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'No Consent': First Nations Women Shut Down Tar Sands Pipeline Hearing



How is it they have more power than the people of the country they are protesting against? This is what oppression really is in America. A Nation, not a country, has more power than any citizen of America. Maybe this is karma. The natives land might have been taken, but now they hold the real power, non-corporatist living.


We all must try to support these courageous Native American women in whatever ways we can. The environment and so much else is for-sale to the highest bidder, driven by self-interest and greed. From health care, to education we are made slaves to the oligarchy and .01% parasites!

"This is what Democracy looks like!" - chant it again!

Occupy is only dead if we let it be so!


Right on Canada's Native People! You do it for us all, and no one has a better right to say "No More!"

Thank you,


...here in amurika there is a place of sadness, the Pine Ridge Rez, the only place in the amurika's that is worse off is Haiti...chanting and singing praise helps you...they need food, clothes, shelter, healthcare, the life expectancy of a male on the Rez is 45 years, for those that can find money the average income is less than 3,000 a year...today I made the move from sending money to Bernie to sending it to Pine Ridge and other communities of Native American's through a 501 charity...feed someone and feed your soul...then maybe they will chant with you


"The agency has framed a series of hearings as a chance for the public to weigh in on the venture": The public? No, on stolen First Nations land only the indigenous should determine what happens to their "resources". Fight on sisters for the sake of Mother Earth--our common home-- and the future of our children!


Good for you. Bernie needs to visit Pine Ridge.


I keep reading stories like this; each one totally warms the cockles of my heart. I just wish there were native tribes in my area (WV) ready to stand up to block the fracking that is the biggest current assault around here.


Yes, yes he does, before winter closes in...recently the Navajo chased John McCain off their Rez after that big leak of yellow crap came down the river...they need Bernie more than you and I but they have no voice here, they are gaining in Canada, lets hope it spreads like wildfire, the blacks lives matter is being joined by the Natives so maybe there is a chance, maybe...


Your words have inspired me. Will you please advise me on where/which is the address to send a donation?


Most happy to be of assistance...goto...www.4aihf.org....it is the American Indian Humanitarian Foundation...they serve all tribes but the focus is Pine Ridge, on one page they have a partial listing of statistic's with a link for the full list, I could barely get through the short list, as I said before, the only place worse is Hatiati (right now I cannot spell )...Peace


Thank you, I appreciate the quick reply and info.


These First Nations' women are correct. Way to go ladies!
But TransCanada is blind - you made need to lead them by their hands all the way to the Supreme Court, yet again, to validate your treaty rights and unseat colonial hegemony and genocide.