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no covid here

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2020/10/29/no-covid-here

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Keep Flushing until this Circling TURD goes down the bowl


Good statement, Abby!
It’s been reported that Trump plans to bring his cavalcade of cooties to Dubuque on Sunday to spew delusions, and I plan to be many miles away from all of it. “Come for the Covid, and stay for the hypothermia,” eh. Be my guest.


Meanwhile, in Trumpland, I saw a large pickup roaring down 24 Avenue with a Trump 2020 flag flying from the rear that was as big as the truck! Today’s local paper announced county cases of C-19 are increasing rapidly, along with deaths. Officials are devising ways to cool it down. Good luck, with all the gatherings lurking in the wings, from Halloween to Thanksgiving, not to mention Election Day.
If Trump loses…watch a 74 year old man throw a tantrum that would make any 3 year old be put in a room to quiet down…


Rounding corners in the same direction is, in reality, just going in a circles. That does make sense from the Dumald.

Labor is getting ready for a General Strike and so are our youth if this Administration refuses to concede if they lose or if they steal the election.

Youth Activists Are Transforming the Election by Leading Protesters to the Polls

“If Trump suppresses protests, claims victory without counting every vote, or tries to get electors to declare victory for him without winning the popular vote, that’s when our movement calls for a strike,” Ornstein said. “We refuse to go to school, refuse to go to work. We’ve seen the power of essential workers in the past many months, and know that we could bring this nation to a grinding halt.”


From Neil J. Smith, author of recent release, On The Ropes:

“It is all about life. It is in living it in full; which sometimes brings you to a cliff, therefore living on the edge, stretching the boundaries. I’ve done some of this myself but what I best prefer is latching on to the tail of a comet and taking flight. This is the exaltation of life. However, it takes patience."