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'No Consequences for Negligence That Kills': McConnell Wants Corporate Immunity From Covid-19 Lawsuits

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/04/28/no-consequences-negligence-kills-mcconnell-wants-corporate-immunity-covid-19

If the courts had any integrity they would strike down such an unconstitutional blockage of the courthouse door to mortally threatened workers. Of course they do not have such integrity.


From Prison Notes, Neil j. Smith:

“[A] woman reminded me of Donald Trump saying, “If I shot somebody in a crowd on 5th Avenue, they’d still vote for me.” There is more truth to that than it appears, he’s aided in killing up to 56,000 since the start of this coronavirus. Lock him up? No, lock em all up!”


No consequences for republican negligence, can you imagine the outrage from republicans if democrats tried this garbage?


Just more proof of what I have posted before: Nazi Germany had the Fascist, Nazi, Party and Amerika has the Republican, Fascist, Party. The Amerikan, fascist, Republican Party will destroy us unless we destroy them first!


Sounds like open season on the working proles.


Hey Nancy!, looks like that " next Stimulus" package will be a walk in the park


Front line workers have been exploited so shamelessly for so long and all of a sudden, they’re deemed essential workers in a pandemic, giving them tremendous leverage and power if they organize collectively. Time for change. NPR


Hey Mitch, shove all of the pages of OSHA regulations between your plastron and your carapace from behind.


Yes, in my opinion, the whole Republican, Party needs to be locked up!


Outrageous - Moscow Mitch and Trumpty Dumpty want to make immune wantonly negligent companies like JBS Meatpacking in Greeley, Colorado, who had the ability to test and restest its employees for Covid-19, in fact were ordered to, and DID NOT!

See Rachel Maddow show for story.

Mitch and Trump want to absolve corporations like JBS from any legal responsibility.

Hear that, Chuck Shumer. NOOOOO!


This ‘modest proposal’ is straight out of the Robber Baron playbook.


I don’t put it past Mitch and Chuckie to include corporate immunity in another Covid-19 bill.

So, if it gets in there, will they leave corporate liability in place for past trangressions and make immunity only post-legislation passage and prez signature?

Will the include prerequesite stringent testing and safety measures in ALL aspects of the workplace, that if violated, result in loss of immunity?

Will Mitch and Trump pair their desire to make immune liable companies with a legal guarantee that those same companies cannot fire an employee for not coming to work do to safety concerns?


Dare to dream.

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How about make them give a really, really good Healthcare to all employees with no deductible, and injured on job benefit and offer to pay two weeks salary immediately before injured on job benefit kicks in and of course, provide workers protections. Then and only then maybe? Just a thought.

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Corporate definition of “really good healthcare” is medical insurance loaded with weasel clauses. Anything short of M4A will just be additional corporate welfare disguised as health care reform, just as we saw with Obamacare.


Of course front line workers could be able to sue if hospital corporations/hedge fund vultures do not provide total protection equipment to do their job.

and last comment was just a thought

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Wasn’t the first pork shutdown a Chinese company. How many foreign companies do we have here in US?

Entitlement to kill without consequences. Any Duopoly politician that votes to support this must be terminated from employment in public service.


Nonessential workers?