealth and power would not always prevail and one would get a more representative democracy.


It"s gonna be a gas!


Who would hold the hat today? The 19-plus electronic (DRE) voting companies in the US would have a hey day with the sortition process…not unlike the electoral college debacle. Elections in the US on all levels are wealth-centric for the most part so the only names placed in hats would need to have very deep pockets with which to campaign/ get the word out.

Thank you for your wise and informed comments!


Will Democratic politicians at long last get some spine? Time to put country over party.


Heh heh.
Starring “Dystopian Don.”


Banksters and gangsters…holding onto and squeezing each others’ sensitive parts. Just like everything else in T-sumpPump’s life, smoke-and-mirrors, lies, and fantasies. Frontline made a two-hour documentary titled “The Choice” that was aired on PBS shortly before the election but Comey’s press release was broadcast to a much wider audience. T-dump’s financial woes were covered in the documentary along with his abnormal (my word) need for adulation, acceptance, and approbation that is not unlike a seven or eight-year old looking for approval from a stern father…

Link to Frontline documentary, The Choice: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/frontline/film/the-choice-2016/
It may also be watched on You Tube.


He may Owe more than he owns. He has huge outstanding loans from foreign banks as well. What a mess!


Please, at a minimum, ask your local communities and schools to fly the American flag at half mast on Jan. 20 for the death of democracy. At a maximum, call your senators and representatives about the illegal electors before the congress certifies the vote tomorrow.

Not even president yet, Trump has begun a trade war with China, initiated a nuclear arms race with Russia, promoted dictators in both Russia and Pakistan, outright threatened North Korea with a nuclear attack, mangled the stock values of GM, Ford, Boeing and Lockheed Martin…

His communications in the Ford and GM cases illustrate that he plans to overturn Congress’ sole authority to set tariffs. Along with his campaign attacks on the Free Press and the judiciary, his actions imply that he intends to overturn the Constitution.

And whenever his lies have been exposed, he’s attacked – and urged his supporters to attack – people like the union official who told the truth about Carrier jobs.

As Trump’s authoritarianism will likely get worse, not better, after Jan. 20, a subtle action such as half-mast flags across the nation might cause his supporters to see that their hero doesn’t have a mandate – as he claims in spite of a 2.9 million vote loss in the popular vote.

Please ask your local officials to fly the flag at half staff.


WHY wasn’t this shared with us before the election?


Yes, lgillooly, I have thought the same thing. The man makes P.T. Barnum look like an amateur. The scary thing is that Trump is in a position of power. Karma may be giving the United States all that it earned in its empire.


I don’t know how he can possibly escape the invisible hand of fate.


and neither did Pence win the election nor any other republican win the election. But, what’s the big problem he wants to deregulate all business’s and stated such, Obama and Clinton were not beholden to banks but did nothing really to curtail the too big to fail banks. They just grew and got bigger. Look at the whole picture.

Yes, it makes me sick and frightened to think of Trump but more frightened to think of any of the other nut jobs in Congress i.e. Pence and Ryan are wacho’s. Those two along with the rest of republicans would not kill us kindly.

I want Bernie Sanders, I want a DNC that isn’t corrupt and denied Bernie the nomination. I guess I want a do over. I hate to put Bernie and Donald in the same category but they were the two that said what the people wanted to hear.


Yes, instant karma’s gonna get us